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crimping brass tube

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one. Crimping principle

The wire harness terminal crimping refers to a strong combination of the wire and terminal contact surface through an external force.,Its craft equipment is through the upper and lower jaws of the mold,Relying on the engineering pressure of the crimp to make the terminal from free curvature to correct curvature。

crimping brass tube


Appearance、High wide value、Tensile value is three major factors that determine the quality of terminal crimping,Specifically reflected:

a、Good conductivity(Low and stable resistance resistance,Strong corrosion resistance);

b、Good mechanical properties(Tensile);

c、Good physical properties(The core wire is reasonable、Suitable crimping aspect ratio、Stab)。

two. Precipitation process advantages

Compared with the welding process,The crimping process has the following advantages:

(1)The connector to be crimped is relatively small.,Small equipment can be met;

(2)No corrosive、No heat、Contaminated environment;

(crimping brass tube)(3)Suitable for any metal conductors and wire connections;

(4)Good electrical properties and mechanical properties;

(crimping brass tube)(5)high productivity、low cost;

(crimping brass tube)(6)Suitable industries with higher reliability requirements。

three. Industry take the lead

Identity crimp is the core technology of the harness industry,Crimping mold parameters set independently develop,followVW60330Crimping standard,Perfact4Ten thousand times,Crimping10Ten thousand times of mold maintenance。

Four. Current industries generally existent crimping problems and techniques

The crimp high width standard for each terminal line diameter is unique,But if the same terminal、The line diameter is supplied with a number of molds,The width value of the jaw is different.,Crimping height standards will also change,Bring confusion to the production。The correct practice is to develop crimping molds as needed with high width standard values given by terminal manufacturers.(No jacket、Waterproof);If the terminal manufacturer fails to give the pressure to receive the high width standard value, it is necessary to provide a sheath.、Waterproof、Sample line,After the mold acceptance is passed,Use this data as a crimping high width standard supplementary development mold,In principle, there is no problem with the quality of the mold crimp, try to change the manufacturer.,Because each manufacturer's design concept is different.,If you develop the same mold,Jaw parameters、Crimping high width standard must not change,,Only this crimp state will be stable。

Fives. Elementary analysis of crimping system engineering

Terminal crimped over the machine,Do a good job in testing,Be aware of the wrong mistake。Require device closing highly unified,The jaw is within the service life,EquipmentCFMPressure management device,Semi-automatic recommendation use servo crimping machine,Scan terminal、Mold、Wire QR code into the system,According to the first school, confirm the production of qualified states,All scanning code is completed during repeating crimping,Crimping height servo electric machine automatically adjusts to pass the first state,The factors that cause errors are fully taken into account and have response measures;Automatic underline crimping machineMESsystem,electric wire、Terminal、Mold scan code confirmation,The process imported with the system does not match the equipment,Tensile test machine test value、Highly width measurement of thousands of gross network,Super bad equipment is not running,It's hard to make employees。

crimping brass tube


six. Criminal parameter database

(crimping brass tube)purpose:Establish this database,It can be clarified that the terminal is in what state is on what kind of product,Achieve a standard unity;also,Can also be used for mold restructuring、Important basis for jaw replacement and distribution。

content include:

(crimping brass tube)(1)Mold management number、Terminal、name、Types of、Enable date、Manufacturer、Library;

(crimping brass tube)(2)Jaw model、Opening width、Thickness data and location;

(crimping brass tube)(3)Related linear crimping height、Width value,Pull value、Cross-sectional view、Compression ratio, etc.。

crimping brass tube

seven. Terminal profileCollect

1、The cross section of all single lines in the conductor should be irregular polygons.;

2、No core leakage or clip in the middle of the wing;

3、Conductor and terminal phase、No obvious gap between single lines and single lines;

4、Cracks should not occur on the terminal crimping site on the cross section;

5、Terminal crimping part ends cannot touch the inner wall of the terminal,The bottom of the distance should not be less than the diameter of the monofilament1/2;

6、No obvious burr,Glitch height(e)Should not exceed the thickness of the stress,Glitch width(f)Should not exceed the wall thickness after the terminal crimping1/2;

crimping brass tube


Eight. Confusion

crimping brass tube

Nine. Control wire breaking rate

followVW60330standard3.2.2.1Core line allows the requirements for cutting,Cut the knife before the class、gap,In the production process、Reasonable quantity adjustment,Strengthen the first appearance test,Pressure management deviceCFMReduced error range,Take this to control the wire breaking rate of the wire,Copper silk scraps must not appear;Equipment manufacturer lead detector research and development、All installed after verification。