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cpvc to brass tub yoke

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cpvcPipe exceptpvcMany advantages of pipeline,It also has corrosion resistance、Heat resistance、Flame retardancy, etc.,ComparepvcThere is a lot of pipeline performance,This new type of engineering plastics are unanimously welcomed by the industry.,Its excellent materialization is increasingly valued。Next this article will introduce you to you.cpvcPipeline performance characteristics。

(cpvc to brass tub yoke)

  one、CPVCPipeline performance characteristics

  1、Wide temperature range:﹣40℃—95℃。

  2、Excellent strength and toughness。

  3、Excellent chemical resistance。

  4、Flame retardant performance is self-extinguishing。

  5、Low heat conductivity,Steel1/200。

  6、Medium medium ion content reaching ultrapure water standard。

(cpvc to brass tub yoke)

  7、Health performance meets national health standards。

  8、Light weight,Equivalent to steel pipe1/5,Copper tube1/6。

  9、Tube wall,There is a small frictional resistance and adhesion when transporting fluid。

(cpvc to brass tub yoke)

  10、Convenient installation,Adhesive、Thread, etc.,The easiest is glue connection。

  11、Excellent aging and UV performance,There is a big extended life in normal service life than other pipe systems。The next article will introduce you to you.cpvcPipeline performance characteristics。

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