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cushman brass menthol tube

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(cushman brass menthol tube)With the further excavation of ancient sites,People are not only found in rivers and oceans.,At the same time, a lot of ancient remains began to appear in the desert of Liao's smoke.,And the excavation of these remains,Not only is it unbelievable at the place,At the same time, it is also the continuation of historical context.,Filling a lot of civilization,These civilizations are not only glory in history,At the same time, it is also full of mystery.。

Last at the end of the century,The British archaeologist is exploring the remains of the desert.,A very shocking ancient reset was found in the Namibian desert,The ancient city pool in the traditional understanding of people,Also non-antique biological fossil,It is a ship500Multi-year history huge shipwreck。According to the expert site observation,This ancient shipwreck should be in the extreme weather,Tentacles。

cushman brass menthol tube

Although the hull is somewhat damage,And there is some change in the erosion of seawater and sand,But inside the hull,It is very likely that cultural relics are preserved.,So he began to investigate the ship.,In the way of survey,He found a well-preserved water pipe,This is as sealing as a container as a container.,When archaeologists and staff lift this more water pipe,I didn't hear the sound,Instead, I heard a more dull metal collision.,This undoubtedly arises the curiosity of experts.,Experts suspect that this must have a historical culture。

cushman brass menthol tube

So under the help of the staff,They first lift this water pipe to the beach,Subsequently slowly cut the seal,When they look in it,But I found a gold metal coin,So they raised the water pipe to pour,A large amount of ancient gold coins from the water pipe,Although they have been waiting for hundreds of years in the pipe,But the color of gold coins is the same as the new one.,Golden light in the sun。

cushman brass menthol tube

Experts subsequently according to the pattern on the coin,It is speculated that this is15Century Way to the Portuguese ship,Coin should also be Portuguese gold coins。At that time, the Portuguese vessel has begun to sweep the world.,And create a Portuguese Empire through the maritime channel,And becoming the world's first worldwide country,His territory is more than 10 million square kilometers,Is the first in history in Europe、It is also the longest-lasting colonial empire.,His footprints all over the world,So in the desert after hundreds of years later,Discover the remains of the Portuguese ship,I also said it.。

cushman brass menthol tube(cushman brass menthol tube)

Subsequent experts"water pipe"A large number of antique coins in China,Finally concluded900Million dollars(about6300Wan Ren)Valuation,Although the trip of this desert,This is to explore civilized sites that disappeared in the desert.,But this accidental discovery500Anti-ship,But an archaeological expert brought an unexpected harvest.,This for research15Century World History,There is also very important historical significance。