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brass tube reducer swage

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(brass tube reducer swage)

Regular division and contact of each professional design:

brass tube reducer swage

Design phase and version of pipeline arrangement:

1、Basic engineering design phase:Pipeline(Primary version)

in accordance with:According to the pipeline flow chart(PID)andA、B、C、DEdition planar layout drawing。

(brass tube reducer swage)effect:Verify equipment arrangement,Hoisting、maintenance proposal,Research of the width and layers of the gallery。

2、Detailed engineering design phase:EVersion、FVersion、GVersion

EVersion,Equipment adjustment,Equipment foundation、floor、Wall and platform opening、Voltage orientation conditions, etc.。(Research version)

FVersion,Determine the instrument position,Pipe support,Confirm the accurate position of the pipe、Platform and other final conditions。(Design version)

GVersion,Various professionals,(Revise),Complete the pattern for prefabrication and installation of pipelines。(Construction version)

(brass tube reducer swage)General regulations for pipeline arrangement:

1.Figure:A0、A1,Simple pipeline availableA2。

2.Proportion:Common proportion1∶25;When the surface is relatively simple,Proportion1∶50。

A set of flat and facade,Except for small partial cross-sectional views,Ratio should be consistent。If the proportion of local cross-sectional view is inconsistent,The proportion should be indicated below。

View configuration and picture name:

(1)Multi-storey factory or device draws separately or highly,Multi-layer gallery with different elevations,The plan view of each layer should be drawn separately。

(brass tube reducer swage)Picture part of two lines;

Such as:Pipeline arrangement,Pipeline arrangement,Pipeline arrangement;

×××flat,Ⅰ-ⅠCross-sectional view,Ⅰ—Ⅰ、Ⅱ—Ⅱprofile。

(brass tube reducer swage)(2)If different elevated patterns are drawn on the same surface,Then indicate the label below the graphics.。

First draw a plan,Determine the cross-sectional view as needed。

View configuration:

A set of planes、Facilate or cross-sectional view,Can be drawn on a drawing,It is also possible to draw on different drawings separately.。

The picture name downlink the high or cross-sectional view name。

According to the process complexity,At least painted1~2Can reflect unit(Device)Great cross-sectional view,Big cross-sectional viewⅠ-Ⅰ、Ⅱ-ⅡExpress,Partial cross-sectional viewA-A、B-Bsymbol。

(brass tube reducer swage)Less use of large section,Many small cross-sectional,Avoid repeating pipes。


brass tube reducer swage

On the pipeline arrangement,Pipeline should be different from the general outline,Expressed with a striking line。

Font and word height 7,5,3.5(3),2.5

Types of pipeline arrangement:

Pipeline flat arrangement(Pipeline mounting or pipe drawing);Pipeline(Air view or pipe);Old pipeline map;Hot pipeline;Non-tube diagram;Non-tube frame。

(brass tube reducer swage)1、Pipeline arrangement:

definition:Pipeline of pipeline,Active video map of a regional pipeline(Two-dimensional projection map)。

2、Pipeline(Aerial view)(Pipe section):

definition:Pipelines of pipelines,Axeded projection map of a pipeline(Stereo pattern)。

3、Old pipeline map:Represents arrangement of connecting pipes between devices。

(brass tube reducer swage)4、Steam noodle system arrangement:When the steam none system is simpler,It can also be represented on the process pipeline arrangement.。

(brass tube reducer swage)5、Non-tube diagram:If you choose standard fittings when designing,Do not need to draw the fitting diagram。The specific dimension of the pipe fittings on the pipe fittings。

6、Non-tube frame:The scaffold is a steel structural bracket used to support the pipe.。In designation, first select from the standard map,If you choose a standard map,No need to draw a drawing figure。

View of pipeline arrangement:

(brass tube reducer swage)1.Regional line、Pipe table and installation direction standard(The orientation is consistent with the device)。

brass tube reducer swage

key planUse in pipeline arrangement,Location indicating the location of the design pipe in the entire plane arrangement。


Draw the basic structure of the building:column、Beam、Floor、door、window、platform、Mounting holes and stairs, etc.;

Control room、Production auxiliary housing such as distribution rooms is generally not expressed。


Determined by device arrangement,Draw out equipment profile and foundation;If the device shape is symmetrical, you should draw the center line.;

Horizontal equipment draws a mount and marked position,Vertical support should be marked from the position of the human hole skirt。

The fixed device can be drawn according to the illustration,Dynamic equipment plan map can only draw foundation,But draw a driver position。

4.pipeline、valve、Fitting fitting

Pipeline projection drawing:

a)Specific simplified drawing;

b)To expose the length of the pipeline、Valves and fittings。

1)Pipe drawing:DN≤350mm。

(brass tube reducer swage)Main material pipeline:Gross single line

brass tube reducer swage

Other material pipelines:Medium rough solid line single line

brass tube reducer swage

DN≥400mm,Double-line in the middle:

brass tube reducer swage

Art style:

(brass tube reducer swage)a)Pipe diameter;

(brass tube reducer swage)b)To draw a central line;

c)Expressing the medium flow in arrows。

2)Pipeline connection

(brass tube reducer swage)The connection of the pipeline is mainly:Welding connection;Flange connection;Thread connection;Insert connection。

Several way of connection:

brass tube reducer swage

brass tube reducer swage

3)Pipe turning


brass tube reducer swage

GB12459《Steel seamless pipe fittings》

Pipeline、valve、Fitting fitting(Three-way、elbow、Researchers and compensators, etc.)。

(brass tube reducer swage)brass tube reducer swage(brass tube reducer swage)


brass tube reducer swage


There are two types of three-way manufacturing method.:

a)On-site open welding on the pipe;

b)Standard three-way fittings。

brass tube reducer swage(brass tube reducer swage)

GB12459《Steel seamless pipe fittings》。

brass tube reducer swage

5)Tube cross

Tube cross,Disconnect the pipeline that is blocked on the projection map。

brass tube reducer swage(brass tube reducer swage)

6)Tube overlap

When the pipe overlaps,Disconnect the previous pipe,Out of the pipe,And labeled separately。

(brass tube reducer swage)Examples of two pipes:

brass tube reducer swage

Examples of the three pipelines in parallel:

brass tube reducer swage

Example of overlapping:

brass tube reducer swage

example:It is pointed out that the front and rear sequence of the pipeline shown below(Define the side of the reader as before)。

(brass tube reducer swage)brass tube reducer swage


Concentricconcentric reducer:Corner of the pipeline center line before and after the change。

Eccentriceccentric reducer:The centerline of the pipeline before and after the change is not coincident.。

brass tube reducer swage


brass tube reducer swage

Scale size drawn:Diameter and length of the outer diameter and length。

Diabal tube painting and label on plan view and profile:

brass tube reducer swage

brass tube reducer swage

Eccentricity in the horizontal tube。

8)Insulation and heat pipeline

Painting a selection in the proper position。

brass tube reducer swage

9) Valve painting

In the pipeline arrangement,Represents the valve with a simplified projection map。

Basic requirements for drawing valves:

(brass tube reducer swage)1、Graphics and flow charts;

2、Draw to scale with fine lines,Express the feature size of the valve body;

3、To paint the wheel position and size 。

brass tube reducer swage(brass tube reducer swage)

The valve should indicate the wheel position,Compensator、Main valve and hydrophone、Flow gauges and liquid seals need to indicate location size。

Picture of shut-off valve:

brass tube reducer swage

Graphics Follow the map,To indicate the feature size。Valve product samples list specifications size,Working based on samples。

(brass tube reducer swage)Picture of spring safety valve:

brass tube reducer swage

Pipeline projection requirements:

(brass tube reducer swage)1、Pipeline connection、Turnover、Branch point(Three-way)、cross、overlapping、Absence、Picture of insulation pipe。

2、Valve painting。

Control point:

Picture of control point in pipe installation diagram:

brass tube reducer swage

Size and label:

(brass tube reducer swage)measurement unit:Highly rare,Accurate to three behind the decimal point,Other dimensional units are millimeters。


a)Positioning axis number and spacing on plan view

b)Maribei ground on the elevation map、floor、Platform、crane、The elevation of the top of the beam。


brass tube reducer swage

c)other:Tube slogan、Each tube is high。

(brass tube reducer swage)brass tube reducer swage


a)Number pipeline number(Flood drawing number)

(brass tube reducer swage)b)Note positioning size and elevation

Baseline based on building axis or equipment centerline,Label、valve、Decoofline flowmeter、Hydrophone、Compensator、Sizes, etc.,Or position with one end flange。

①Horizontal tube high:

brass tube reducer swage

Level tube non-tube center elevation should be indicated before the high:

(brass tube reducer swage)Tube:BOP EL104.100,Tube is high: TOP EL104.100

(brass tube reducer swage)②Vertical tube:valve、Floor elements such as fittings;

③Schep slope and work point。

Two baselines:Relatively high、Altitude

Need to mark the number of numbers:The pipe has passed a plane to another plane;

Voltage diameter or location changes;Differential pipeline。

c)Medium flow direction:Generally painting the arrows on the center line,The number of arrows should not be too much or too little,Fill arrows between two turns。

d)slope:Pipes with slope should indicate slopes and slopes。

(brass tube reducer swage)brass tube reducer swage

Pipeline that does not allow condensate,Or for water pressure test、Parking, etc.,Slope,General slope is0.003~0.01。

brass tube reducer swage(brass tube reducer swage)

Valves and fittings are not marked in the figure,And list specifications in the pipeline material table、Model or standard number、quantity、Material, etc.。

4、Fitting fitting(elbow、Three-way、Absence、Flange)Wait

The absence is marked in the figure,Such asDN80/50or80×50。


Valve should be labeled positioning size;Can be marked with valve number and model。

(brass tube reducer swage)brass tube reducer swage

6、Distance of exhaust and drain on the pipe

brass tube reducer swage

Tap table:

brass tube reducer swage

brass tube reducer swage

Look at the cross-sectional view and flow chart;

Analysis of Improving Pipeline Planning Drawing Design Level。

Pipeline mounting material:

1、The main purpose:

(1)Used for installation construction,One of the basis for the distribution materials and installation on-site distribution materials;

(brass tube reducer swage)(2)Statistical integrated material table。


List the pipe on each pipe according to each tube number、Fitting fitting、valve、Flange、bolt、Nut、Gasket and other materials、Model or pattern or standard number、Quantity, etc.。

(brass tube reducer swage)(1)Each pipe should be written、Where is it?、Design temperature and pressure;

(2)List all the installation materials for each pipe(Not included flowmeter、Adjusting valve and other self-control primary components)。

brass tube reducer swage

Pipeline mounting material:

brass tube reducer swage

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