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brass versus pvc tub drain

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-18 09:07:03

brass versus pvc tub drain

Drainage tube is a must-have material,Several drainage pipes?TodayPChouseAnswer you one by one。

Drainage pipelines collection and discharge sewage、Systems with wastewater and rainwater and its subsidiary facilities。Dry tube、Branch and pipelines leading to treatment plants,Whether it is built on the street or elsewhere,As long as it is a pipeline,Should be used as a drainage pipeline statistics。

1、Galvanized iron tube

(brass versus pvc tub drain)This type of drainage is used very common,However, this type of pipeline is for a long time.,Corrosion,Thereby, it can cause high heavy metals contained in the water.,Negatively affect people's health,Therefore, many government departments in developing countries and regions have begun to ban the use of galvanized iron tubes.。

2、Copper tube

This type of water pipe is used as early as,And the price is very expensive,However, it has gained people's favor in powerful and engineering facilitators.。In many export satellings,Bronze tube is the first choice。

3、stainless steel pipe

This type of drainage is very lightweight,High production cost,Therefore, the price is also relatively high。in addition,Stainless steel drainage is more high for construction technology,Because of its material intensity texture,Field raw material is very difficult。so,Higher the probability of free choice in the decoration project。

4、pvcDrainage pipe

Mainly used in wire pipelines and sewage pipelines,Extremely used for tap,This is because the research work has been found in recent years.,CanPVCEstabined chemical additives,Kidney in the human body、liver、The testicular has no significant effect,Will cause cancer、Kidney damage,Destroy the human function reconstruction system,Negative influence development。