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chamber music for tuba and low brass

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chamber music for tuba and low brass

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The copper tube sound is considered a short board for the development of Chinese orchestra.,It turns out that several viewers will gather together after the concert spread.“Bubble”——Talking about a few names of the copper tube in today's band。And this phenomenon is now less and less,After the reform and opening up, the progress of China's copper tube is visible to the naked eye.,Among them、Low voice、The improvement level of the low musicians in the large number is even more。7moon28Until8moon2day,I listened to the Tianjin Jinwan Grand Theater.“China Eighth International Bass Copper Tube Art Festival”。This art festival is absolutely“Industry event”,Bass copper tube is really ushered in this event.“Highlight”。Due to time and stroke arrangements,I only listened to some of the performances in a hurry.,Many wonderful performances can only miss,Even so many players have left a deep impression。

chamber music for tuba and low brass

Several performances,We can hear the teaching of the bass bronze tube and the music group player insisted on the solo,There are some heavyweight academic tracks on weekdays.,Only at solo matches or in the academic industry festival can be heard。Month player Liu Yang can be said that now China's most popular player,He played this Had at the opening ceremony.·Crool《Indoor music fantasy》,Reflected his extraordinary solo ability and music taste,It plays a change in the impression of the long sound.,But give more delicate and tough sounds,Stressed music,Even in the three-laws, the skill fragment is still maintained.。The performance of the long player Guo Wei is very teaching demonstration,His played Shuolank《sonata》Weber《Romantic song》Is a solo song that is often used by the long-term learner interview music college,There is a careful design layout for the syntactic handling of the music.,A certain extent reflects his teaching experience。The performance of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has brought the concerto of Thomas in the Concert.,This20Minutes' difficulty in the minute has a fast and large span audio conversion,At the same time, very testist of the player's endurance。Ni Wei's performance has not heard the technical burden,And always keep the solid sounds in three movements。

This time,Chinese submatch“North Gong Nanfan”I have performed solo.。Gong Hongliang, the player player, brought two super-skill solo,One of them《Cognition》It's really possible to subvert to people's cognition,Combined with jazz multi-rhythm in the runner of up and down,Extremely dazzling skills。And Fan Qing brought《Party music》,Let the audience appreciate the warm tone of the low-yard velvet.。

It can be seen that these annual copper tube players can also leather new new choices in tracks.,This part is from the transformation of the concept of play,On the one hand, it is also due to the progress of playing skills, making many difficulties can play。The large player Zhu Jinsong played a composer Jia Ru writing.《Large concerto》,This work exhibits a deep understanding of the composer on large skills in many skills.。Large player Li Zuo brought a part20Minutel work《Yeah!I finished》,This music language is relaxed,Among them, there are Beethoven《Dawn Sonata》Harmony payment,But the skill of the work is surprisingly difficult,The whole piece of work continues in the Trooints,Challenge to the endurance of the copper tube player,A large number of difficult beating and special skills are full of all articles,And Li Yuzuo completed these technical challenges,In turn, explain the humor characteristics of the work。

As can be seen,Bass copper tube players are also doing more attempts,More and more“Slash artist”appear,It also shows the trend of international trends.。The length of the classical player, Hu Qingwen and the jazz player Cao Yuxi brought the jazz of extreme dazzling skills.,After that, Cao Wei also participated in Hhymodian.《Genesis》Quadruple。From the side reflect the development of jazz near the year,Many classical musicians are happy to try jazz at work.,Jazz players will also play classical music。This trend of this molform is very worthy of affirmative ecology。Tianjin is the hometown of musical instruments,Jinli Musical Instrument Factory,Interesting is that these concerts attracted the performance of the instrument brand title concert.,The quality of musician performance is closely related to musical instruments,The horizontal side of this performance can also reflect the progress of the manufacturing of the Chinese copper tube instrument industry in recent years.。

The music festival performs a number of room music works that you can't hear.,You can hear the emphasis on the group of ceremonies and chamber music in the year of this year.,This is essential for students who enter the orchestra in the future.。same,In the past few years, many excellent young postals are also in the art.。The first two days, Guangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra has aroused the concert of the music world in China.,They also brought multiple play works in this art festival.,The performance of performance and tone makes us see the future of the bass binding。

(chamber music for tuba and low brass)The final performance on the opening ceremony《Red flag fluttering》It can be seen as the epitome of the Chinese bass copper pipeline。Under the command of the Director of the Art Festival,The player from all over the world co-tristed this first-proud of the patriotic spirit.。Zhao Ruilin, a long signature, has a teaching of bass copper tubes for many years.,He has cultivated students throughout the international and domestic professional symphony orchestra.,His contribution to the development of bass copper pipes has caused great repercussions in the industry.,It is also under the leadership of the older generation of his head.,The teaching level of the bass copper tube has a long development in the past 30 years.,Let the bass copper tube ushered in today's“Highlight”。


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