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central brass 3 handle tub shower valve sizes

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-18 09:30:24

1.5Sparters copper core wire can withstand2200WLoad,

2.5Sparters copper core wire can withstand3500WLeft and right load,

4Sparters copper core wire can withstand5200WLoad,

(central brass 3 handle tub shower valve sizes)6Sparters copper core wire can withstand8800WLoad,

10Sparters copper core wire can withstand14000WDuring the left and right load hydropower installation design,

Install hydropower in different places,The required size is also very particular:

1、Basin:50 cm


toilet:20 cm


Drag:75 cm

washing machine:120 cm

water heater:170 cm

Gas water heater:130 cm

tub: 35cm

Between cold water water water water:15cm

2、Kitchen equipment common size:

Kitchen cabinet operator height is810-850mm;

Front and rear depth500mm-600mm

Operating table to the bottom of the cabinet,High size is550mmabout,Too much too low;

Hanging cabinet shower outlet1100mm

3、Satellite TV outside the living room facing south window,Commonly used is the Southwestern direction for Taiwan Chinese live broadcast(Entertainment,Mandarin),SoutheastCNN、BBC、 HBOAll English programs。Place specific location according to personal preferences。

4、 The insert position is relatively consistent with the original seating seat.,General300-350mm

5、 Double-control switch distance850mm

6、 Wall-hanging TV power supply1100-1300mmHeight700about,Too high placement of items,

thickness300-350mm,The height of the pumping hood is a standard height in the stove.,If you encounter special circumstances,Make appropriate changes The distance between the bottom of the machine is750mm

central brass 3 handle tub shower valve sizes