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Source:China new latitude

China new latitude2moon25Sun 2moon25day,China Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC)Published in Beijing49Second-rate《China Internet Development Statistics Report》(Next《Report》)show,As of2021year12moon,my country's netizens10.32100 million,More2020year12Monthly growth4296Ten thousand,Internet penetration rate73.0%。

《Report》Poke,In terms of network basic resources,As of2021year12moon,my country's domain name3593Ten thousand,IPv6Add address number63052Piece/32,Year-on-year growth9.4%;Mobile communication networkIPv6Traffic accounts have reached35.15%。In terms of information communication industry,As of2021year12moon,Accumulated and open5GBase station number142.5Ten thousand,New year5GThe number of base stations reaches65.4Ten thousand

;Industrial Internet platform with national influence has exceeded150indivual,The total amount of access devices exceeded7600Wan Taiwan,National construction“5G+Industrial Internet”Project exceeds2000indivual,Industrial Internet and5GIntegration innovation applications in key industries in the national economy。

《Report》show,2021my country's netizens continued to grow overall。First, urban and rural internet gap continues to shrink。my country's existing administrative village has been fully realized“Village”,Difficulties in poverty-stricken regions and other issues have been historically solved。my country's rural netizens has reached2.84100 million,The Internet penetration rate in rural areas is57.6%,More2020year12Monthly1.7Percentage point,Internet penetration rate difference between urban and rural areas2020year12Month reduction0.2Percentage point。Second, the older group accelerates into the network society。Thanks to the Internet Applicability and Indication Reconstruction Action continues to advance,Elderly group network、Internet、The demand for the network is further excited。As of2021year12moon,my country60Years and older netizens1.19100 million,Internet penetration rate43.2%。

Older groups share information development results with other age groups,Can complete the health code independently/Trip card、The proportion of older netizens in network activities such as life supplies and find information has reached69.7%、52.1%and46.2%。

《Report》think,my country's Internet users' Internet use behavior present new features:First, the per capita net time maintenance growth。As of2021year12moon,my country's netizens have reached the Internet every week.28.5Hours,More2020year12Monthly2.3Hours

(brass tubes 1 8 5 32),Internet depth integration into the daily life of the people。The second is to use more diversified terminal equipment.。As of2021year12moon,my country's netizens use mobile Internet access to the Internet99.7%,Mobile phone is still the most important equipment

(brass tubes 1 8 5 32);Tablette computers in netizens、laptop、The proportion of TV and tablet online Internet is35.0%、33.0%、28.1%and27.4%。

《Report》Finally mentioned,2021my country's Internet application users maintain a steady growth。First, the application of instant communication and other areas。As of2021year12moon,In the netizen,instant messaging、Network video、Short video user usage is97.5%、94.5%and90.5%,User size10.07100 million、9.75Billion9.34100 million。Second, online office、Applications such as online medical treatment are rapidly increased。As of2021year12moon,Online office、Online medical user size4.69Billion2.98100 million,Growth35.7%and38.7%,Become two types of applications with the fastest growing scale growth;Takeaway online、The user size growth rate of the webmark car is followed.,Growth29.9%and23.9%,User size5.44Billion4.53100 million。

Wang Si, a Vice President of Human Destiny School of Human Destiny, China,With the high popularity of the Internet in undecent groups,Network has become an important study of contemporary minors、social contact、Entertainment tool,The role played in the growth process is increasingly highlighted。CNNICFirst49Second-rate《Report》Focus on the form of special forms of my country's minor Internet use,And found that the following three main features:

(brass tubes 1 8 5 32)First, urban and rural differences,Minor Internet penetration rate basic La Ping。my country's urban minored Internet penetration rate reached95.0%,Rural94.7%,Currently, it is basically consistent。But in terms of the depth and breadth of the Internet,There is still a big difference in the application level of urban and rural minors.。Urban union netizens use search engines、Social networking site、news、The proportion of social attributes such as shopping is significantly higher.,And rural underage netizens are preferred to use short video、Animation or comic and other leisure entertainment applications。

Second, online equipment,The new intelligent terminal is rapidly popular in minors groups.。Mobile phone as the first internet device of the current minor,The proportion of ownership in the group has reached65.0%。

(brass tubes 1 8 5 32)also,Smart watch as a representative product of a new intelligent terminal,It has also reached the proportion of ownership in the netizens of minors.25.3%。With intelligent equipment、5GThe related industries are increasingly mature,smart watch、New smart devices such as smart platform lights are rapidly popular among minors。

Third, the protection of rights and interests,Relevant policies have been introduced to enhance the level of net rights and interests of minors。Next step,Need to gather strength of all walks of life,Strengthen scientific popularization and publicity and education,To create a good network culture atmosphere for minors。(China new latitudeAPP)