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farmington smart tube hose hideaway with brass connections

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Metal hose is a product refers to a product of a stainless steel wire in a stainless steel hose or hose,Mainly used for family faucet、toilet、Electrical line protection and pipe connector such as shower。The braided metal hose can be divided into single-head hose according to the above functions、Weaving hose and shower hose。Weaving metal hose can be divided into low according to production process、middle、High-grade。The lower layer of metal hose is smaller than the lower end diameter、Iron nut、Zinc alloy core and rubber in the rubber。This type of configuration has a certain price advantage,But the lowest grade,It is easy to leak、Oxidation。The mid-range knitting tube is mainly304Wire、Three-dollar compound propylene rubber and all copper fittings。Application period is general5Year-old。High-end woven hoses have specific purposes,Woven metal hose for water purifiers。Generally,Mid-end configuration is the most important。Common configuration includes304Stainless steel wire、Food grade silicone inner tube、Food gradePEX-BInner tube、58-3All-copper pipe、Silicone gasket, etc.。

Whether the metal is used in different purposes through the hose, which can be divided into single-head tube.、Woven tube、Shower tube(Shower hose)。The single-headed tube is mainly a faucet for agricultural,Washing vegetables and other kitchen and bathroom hardware,Its name is from one end of the network.,Also known as a pole,Single tube requires304Stainless steel wire,EPDMInner tube,Accessories are all copper, etc.、Weaving tubes have some stainless steel companies and alloy silk(Aluminum wire)Divide,Also divided into top and bottom。Shower tube is generally201and304Stainless steel,EPDMInner tube,Copper accessories。“Shower tube needs to be done58-3Copper fitting,EPDMInner tube,have201and304Stainless steel material weave design,Of course,Also included in China's high-end copper weaving,And my country Stainless Steel Surface Gold Plated Technology Products,These are the more high-end products in the braided structure metal connection hose。

farmington smart tube hose hideaway with brass connections

Introduction and configuration introduction of metal hose

(farmington smart tube hose hideaway with brass connections)Metal hose is usually used for execution gb/t23448-2009or jc886-2001standard,Because the braided metal hose is mainly used for hygiene or drinking water supply connection,Water directly in contact with human skin or directly drinks through pipeline。therefore,The inner tube material that is in contact with the water source is very important。The current national standard or construction department standard requires the inner tube material to be in line with gbt17219-1998《Drinking water supply equipment and safety evaluation standards for protective materials》 ,To ensure that the water source is not polluted。in Europe,Germany has put forward higher requirements for weaving tubes,Especially for pipes connected to drinking water,Require microbial toxicity testing in the inner tube w270。According to these requirements,Raw materials such as polyvinyl chloride and three yuan ethylene ethylene rubber can no longer meet the requirements。The most commonly used internal tape material currently in the European market is a silicone tube or pex-b Tube。The cost of silicone tube is so high,Crosslinked Polyethylene tubes in the European market will be the future trend。Of course,Including Europe,US and other developed countries。