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craigstlist brass tuba

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craigstlist brass tuba

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According to the above figure,Stable currency recent market value exceeds100One hundred million U.S. dollars,That means that only rose in the past three months.70%!

In our last issue“Stable currency to kill the heavy”Programs,All three guests,They believe that the stable currency market can turn over the next year.10Multiplication,breakthrough1000One hundred million U.S. dollars。And the author thinks that the stability coins can be turned back after a year.10Multiplication,breakthrough1,000,000,000,000,000,000Dollar(1Trillion),The reason is very simple,Mainly following5point:

1. The US dollar market is huge and grows rapidly

Today's stability coins are largely digitized(Similar25AgoCraig's ListStart the way to digify the classified ad)。Factual prove,There will be more utilities after things are digitized.。And the dollar digitization represents a huge opportunity,Because it is still a huge、Growing market,And to the extent of its digitalization so far。

M1Is the most basic indicator of the US dollar,It includes physical currency、Deposit deposit、travel check、Other check deposits and transferable accounts, etc.。This indicator is in the past10In the year3Multiplication(Exceed5One hundred million U.S. dollars),Year composite growth rate is11%。M1In the past4Grows up within a month25%(which is1Trillion)。andM1First exceeded1Trillion216Time。

M2Is a more broad metric,it includesM1All content,and other“Asset with money(near money)”Savings deposit、Money market securities、Temperal funds, etc.。These assets are not as good asM1,But you can also quickly translate into cash。M2The current scale is17.8Trillion。

(craigstlist brass tuba)in the past10Year,M2The annual composite growth rate is7.6%,If the trend continues until,2025yearM2Be reached25.6Trillion,Seem,1Tannami dollars only account for all US dollars or assets close to the US dollar(They can create stable coins for full asset support(fully backed stablecoins))Body4%the following。InterestinglyCraig's ListI also won more than five years.4%Classified ad。

In view of these facts,1+Trillion is right2025Is the reasonable prediction of the market value of the currency??Here are four other factors,They let the author1+Three billion dollars predictive confidence。

The United States circulating in major countriesM2Lower than50%

Light is China、Japan and Eurozone have223BillionM2。So we only need to get less from these areas and the United States.2%ProportionalM2The market value of the stable coins can be reached1Trillion。

3.Algorithm-driven stability does not require any assets to support

At present, there are various algorithm-driven stabilization coins under development.。

Basisexist2018year4Monthly raised1.33Billion dollar funds to develop a stable coin based on algorithm-driven,But due to the supervision problem8After a month, it stopped circulating.,And return unused funds。

With the solution of regulatory problems,We look forward to seeing an important digital currency that the algorithm driver has become an important digital currency.。Some stable coins may be partially supported,Some may not have asset support at all。No matter what condition,The stable currency supported by the algorithm is again reduced.M2Need to be locked,Make the stable currency market value more easily1Trillion。

4. Government and major companies are committed to the development of digital currencies,The main obstacle that stabilizing the rapid growth is being solved

(craigstlist brass tuba)China has already tested its central bank digital currency(CBDC),But China is not the only country in China.。International liquidation bank1A survey in the month shows,Exceed80Country is developingCBDC。

FacebookofLibraRecently, assets will be supported from a basket of currencies to a series of French currency support.。LibraWill not only priced,on the contrary,It will be priced in the world's main currency。

So we can see the efforts made by the government and enterprises for the Digital Money Research Institute.,andLibraIn the future, it will become a non-negligible market participant in this field.。

5. Stable currency is relative to traditional finance10Multiplier,And will continue to improve its added value

Although the trading is the main factor in stable coins growing.,But the growth of stable coins will be brought better by stable currency.(Compared to bank transfer),The following two factors will promote the growth of future stability coins。

1. cost——Most stable currency transfer costs are lower than1Dollar

2. Settlement——Stable currency can complete settlement within minutes(Banking system takes a few days),This will be a huge advantage

Although some people think that the advantages of stable coins willCBDCIntroduction,But I think the biggest advantage will still exist.——Programmable(programmability)。

(craigstlist brass tuba)CBDCThe core is safety。Therefore, the Fed has already expressed,ThatCBDCWill not be programmable,But I believe that the United States will be replicated by other digital currency(EvenCBDC)。

What is programmable??Come and see todayDeFiInnovator's achievements!

And we have just just in the starting stage。Just like1994When the Internet appears,No one predictsFacebook,Or Google,Or Amazon's network service,We can't know what kind of innovation will bring stable currency.。But it is certain that this will be thrown.。And this world99%+People don't know。