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eastwest hollywood brass tuba

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eastwest hollywood brass tuba(eastwest hollywood brass tuba)recently,Los Angeles Ding Ding's Hollywood Star Avenue,Welcomes the first one in history“Lifeless”Movie star——Chevrolet ClassicSUVModel“Suburban”(Suburban)。

eastwest hollywood brass tuba

All age“Suburban”。

Chevrolet“Suburban”Be present1935year,After that, I have experienced a number of generations.,Shape and interior changes,Now that it has developed to the eleventh generation。Hollywood business office responsible for operating and managing this Star Avenue(Hollywood Chamber of commerce)Express,This famous car since its birth,Already1750There have been on the scene in the film and television works.,It is called a movie props“Labor model”。In recent years,This domineering model,Frequent in American drama《Montage》(The Sopranos)、《Walking dead》(The Walking Dead)High popularity action film《Fast preparation》(John Wick,2004)Horror film《It has an eye across the mountain》(The Hills Have Eyes,2006)In the middle of the work,Whether it is an implantable advertising or a friendship,Very high identification。

eastwest hollywood brass tuba

“Suburban”exist《Fast preparation》There is a lot of shots in。

Of course,A commendation practice like this,It is also inevitable whether it involves interest delivery.、Commercial soft controversy。Here,At present, the CEO of the Pure Civil Organization of Hollywood Business Firm·Jiaban(Rana Ghadban)Refuse。In fact,Frequent famous cars in the movie,Chevrolet“Suburban”Norty is a single family。Ford Motor Company's famous driving“Wild horse”(Mustang),It is said that it is more than4500Multi-film works have debut,Identification is definitely not less“Suburban”。Here,Accepting the UK《Guardian》Reporter interview,Lana·How much is Jiaban?。She said,Farm welcomes other companies to register,As for the option,Is there qualified to get this star?,Decided by them independently。

eastwest hollywood brass tuba

“Suburban”Become the first props star on the Starlight Avenue

in history,Can get this brass five-angle star on the Hollywood Star Avenue,The vast majority is a celebrity and big coffee in the film and television industry and the entertainment industry.。but,In the past, there have been similar to Disneyland.、《Los Angeles Times》Organization or organization such as Los Angeles Daoqi professional baseball team,I can get the star belonging to myself on the Star Avenue.。only,Pure movie props like a car,Can get this honor,The history is still the first time。

Currently,Survey on the Star Avenue of more than two kilometers,Already26000Multi-star,Welcome to more than 10 million people around the world every year,It can be said that it is the most famous landmark attractions in Los Angeles.。but,Subjective with many people“Star Avenue is authoritative、Official”Error concept,In fact,Whole Hollywood Star Avenue,Completed from the business behavior from the folk profit institution of Hollywood Business Office。It was completed in the end of the 1950s,1978In the year, it was designated as a historical and cultural trace by Los Angeles.,Commercial development and popularity gathering around the surrounding area,I finally have a famous status today.。

eastwest hollywood brass tuba


In recent years,Star Avenue has repeatedly become victims of various protests,Especially in the first post to Donald·Trump——He is the famous American TV show《Fly yellow Tengda》(The Apprentice)Moderator and producer——Their star,Also, the opponents of the US president have been tarnted from the ink to the various destruction of the hammer.,Also spending a lot of maintenance funds in Hollywood businessfairs。But they always don't want to remove it by Starlight Avenue,Because I am worried that this will irritate the other half of the United States to support Trump's politics。