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brass tubes with different jewels attached

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Import in human society“Bronze Age”Before the door,People have already had a preliminary understanding of metal。The earliest understanding is about the naturally occurring red bronze in nature.,It is very likely to find various stones suitable for manufacturing tools.,As an applicable“Stone”Found。It is a strong ductility,Glossy material。So the glory of the metal tool in a large amount of simple and bulky stone tools at the time.。

brass tubes with different jewels attached

one、Brass tool

Casual flashing metal brilliant,It does not illuminate the road forwarded by human society.,But it can guide people to think,Go to explore this strange glossy“Stone”Secret。After the trightery,Humans gradually explore the mystery of improving metal。Bear furnace,Illuminated the road advancement in human society,Guide humans cross the threshold to the bronze age。

As for when the ancient Chinese people start igniting the fire of copper,It is still difficult to achieve accurate answers,But the new harvest in the field archaeological excavation work,Let us get a solution to this problem。According to the archaeological information already obtained,The earliest copper tool in the age is the relic of Majiayao culture upstream of the Yellow River。In Gansu Dongxiang and Yongdeng,I have found the small copper knife of this culture.,Is built into a single,Bronze,From now on5000-4000Product。

brass tubes with different jewels attached

Ancient copper

Longshan cultural site in Shandong area,Some small copper tools have also been found,Among them, the copper cone unearthed unearthed from Jiaxian Sanli River,After the test is a brass。Late arrival3800Year ago,Residents living in Qijia culture in Qinghai, Gansu,Small copper tools have been used more,Even use of bronze mirror,Among them, in addition to the bronze products,Handful of bronze products。

In the Qin Weijia Cemetery from Yongjing, Gansu Province and Dabozhuang Site,Guanghe Qijiaping、Wuwei Huang Niang Niangtai Site,And Qinghai Gui Nan Ma Tai Site,Get bronzes from Qijia culture,The copper tools have a knife、awl、Chisel and ax,But the body is small,The longest knife and cone,Not yet13centimeter。In the Qin Weijia Cemetery and Wuwei Huang Niang Nishi Site,Also received some small copper fingers and decorations with copper;The back cast-cast-craniage with the Si Ma Tao site is also unearthed.。

(brass tubes with different jewels attached)brass tubes with different jewels attached(brass tubes with different jewels attached)Outdoor weapon restoration map

Most of these bronze is brass,The two copper-containing amounts of the two copper sizes unearthed99.5%above,There are also some bronze,For example, the copper ring unearthed unearthed from the Weijia cemetery of Qin。These bronzes,Adopt forging、Cast,Note that people at the time have not fully acgrated“Bronze Age”,But it can be said that it is not far away.。Some researchers think that it is already“copper、Stone and use times”。but,These small copper tools of Qijia culture,No one can be used as a weapon。

two、Bronze weapon

Ancient people start using red bronze manufacturing tools and campaigns in nature,Be able to master copper、tin、Lead alloy technology,It is the result of long-term practices.。

(brass tubes with different jewels attached)brass tubes with different jewels attached

Ancient metallurgical copper furnace

Now we have the earliest technology mature bronze in the age of archaeological excavation,It is about3200Elderly two-year-old products。In the excavation of Henan Qi Di Siri,Found some of the residual walls of the copper furnace、Some copper slag,And laminate molds used in cast copper——Tao Fan's pieces。They have unearthed instructions in the local smelting bronze。These findings,Naturally, the bronze smelting industry has had certain scale at the time.。It can be seen from the outbound product from the site, except for small tools such as chisel cone and small knife.,There is also a drinking thaouse and a small copper bell as a musical instrument.,Especially there is Gobi、arrowhead 镞, etc.,Bronze weapon。

They are currently known for the earliest bronze weapons。Although the number of bronze weapons obtained in the excavation of the two-headed site is not much,Intensive,But we can see that weapons are clearly separated from the production tools from these copper products.。Speaking from the above sense,It can be considered that this is the joint point of tools and weapons.。

brass tubes with different jewels attached

three、Three bronze weapons unearthed unearthed

The first bronze weapon unearthed from Erlim,Arrow,Remote weapon。The shape of the body is flat.,Back with plug-in arrow。Some shapes are not very standardized,However, there have been a double wing of a crimped ridge with a quite specified shape.,Double wing stretches back,Polymerization。This flat bilateral copper,Later, the standard form of developing into Shang Dynasty。

Second kind of bronze weapon unearthed unearthed,Tongjo,Fighting weapon。1975A Tonggu, which has been obtained, also significantly retains the original form of this weapon.,The full shape is very like a sickle,Just on、The lower edge is favorable,The striker gathers a sharp perspective。its“aid”Straight,Ridge ridges in the center line,From the ridge to the two blades,Getting close to the edge of the blade,Form two shallow gouches。After the aid, there is a rectangular straight“Inside”,There is no obvious boundary between the aid.,Four dental grooves。“Put on”only one,Square,Inintence。

(brass tubes with different jewels attached)brass tubes with different jewels attached

Another Tongli collected in the site,full length32.5centimeter,Compared with one described above,Shape has a further development,its“aid”and“Inside”The difference between the two parts is more obvious.。The end of the inside is bent down,Cast in the original,It may be a turquoise on it,At that time, it must be very beautiful.。“Put on”There is only one,Circular,Inner。exist“Put on”and“aid”between、Remains“Bamboo”Mark of,It can be seen that the installed Gobi diameter is about4centimeter。Gobei is a sharp national style of ancient my country.,The basic characteristics of its shape have been formed during this period.。

The third bronze weapon unearthed unearthed,Copper,It is in the same tomb with the first piece of Tongguo mentioned above。From the shape of the body,It is a weapon that evolves from ancient ax-like tools。Strike,Arc,Rectangular“Inside”。There is a raised between the body and the end“Venesis”。

brass tubes with different jewels attached

Four、The slave society provides a source for the development of bronze weapons.

(brass tubes with different jewels attached)In general,The casting technology of the bronze weapons unearthed unearthed in the Embassate site has been quite horizontal.,They can never be the first generation of bronze weapons。According to this,The emergence of bronze weapons,It should be earlier than these unearthed things。The nature of the archaeological community is still further discussed.。Some people think that it is an early economic culture,Some people advocate that summer culture,But both of the above points do not hinder us to draw the following conclusions,It is our ancient my country.“Bronze Age”Door,Before the Shang Dynasty,It is likely to be the legendary summer。

brass tubes with different jewels attached


In ancient history,Summer DPRK“Copper for soldiers”。This is reflecting the period of Xia Dynasty to be the bronze weapon began to appear on the battlefield.。Summer Establishment,Mark the beginning of slave society in Chinese history,In order to get more slaves、Land and treasure,To plunder,War。So ancient tribe's war,Start transformation into snapped livestock、Slave and treasure,Thus,For the need for war,In order to suppress slavery resistance,The military specially used to combat officially formally set up。The establishment of the army directly prompted special instruments specifically for war——Further development of weapons。Bronze casting technology,It is the production process of decisive role in ancient ancient slavery society in my country.,And provide a new sharp weapon for the army,Extent,Expand the territory and plunder slaves and wealth。

Fives、Bronze civilization is created by all ethnic groups

In China,The bronze weapon is not only in the secondary culture of the Central Plains.,A bronze weapon has also appeared in some ancient cultures in the northwest.,For example, the type of fire ditch found in Gansu。Fire groove type culture remains,Distributed Shandan in Hexi、Music to Jiuquan、Yumen,Radioactive carbon measurement,The latest for the BC1600year,Rough to the legendary summer culture。Excavated in the fire ditch in Yumen City300Multiple tomb as an example,One-third of these with a bronze。

brass tubes with different jewels attached

Outdated bronze weapon

(brass tubes with different jewels attached)​Unearthed copper is molded mainly,Brass、Bronze,Apando、Bamboo、Knife、sickle、chisel、Cone、Needle,And bubbles as decorative or apparel、Bamboo、Tube、Mirror armor, etc.;Also spears、镞、Dagger and other copper weapons。Some people think that they live here,Is an ancient Yi people。Ancient nation in my country and Northwest,Both starting the same time to start using the trophy of weapons,At the same time, it also reflects that my country's bronze civilization is created by all ethnic groups.。

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