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covered brass tube pan

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Korean drama for each hot broadcast,In addition to watching long legs。It is to watch the eating Korean food in the play.。Every time I look at the Korean drama, I always swallow the water.

covered brass tube pan

The popularity of Korean cuisine is always high.,Korean barbecue,QSweet flavor fried rice cake,Freshly attractive cheese hot pot、Warm stomach health soup,Beijing hasNKorean cuisine,This home is a Korean in my heart.No.1!

Winning restaurant

covered brass tube pan

Its home sign is fried

Various Korean dishes

And warm water

covered brass tube pan

The renovation of the restaurant is also very simple

(covered brass tube pan)Deliberately create a relatively dim

Warm table lamp

(covered brass tube pan)I feel particularly suitable for whispering with my friends.

fried chicken

covered brass tube pan

(covered brass tube pan)Signboard fried chicken in the store

Epidermis is very crispy

The chicken in the end of the meat is very soft.

(covered brass tube pan)If you like to have bones, you can choose bone.

I like to choose boneless

Very intimate~

Cheese ramen

covered brass tube pan

covered brass tube pan(covered brass tube pan)

This brass small pot is simply!

Feel full

It's just a cover from Korean drama. Hahaha

Cheese+Hand-Pulled Noodle+Do you still use more combinations of eggs??

(covered brass tube pan)Invincible

Spicy fried sea fresh

covered brass tube pan

Popularity is also quite high

Noodles are homemade,Very strong

Seafood is very fit

(covered brass tube pan)With authentic Korean spicy sauce

Sauce is thick,Spicy

Will not completely cover the sea fresh taste

Kimchi tofu

covered brass tube pan(covered brass tube pan)

Carefully selected North Tofu

Keep the original fragrance of tofu and very tough

Chimetable comply with authentic Korean method

Very appetizing

Fried rice strip

covered brass tube pan

(covered brass tube pan)Compared to traditional Korean sweetness, some heavy taste

The ingredients put a lot of seafood

The rice cake is not a soft taste


Japanese seafood cake

covered brass tube pan

(covered brass tube pan)Below is the silk+Shrimp+Pastestall

(covered brass tube pan)The above is Japanese sauce and full of wooden fish flowers

The woodfish flower just on the table also jumped

It is very good enough.

PS:Bigger,Don't overestimate your stomach capacity.

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