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brass tubes closed on ends

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-18 07:58:41

brass tubes closed on ends

Brief introduction of plastic composite copper pipe(紫铜)Plastic composite copper tube with pure copper,外覆PEcopper,从综合性能上看,for pipe fittings。例如强度更好些,cover,耐热性能也更好些。plastic。

纯铜有极高的耐腐蚀能力,From a comprehensive performance point of view,内表面会出现一层绿色氧化物。The plastic-clad copper pipe is slightly better than the aluminum-plastic compound pipe、流量、For example, the strength is better,基本上没什么影响。longer life,且对细菌有一定的杀灭能力。better heat resistance,焊接式的更可靠些。