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brass fittings nipple tube attachment

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Various intermediate connections and terminal heads of the cable,Currently referred to as cable accessories,Commonly used to make the accessories of the intermediate connector and the end of the terminal have terminal blocks、Connecting pipe、Ground wire、Support plate、Cable terminal box、Cable intermediate connector box, etc.。


Also known as the wiring nose,The cable wire is connected to the device terminal through the terminal block.。According to the different cable wire material,Terminal is divided into copper nose(Such as:DTandDTMSeries copper wiring terminal)、Aluminum nose(Such as:DLMSeries aluminum wiring terminal)、Copper aluminum transition nose(Such as:DTLSeries copper aluminum wiring terminal)。Copper nose is used for cable wire and the equipment material materials are copper。When the cable wire and the device material are different, the copper aluminum transition nose is used.,All kinds of wiring nose have finished products,Special circumstances can also be processed separately。

(brass fittings nipple tube attachment)2.Connecting pipe

Wire connection for cable intermediate connector,Divided into copper connecting tube(Such as:GTSeries copper connecting tube)、Aluminum(Such as:GLandGLMSeries aluminum connection tube)、Copper aluminum transition connection tube(Such as:GTLMSeries copper aluminum connection tube)。

3.Ground wire

When the cable wire flows through the short circuit current,Since the short circuit current is often large,A certain sensing voltage will be generated in the metal sheath,When the induced voltage exceeds a certain value,Can break the liner of the cable,Arc,Seriously burning bad cable sheath。In order to prevent this accident,The metal portion other than the wire core must be connected and grounded in the cable line.。The usual practice is to put the metal sheath of the cable、Metal shield、Armbeare、The metal housing of the cable terminal and the intermediate connector is welded and connected to the grounding network.。

(brass fittings nipple tube attachment)4.Support plate

In the intermediate joint of multi-core cable,In order to maintain the distance between the insulating core and between the lead or copper sleeve,Ensure the phase insulation and convenient installation,Supply support,The struts are mainly two kinds of ceramic plate and epoxy resin support.。The choice of support is supported with the sheath tube。The insulating strip can be placed between the cable core when there is no suitable strut.,Instead of a support plate

(brass fittings nipple tube attachment)5.Cable terminal box

The cable terminal box is the housing of the cable terminal。According to different environments,The cable terminal box can be divided into two types of indoor terminal boxes and outdoor terminal boxes.。Indoor cable terminal box generally uses nylon、Epoxy resin or polypropylene, etc.。Outdoor cable terminal box with aluminum alloy cable terminal box、Epoxy resin terminal box, etc.。The time according to the actual situation。

6. Cable intermediate connector box

The outer casing of the intermediate joint of the cable is called the intermediate connector box。The intermediate connector box of the cable is divided into the following types according to the use of the applications and materials.:Lead sleeve underground cable intermediate joint box、FRP underground cable intermediate joint box、Polystyrene cable joint box、Cast aluminum alloy cable joint box。

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brass fittings nipple tube attachment