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epic tuba and brass

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-18 05:47:03

(epic tuba and brass)

epic tuba and brass

Mammoth year,The style before the blizzard change——The sound of mouth is not willing to add new mechanisms,But but two consecutive expansion packages have been updated。

epic tuba and brass

epic tuba and brass

So according to this progress,The last expansion package of the mammoth year,There will be no new mechanisms to accidentally define some previously complicated lengthy descriptions.。Let's take a look at what something may become the next version of the new content.。

Attack series

This series of capabilities have“attack”Word eye,Although many descriptions are different,But overall is almost。

one 【Execute】-【Attack and eliminate】(4open)


1【epic】Giant sandworm(hunter8fee8/8Beast)

Execute:Can attack again。

2【epic】Yulian helping Assassin(Thief5fee5/5From)



1 【legend】Fire meteor·Finjie(5fee2/4Fishman)

sneak。Execute:Quickly put two fish people in your battlefield from your library。

2 【legend】Poggista(8fee6/7)


two 【Fall into】-【Attacks】(2open)


1 【epic】Bloody(warrior7fee7/1arms)

Fall into:Will not consume durability,Change to decrease1Point attack power。

2 【legend】Golden finger Nax(hunter5fee3/7Beast)

Fall into:Also hit the enemy hero。

three 【Break through】-【Attacks and survive】(1open)


1【epic】Robberic robot(neutral6fee5/5mechanical)

(epic tuba and brass)Break through:Take a card。

Four 【Gratitude】-【After attacking the hero】(2open)


1【epic】Yulian help illusion(Shaman4fee3/5From)

Gratitude:Deformation of it becomes a mana consumption(6)Point random。




Fives 【Encourage】-【After attack】(8open)


1 【rare】Chopper(Paladin7fee4/3arms)

Encourage:Summon two1/1Silver hand recruit。

2 【Base】True silver holy sword(Paladin4fee4/2arms)

Encourage:Restore your hero2Point health。

3 【ordinary】Wisdom blessing(Paladin1Fiscal)

Choose one from,Get it“Encourage:Take a card。”

4 【legend】Collectors Shac(Thief3fee2/3From)

sneak。Encourage:Random(Your opponent career)Professional cards are placed in your hand。

5 【epic】Brass(warrior4fee2/3arms)

Encourage:Get one of your hands randomly+1/+1。

6 【epic】Female fish spray gun(hunter5fee2/4arms)

Encourage:Summon one1/1Mermaid。

(epic tuba and brass)neutral(2open)

1 【ordinary】Disadvantage(1fee1/1)

Encourage:Causes the enemy hero2Point injury。

2 【epic】Shark plus(4fee5/4)

Encourage:Both players smoke a number of cards,Until you have three hands。

Magic series

Magic series is divided into“Whenever you cast a spell”、“Whenever your opponent is cast a spell”and“Whenever you use a spell as the target”

one 【Curse】-【Whenever you cast a spell】(17open)

(epic tuba and brass)Profession(9open)


Curse:get+1Attack power。

2【rare】Cult witch(Mage2fee3/2From)

Spell injury+1。Curse:Your Ku恩+1/+1(No matter where it is)。


Curse:cause2Point injury,Random allocate to all enemies。


Curse:Random freeze an enemy。

(epic tuba and brass)5【legend】Big Master Anthony(Mage7fee5/7From)

Curse:Take one“Fireball”Fandard placed in your hand。

6 【epic】Bullet(hunter2Fiscal)

Curse:In this turn,Randomly put a hunter professional card into your hand。

7 【ordinary】Banquet pastor(Priest4fee3/6From)

Curse:Restore your hero3Point health。

8 【legend】Sun split(Priest5fee3/5Element)

(epic tuba and brass)Curse:Randomly put a priest spell in your hand。

9 【rare】Evil witch doctor(Shaman4fee3/4From)

Curse:Summon a foundation totem。

(epic tuba and brass)neutral(8open)


Curse:get+1life value。

2 【rare】Wild Wars(2fee3/2)

Curse:Caused to all follow1Point injury。

3 【rare】Magic addict(2fee1/3)

Curse:In this turn,get+2Attack power。

4 【legend】Bildu(3fee3/4)

(epic tuba and brass)Curse:Restore your hero skills。

5 【epic】Violet teacher(4fee3/5)

(epic tuba and brass)Curse:Summon one1/1Violet。

6 【rare】Set stone(5fee0/6)

Curse:Summon a stochastic consumption of manual value。

7 【rare】Gakson auctioneer(6fee4/4)

Curse:Take a card。

8 【Base】Etiesh·The guardian of the guardian(8fee7/7Maddi Wan1/3Weapon)

Curse:Summon a stochastic consumption of manual value,This reduces the durability of the weapon1point。

two 【Bless】-【Whenever you use a spell with this follow-by】(4open)


1 【legend】Bright evil(3fee3/4)

Bless:Get holy shield。

2 【legend】Dark evil(3fee3/4)

Bless:Random3Point injury。

3 【legend】Worthla(4fee3/3)

Bless:Summon one1/1plant,And the same spell is applied。

(epic tuba and brass)4 【ordinary】Dragon Wizard(4fee3/5)



epic tuba and brass

three 【resonance】-【Whenever your opponent is cast a spell】(8open)


1 【rare】Spell counter(Mage3Fiscal)


2 【rare】Spell resonance(Mage3Fiscal)

resonance:Copy the spell and put your hand,Its mana value is consumed(0)point。

3 【rare】Leopard trick(hunter2Fiscal)

resonance:Summon one4/2Have a sneak cheetah。

4 【legend】Garyvik(Thief6fee5/8From)

resonance:Get replication of this spell,And make it a lucky coin。

(epic tuba and brass)neutral(4open)

1 【ordinary】Gravel caveman(2fee2/3)

resonance:get+1Attack power。

(epic tuba and brass)2 【rare】Caveman(4fee3/5)

resonance:get+2Attack power。

3 【epic】Caveman robbers(5fee4/6)

resonance:Place a lucky currency into your hand。

4 【legend】Triggzor(7fee6/6)

(epic tuba and brass)resonance:Summon a caveman。


epic tuba and brass

epic tuba and brass

epic tuba and brass

Cosmic series

The universe series can be said to be the power of players,Mechanism of developing blizzard new development,For such a popular mechanism,No reason, I have not fallen。

【Unparalleled】-【If there is no identical card in your repository】(5open)

1 【legend】Kazakus(Priest、Mage、Warlock4fee3/3From)

Unparalleled:Create a custom spell。

2 【legend】Renault·Jackson(neutral6fee4/6From)

Unparalleled:Restore all health for your hero。

3 【legend】Cruier(Warlock7fee7/9Demon)

Unparalleled:Place all the demon in your hand into the battlefield。

4 【legend】Lats(Priest5fee5/5From)

Unparalleled:In this Council,The manage of your hero skill is consumed(0)point。

5 【legend】Master Soria(Mage7fee5/5From)

Unparalleled:In this turn,The mana consumption of the next spell you released is(0)point。

Magic Series

(epic tuba and brass)Magic is not stranger,What is the probability of killing the Elf Dragon for the Arcane Missile? Everyone is also worried for a long time.。The version of the Lich King also added an anti-magic shield,So can the mammoth finally make the magic to become the mainstream??Let us wait and see。

【Magic】-【Unable to become the goal of spell or hero skills】(8open)


1 【legend】Tilatus(Druid10fee12/12Beast)


2 【ordinary】Bee shark(hunter3fee4/3Beast)


3 【epic】Small child disturbing(Mage4fee2/5From)

Adjacent followed with Magic。

4 【ordinary】Air element(Shaman1fee2/1Element)



1 【ordinary】Elf Dragon(2fee3/2Dragon)


2 【rare】GovernorX-21(4fee2/5mechanical)


3 【ordinary】Ghost knight(5fee4/6)


4 【legend】Abyss laveler Sogos(9fee5/9)


5 【Base】Anti-Magic Shield(Lich King gives4Fiscal)

Let you get all of you+2/+2Magic。

(epic tuba and brass)Summarize:All the mechanisms,Personally think that it is most likely to appear in new information films at the end of the year.,Be“Unparalleled”、“Encourage”and“Curse”。

epic tuba and brass

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