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brass tube range hood

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(brass tube range hood)Say“Hunger breeds discontentment”,Chinese people's kitchen,A variety of culinary delights,coveted。The hood became when home decoration,One of the indispensable home appliances。

brass tube range hood

Buy confidential consideration fumes suction strength、Cleaning convenience、Smoke effects4With aspects of the case。

Hood species,Covered Market Common suck、Integrated kitchen suction side and3Species。

(brass tube range hood)brass tube range hood(brass tube range hood)

Top suction:The traditional style,Big suction,Technology is mature,Most common family style。

advantage:Good oil-absorbing effect,Affordable cost-effective;

shortcoming:Easy to meet,Easy drip,Require regular cleaning。Too large,Small apartment kitchen space utilization is low。

brass tube range hood

Suction side:In recent years, popular style,Color appearance values higher,Very popular with young people sought。

advantage:High efficiency suction fumes,Better environmental protection,Small footprint,Suitable for small apartment kitchen,Easy to clean and care。

shortcoming:Prices slightly higher,The sound is relatively large,When high power operation,The effects of fire source。

brass tube range hood

Integrated kitchen:Disinfection cabinet collection、Hood、Gas stove integrated design,save space。

advantage:Wind、Air pressure and air inlet design more reasonable,Best smoke fumes,Integrated kitchen space overall design is reasonable,save space。

shortcoming:High prices,Install more trouble,After-sales service trouble,Clean hard to take care of。

brass tube range hood

In addition to the selection of family hood comparative advantages and disadvantages of each type of hood outside,Also based on the following4Point to pick hood。

brass tube range hood

1. Actual demand:If the home is an open kitchen design,And often do some heavy fumes of Chinese dishes,You can select a stronger suction hood,Recommended consider:Integrated kitchen>Side of the hood>European top suction hood。

brass tube range hood

2. Exhaust volume:It refers to an amount of exhaust suction hood,Theory is normal,Exhaust volume suction power,Good effect of smoke fumes。but,Japan has a large exhaust noise concerns sucked heat source。

(brass tube range hood)Eating light small cooking election15-18m³/min,A multi-fried diet heavy mouth election20m³/minabove。

(brass tube range hood)brass tube range hood

3.Wind pressure:In general selection pressure300paAbove can,If it is low-rise high-rise tenants optional380paabove。It should be noted that:To prevent smoke intrusion,Be sure to insert a check valve。

(brass tube range hood)4.Material panel:Recommended to choose glass panel,Easy to clean good care,Difficult to clean stainless steel panel,Easy to scratch,Aesthetics is relatively low。

brass tube range hood(brass tube range hood)

These characteristics are summarized,Xiaomi recommend you consider the side suction hood,Big suction、Cost-effective、And beautiful,Also save space。But need to pay attention to when buying,Noise and other performance test。

brass tube range hood(brass tube range hood)

Buy your home hood have done what Raiders?Do you like what type of hood it?

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