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3.5 mm id brass tube

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Kitchen wants to cook、Washful vegetables、Brushing the bowl is inseparable from water,Waterway and sewage pipelines。Waterway pipe in the kitchen,Choose a good pipeline and faucet to ensure that the waterway and sewage are unimpeded.,Guarantee the fresh clean and cleanliness of the kitchen。

3.5 mm id brass tube

Choice of kitchen faucet:The faucet of the kitchen sink is best to choose long handle,Head of faucet,Convenient double slot above the sink。Household faucets generally have stainless steel、Three faucets of copper and alloy。

(3.5 mm id brass tube)Faucet purchase method:The faucet is mainly watching the coating、handle、sound、Logo four points。Whether the surface coating is smooth and uniform;II look at the gap between the handle and the leading theme.,Whether it is smooth when turning the handle,Does there have a sense of blocking?;Three sounds when I was hitting the faucet,Good faucet is the overall casting copper,Knocking up。If the sound is very crisp,That must be stainless steel;4 See if the product is printed with a formal manufacturer's brand logo。

3.5 mm id brass tube

(3.5 mm id brass tube)

Choice of kitchen pipeline:Commonly used water pipes include:PPRTube、PETube、Copper tube、U-PVCTube、Plating tube、stainless steel pipe、Galvanized tube, etc.。generally,Soils usually use environmentally friendlyPPRTube,Galvanized pipe and copper pipe are also mainstream pipe。The water is generally used with flame retardant effects.U-PVCTube。

Pipeline purchase method:The purchase of pipes must also pay attention to quality。View the quality of the pipe can hurt five points:A touch、Two colors、San Wen、Four pinch hardness、Five flexible。

3.5 mm id brass tube

Whether the texture of the tube appearance is glossy,Look at the rough impurities;I look at the color of various pipes to match the original color.,There is no discoloration;Does the three aware of the pipes,especiallyPPR、PE、PVCTube;Tubular surface,See if there is easy deformed;Whether the pipe is easy to smash,Check it back。

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