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brass finished drain tub assembly

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-18 06:23:17

There are many kinds of drains used in our lives.,Due to the different types of pipelines,Their adaptability and the environment used are different。Let's talk about several commonly used drain pipes today.,Comparative comparison of them。

Commonly used drain pipes have:

(brass finished drain tub assembly)1、PPSilent drain


1、High heat resistance is relatively high,allowable95℃Work in the environment。

2、The water pressure that can withstand is slightly higher than the standard,for0.5mpa。

3、Strong chemical stability。

4、Have high insulation,And do not affect material performance due to environmental humidity。

5、Long service life50year。


1、Melting point,Unable to use a flame retardant product,It is easier to extract at a low temperature environment.,Not suitable for0℃Use in the following environment。

2、UV resistance and poor anti-penetration performance。

2、U-PVCSpiral tube

Its advantages:

1、Good chemical stability and corrosion resistance。

2、The effect of insulation is better,Because this material thermal coefficient is small,Thermal conduction is low efficiency,Energy efficiency is excellent。

3、Pipe inner wall,The resistance of water flow is smaller,Also not easy to silly in the inside,The area of circulation in the pipe does not change over time。

4、PVCTube density small material,Easy installation is also easy to repair。

(brass finished drain tub assembly)5、With natural bending and cold bending performance,Can minus the number of adapters when connecting。


1、Because ofPVCMaterial,Poor impact resistance,Mechanical properties and rigidity is not strong。

(brass finished drain tub assembly)2、Poor flame retardancy of plastic products,Easy to combusture,And to produce toxic gases and smoke when burning。

3、Big coefficient,Stretching compensation must be very emphasized。

3、U-PVCDouble wall spiral tube

(brass finished drain tub assembly)Advantage:Because it is a double wall structure,U-PVCThe dual-wall spiral tube is better。Besides,it hasU-PVCAll features of the spiral tube。

(brass finished drain tub assembly)shortcoming:Due to the samePVCMaterial,U-PVCThe disadvantage of the spiral tube is present in the bipulation spiral tube.。

(brass finished drain tub assembly)4、Cast iron pipe


1、High temperature,Good compression resistance。

2、long lasting,Generally, the life of cast iron tube is up to30Forehead。

3、Internal painted epoxy resin,Corrosion resistance is better。

4、Lower noise,Good seismic performance。


1、Corrosion resistance of cast iron pipe、Oxidation resistance, etc. is due to internal coating epoxy resins,Once the internal coatings are destroyed,These properties will be greatly weakened。

2、Metal density is high,Big weight,Bringing a certain inconvenience to transportation and installation。

The four listed above is the drain pipes commonly used in life.,Determine the best effect of using different advantages and disadvantages and adaptability to achieve their best effects。