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brass breathing tube exercises

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brass breathing tube exercises

photography:Aaron Goodman

in the process of floating,Dive instructor round trip,Note down each diver's air consumption。 You admit that you surfaced slowly but safely,complete the process,but only300psi,That's a bit less。

(brass breathing tube exercises)But there are others600,800,even1100psi Woolen cloth! how is this matter? Are they floating on it most of the time?? Or did they sneak in extra oxygen tanks?? or stealing from you?

more likely,They learned not to waste air。 Do not be discouraged:You can also learn this trick,and save up to500psi air。 All you need to do is follow these three diving tips。 1. Take it easy。2.keep it streamlined。3. sleep breathing。 look,It's not difficult at all?

1. Take it easy

Water is denser than air800times,And your speed is proportional to the square of the energy to be expended。 You know for sure that even walking slowly,How hard it is to wade through a swimming pool。 Doubling the speed means consuming4times the energy。 Or from another perspective,When wading through a swimming pool at half speed,Energy consumed is one quarter。

so please take your time。 swim slowly,turn slowly,Slowly reach the console – Do everything slowly。

Make a few changes to the usual patterns of behavior,save energy and air consumption,And swimming slowly is the most obvious way to save air。 and,Don't forget to move your hand slowly,arm,head and body。 unless you do it on purpose,Otherwise you will subconsciously try to follow the‘normal’speed movement,And that's way too fast for water。

Other slow methods

  • avoid the current。Usually the current is weaker on the bottom or against a wall。
  • use both hands。 in due time,Pull yourself from one rock to another by hand at the bottom of the water。(Of course,Do not touch corals and other live things)
  • keep warm。 Your body burns calories and uses oxygen to produce heat,So keep your temperature。 put on a hoodie or bring a hat,Even in warm water。
  • The fins move slightly。 Except for slow strokes,To keep the stroke small。 Large strokes move more water but provide only slightly more thrust。
  • use better fins。 Some fins are more effective at converting muscle power into momentum。 A good pair of fins means that you can use less water and have fewer draws。
  • strong body。 Even moving slowly is very exhausting,You will use more energy than a good diver at the same speed。 the better the body,higher energy efficiency(The same goes for air efficiency)。

2. Think Slippery keep it smooth

Save energy and air by reducing drag。 fish,Both whales and seals have smooth, streamlined bodies,few appendages,it's not accidental。 In contrast,Divers have long appendages,and carry a lot of bulky equipment。 mask,Buoyancy adjuster,air tank etc.,formed rough,complex shape,creates a lot of turbulence and drag。

There are many steps to getting yourself as streamlined as possible,If you can only do one step,then do:Adjust the amount of lead you need to carry,and placement。 Your goal is to pass the leastBCAchieve neutral buoyancy and a perfect horizontal position。 This will make your torso,The hips and the legs slide over the head in turn,the water hole made by the shoulder and the air can,and try not to expand it。

If your buoyancy is negative,Then you have to use your fins to hit the water to get yourself up a little bit.,a little further,in order to maintain a stable depth in the water。You look like a plane with a rubbed tail on the runway: Your feet and legs will be lower than your shoulders,That way the hole in the water will get bigger,cause resistance。 if your buoyancy is positive,you need to fetch water to get yourself down a bit,the result is the same。

It is important to carry minimal weight,because if you are heavier,(It's usually like this)you need to giveBCInflated to compensate for excess lead weight。 InflatableBCwill be bigger,so you are in the water‘Hole’will be bigger。

when the weight is right,The next step is to assign it in the right place,This way you don't need to move or fetch water, you can maintain a horizontal posture。 it's called‘prune’。 Many divers are heavier on the head and shoulders and lighter on the hips and legs,so that when they swim,‘Bend over,hip lift‘posture,Or the fins are higher to keep the hips low。 In both cases,need to push more water,while causing more resistance,consume more air。

Other Ways to Reduce Resistance

  • Keep the control panel and secondary respirator as close to the body as possible。 Keep the gear as close to the body as possible for a streamlined shape
  • Adjust the hose。 Choose different ports and shorter hoses to keep the hose close to the body。 But don't make it too short,Otherwise it will restrict head movement or prevent reading the control panel。
  • Use better buoyancy adjusters。 Find that better combination of adaptation and fine-tuning,just the right amount of buoyancy。 one that is too large or too buoyantBCwill generate astonishing resistance。 Oversized will be easy to move,Make the adjusted position deviate。
  • short distance draw。 Not only is it more efficient to draw water from a short distance,And keep the fins within the streamline。
  • hide the breathing tube。 tied to the calf,stay awayBCunder,Put the foldable snorkel in your pocket,or leave behind。
  • Put all the gadgets inBCin the pocket。 such as lamps,Small parts such as whistles and safety buoys can cause all sorts of disproportionate resistance when panicking。

sleep breathing

Here we're talking about your breathing pattern,not sleep habits。 If you could only do one thing in terms of breathing to be more efficient,do this: breathe like you do when you sleep – slow,take a deep breath。 This allows for the most complete exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide,thus saving air。

(brass breathing tube exercises)You may feel like shallow breathing from a can of air,can save air。 Actually,that wastes air。 Because every time you breathe, the first thing that goes into your lungs is the waste gas from your last breath in your throat and windpipe.。 This exhaust contains high concentrations of carbon dioxide,low concentration of oxygen。 High levels of carbon dioxide can make you want to breathe again,In fact, you may not need more oxygen。

on the other hand,Deep breathing dilutes exhaust gases,bring in fresh air,bring more oxygen to the lungs。 This not only allows for faster gas exchange,and the ability to delay the urge to take the next breath。If you breathe deep breath,One can gas can use longer,Because your number of breathing will be less。

There is also a slow breath。 This allows you to increase oxygen intake and carbon dioxide discharge,Because each breathing stays in the lungs longer。 This way you have more time to make air molecules through alveolar and blood flow.。

Other good breathing methods

  • Thorough exhalation gas。 This can be reduced‘Exhaust gas‘ Quantity,Try more to discharge carbon dioxide,Delayed the urge to breathe next。
  • Stop after inhalation。 Use your diaphragm to stay in the lungs a few seconds,Open your throat at the same time。 This can further extend the gas exchange time。 So the breathing mode should be: Exhalation,Inhalement,pause,Exhalation,Inhalement,pause。

Notice: Every time we tell this breathing mode,Some people write a letter,‘Isn't this suffocating?? ‘ no。 Angelery means that the closure will be pulled by the back of breathing(What to do)And the time will be much longer。 Close the throat, make a closed space,And when you rise, you will easily embolize。 Let your throat open, you can avoid this risk。 and,Angelicone is not used。 Suspension of breathing for a long time means retention too much carbon dioxide,I will trigger breathing impulse when I don't have to,Finally, it is a fast shallow breathing.。 The result of the sum,Angelic,Not less air consumption。

  • Buy a high performance regulator。 The best style has used many ways to make breathing more labor-saving through the regulator.。

Compare meter

If you have dive diving,The remaining air is less than another diver,Do you explain that you don't have a good technology?,More experience,Or you are not harmonious with nature.?

may be,But you may only be a piece of diving than that of the diver.。 Or you have left a deeper route,Or you bring your camera and he didn't bring it.。 Or you are just a gene and different。 It may be that some people are not allowed.,Or some people's gas tanks are more full.。

Of course,If you are used in the same diving than others1Thousand pounds,Then you must have a problem.,needs improvement。 If it is just200,300Pound difference,This can't explain any problem。

If you need to cut500psiair Or make a choice between safety divers,Then choose to cut the remaining air。 Safe diving trip is more important than a good guide。 Just try to do better when diving next time.。