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fork tubes brass shim stock fork bushings

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fork tubes brass shim stock fork bushings(fork tubes brass shim stock fork bushings)

Copper gasket is often used in national defense、electricity、mechanical、oil、Chemical industry、metallurgy、papermaking、Ship、National economy of transportation and other fields,Copper gasket is prolonged,This part is used in vacuum flanges in seals。Parts of the parts are brassH65,Production100More than 10,000 pieces/moon。Parts as shown1Shown,in60and45°Two positioning dimensional accuracy requirements areIT9class,The remaining dimensional tolerance isIT10class。

fork tubes brass shim stock fork bushings(fork tubes brass shim stock fork bushings)

1Mold design points

The parts are produced in batches,Single-order mold molding,Low production efficiency;Since the material is relatively thin,Multi-station grade molding,Feeding power,Positioning accuracy is difficult to control,Therefore, the composite mold is used to better meet the size of the part dimensional accuracy requirements.。Mold assembly map as shown2Shown。


This design uses a slant row,Tilt angle19°,Improve material utilization;Workpiece with the workpiece2mm,The side edge value is2.5mm,The width of the sheet is45mm,The distance from the web is the approximate distance41mm。

1.2Structural parameter design of forming parts

Consider stamping materials and thickness,Determine the minimum gap of the mold0.025mm,Maximum gap0.045。Dimensional precision level required by stamping parts,Determine convex and concave die cutting size。Convex curd、Flush mold、Forming parts such as concave modeCr12moVMold steel,With the cooperation between the fixed plateH7/k6andH7/m6。Big bonded hole convex mold key groove is easy to worn,For easy replacement,Inflatable combination。

1.3Unloading and launch mechanism design

Stamping is completed,After the upper mold is backward,Beaten14Push push plate13,The push plate is subjected to three push rods to push the push block down.11,Push the part from the airdown mold,After the power is completed,Elastic ring21Elastic force will drive related parts reset。The lower mold portion is elastic unloading plate,Tread on the billet。

1.4Conficient and cap mode design

Design convex constant parts size,Still use“Punching,Pre-design of the molar size,And increase the dimension size;Fool,First design of the die size,Reduce the slumber。”Design principle design convex and concave module,And obtain a tang size。

fork tubes brass shim stock fork bushings

2Mold installation point

This design uses7Level accuracy finishing convex and calm parts,In order to9Level Economic Accuracy Processing Other Mold Parts,And there is a fixed diameter margin0.03mm,Mechanism、Deploy,Guaranteed mold accuracy。The order of assembly of the mold is:

(fork tubes brass shim stock fork bushings)1)Prepare:Check mold parts name and quantity,Detect part quality,Do tag and classify。

2)Assembly module:Three push rods12Screw13inside,Put in the upper mold seat;Load the bearing into the handle,One and put into the upper mold seat hole,Three screws16,Fixed and stopped。

3)Assembly:Put the mold on the press17、19Press-to-convex mold fixing plate10Inside,And with a convex mold,Grinding flat plane,Ensure the verticality of the remaining convex axis。

4)Assembly:First convex21Pressure into the convex and calvity22Inside the fixed plate,Grinding flat bottom surface;Push the active material6And spring is loaded into the fixed plate;Take four unloading snails25The staple is inserted into the fixed plate.,And screwed into the discharge board5Inside,Adjustment;Put the installed convex and fixed plates into the lower mold seat,insert2Pin,Design positioning size in the pin hole position according to the stamper load center position、Hinged;Finally, four coupling screws2Sequentially install、fixed,Complete the assembly of the lower mold part。

5)Assembly of the upper mold:The guide column guidards between the above-over the mold seat and the lower sleeper are assembled.,Tighten the pad and convex mold fixing plate assembly,Adjust the gap between the punch and the form,Clamp it with parallel collet,With a diamond、Tapping、Hexagonal screw connection,Don't spin too tight;Re-hand grinding ring abrasive punch convex mode,Trimming cutting edge;Put the unloading into the bladder recess,Pushing,Tight punching plate,Adjusting the blasting and concave mode,Clamp with parallel chuck,With a diamond、Tapping;Handmade grinding;Finally, the hexagonal screw is used.,Complete the assembly of the upper mold part。

6)Accurate adjustment、Gap between the form:Exactly adjust the gap between the punch and the recess with the gasket method,Gap the gap,If there is offset,Gavel。Adjustment, clamp with parallel collet,Drilling hole,Push into the pin,Complete assembly。