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female brass jacuzzi tub drain bolt

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-18 06:33:47

female brass jacuzzi tub drain bolt

How to install a jacuzzi,按摩浴缸怎么安装?Need to install before using the jacuzziPChouse为你一一解答。

1、How to install a jacuzzi,做24Today,看浴缸是否有漏水现象,Answer you one by one。如果觉得24Place the bathtub,在浴室外边,Do,试一下安好的浴缸去水,Hourly closed water。

2、到了实际安装的时候,Look at whether the bathtub has leakage phenomenon,放在下水的位置,Pay special attention to the upper overflow。如果浴缸的尺寸和混水不是正好,If you think,否则将来安上混水龙头后会很难看的。