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central brass clawfoot tub faucet

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recent,CCTV once again exposed fake and inferior faucets,Once again raised everyone's attention to the safety of the faucet。Surprisingly known in the market“lead-free faucet”,very good sales,and claim to use a high-quality、Made of harmless copper。Go deep into the front line and follow the vines,found some“lead-free”flag faucet,In fact, the plastic shell is filled with iron sand,Fake copper products to deceive consumers。I bought several faucets from the shops I visited,Take it apart and see what's inside,It really is a plastic shell filled with iron sand.。

in the column,Merchant mentioned,This plastic body only needs20It can be done for a lot of money,So-called“cheap”,become a weapon for them to seize the market,not only seriously damage the interests and health of consumers,more of a fraud。

Shop Faucets,Eagle bathroom warmly reminds everyone: Thousands of faucets,Low Lead Article 1。

choose cheap,Healthy two lines of tears。

The material of the faucet is good and badPK

The main material of the faucet currently used in China is brass,But brass also has copper content。The current national standard setting for lead content in faucets is,As long as the amount of lead precipitation does not exceed5μg/L,will not threaten human health。Most of the faucets of domestic manufacturers are59Ccopper。copper content 50% to 57% of brass,Others are zinc and impurity content。it still leads to excess lead。59Copper is what the industry calls it“lead-free brass”,It is defined as brass with a lead content that meets the above standards,Not lead free。

Given the above,Western Europe、Singapore、A few developed countries such as Australia2011year onwards,Started to use a more excellent copper material successively——DZRcopper。Compared with this type of copper 59ACopper has higher copper content,Low lead and environmental protection,better corrosion resistance。YINGEagle Sanitary Ware keeps up with the pace of developed countries,choose betterDZRCopper as the faucet body,Safeguard water health。

Healthy Low Lead

Is the focus of purchasing hardware faucets

central brass clawfoot tub faucet

Eagle bathroom selects low lead solid zinc copper imported from France(DZR)

Ultra low lead,safer

and it containsAsArsenic(Add to meet the national standard requirements),

High-efficiency galvanizing does not fall off,Eliminate heavy metals,

(central brass clawfoot tub faucet)Make the copper body structure more compact,

Durable corrosion resistance,more robust。

Provide you with healthy pure water。

Why is copper

(central brass clawfoot tub faucet)The best material for making faucets?

Since copper faucets may lead to excessive lead,So is stainless steel completely healthy?、safe?can not。The main reason is that copper has antibacterial properties,Stainless steel has no antibacterial properties。

central brass clawfoot tub faucet

Experimental comparison of antibacterial properties of copper faucet and stainless steel faucet

Experimental comparison of antibacterial properties of copper faucets and stainless steel faucets,shows that copper can rapidly30Kill superbugs in minutes,and prevent bacteria from producing antibodies(The inner wall of copper faucet will not breed bacteria),This is the advantage that stainless steel does not have。Since stainless steel has no antibacterial properties,Copper can inhibit and kill a variety of bacteria and viruses.。

central brass clawfoot tub faucetcentral brass clawfoot tub faucet

More than just faucet material,in the spool、The choice of bubbler,Every inch of material that is in close contact with water,Eagle bathroom will be strictly selected。Spain Cayside ceramic valve core,stubbornly resist100 10,000 switch wear。swiss neuper aerator,Soft water,water saving30%。food grade rubber hose and304Stainless steel outer tube。

Buy depends on the brand

Some unscrupulous businesses take advantage of consumers' unfamiliarity with the industry、The cognitive misunderstanding that the heavier the faucet, the better,Filling iron sand with plastic shell,Fishing in troubled waters,loss to consumers。to this,Hu Yaping, manager of Xinle Sanitary Ware Quality Inspection Department, said,When buying a faucet,Can't just watch as usual、touch、Knock and wait for mere formality to judge the quality of the faucet,Be sure to buy products from genuine brands,Ruying bathroom brand,Guaranteed big brands,in large、Professional production equipment,Imported from ItalyIMRAutomatic low pressure casting machine、SeikiCNCMachining Center、Fully automatic robots imported from Spain、Fully automatic electroplating production line、Central dust collection andCPGWastewater Treatment System,and near100rigorous testing,Provide peace of mind for healthy water。Never because of petty profits,Lay security risks for the future。

central brass clawfoot tub faucet

Xinle Sanitary Ware Suzhou Faucet Production Base

exploreYING DZRBirth of a faucet

YING DZRThe faucet has high requirements on the production process,Many SMEs do not have such production equipment、technology and conditions。Most of the inferior faucets on the market are cheap,product material、craft、Quality is not guaranteed,It is clear from this that,Eagle Sanitary Ware will always create a faucet that you can use with confidence,As our original intention and mission。therefore,Each faucet of Eagle bathroom has undergone thousands of trials and tribulations,in material selection、casting、Machine plus、polishing、plating、Every link of finished product inspection,have undergone severe tests,finally meet consumers。

central brass clawfoot tub faucet

Xinle Sanitary Ware Hardware Faucet Sealing Faucet Metal Pollutants

(central brass clawfoot tub faucet)Extraction certificate

(central brass clawfoot tub faucet)Direct contact between faucet and drinking water,The last check for our safe water,closely related to our health。YINGEagle bathroom faucet products have passed the latest national standard certification,It also makes consumers feel more at ease when purchasing。

About Eagle Bathroom

YINGEagle Bathroom1974 Created in “Southern pottery capital”Foshan,2006 Became a brand of Rojia Sanitary Ware Group。YINGEagle Sanitary Ware has a strategic layout of production bases in China,先后建立了八大生产基地,Eight production bases have been established successively,具备现代化、Three major logistics centers,倡导smart livingmodern,为用户缔造洁净健康、Environmentally friendly production equipment and precision testing equipment and strong technical strength。