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ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

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The faucet can be said to be a necessity for each household.,If you don't have a good choice when you purchase,In the later stage, it can be said that it has brought a lot of trouble.,So how do you choose a faucet??

Today, let's talk about it.,How to choose a faucet?。

ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

Water Head Buying Guide:Handle

(ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet)At present, the leader of the faucet is mainly divided into helical、Single handle、Handle、belt90°Switch several categories。

(ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet)The faucet control handle has a single handle and double handle。The characteristics of the single handle are controlled convenience,Simple structure,The double hand is adjusted to adjust the water temperature.,But the style can be suitable for more occasions(Baddy head,Massage cylinder bond faucet, etc.),And the double-handle faucet adjustment water temperature is smoother than the single handle,Suitable consumers who are more sensitive to temperature。Single handle faucet in an instant on and off,Water pressure will rise rapidly,If the copper content of the product is not high,Confluence of water pressure,It is easy to damage,So the single handle faucet is in use.,Turn slowly and close。Double-handle faucet pressure range,Water pressure is slowly released,So there is no such problem。But the double-handle faucet can't be too dead.,Otherwise, the hydrogen plug will fall off,Can't get it、Can't stop water。

ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

belt90°Switched,It is based on the traditional two-handed handle,Change the original rubber seal for ceramic sheet sealing,Shut downSpinhandle90Can,Adjusting on both sides of the cold hot water,It is characterized by open convenience,More styles。

Traditional spiral rose rubber sealed faucet,Due to its large water,The price is relatively low,And easy repair,Still being welcomed by some consumers。

ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

Water Head Buying Guide Points:Faucet bubble device

Not all faucets have a bubbler,But it will have this structure.。The main role of the bubbler is to prevent flowering flowers,Comparison of water flow,Intuitive feelings are hitting a small bubble in your hand,Will not splash everywhere,Also have a certain water saving function。

At the time of purchase,It is best to try to choose the faucet with a bubble.,Water flow with soft and foam(Water flow bubble content)Enriching the quality of the bubble。Bubbleware generally wants six layers,Usually a metal mesh cover(Part of the plastic)constitute,When the water flows through the net cover, it will be cut into a large number of intermediate mixed air.,Splash all around。

ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet(ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet)

Faucet purchase guide points three:Water tap

The spool is a direction control with its movement.、Valve parts for basic functions of pressure control or flow control。Any faucet switch control requires a spool,For the faucet,The quality of the spool is an important basis for the quality assessment of the entire faucet.,It can be said that the most important thing to affect the quality of the faucet is the spool.。

There are three common spools.:Ceramic tab,Stainless steel ball and shaft roller。

ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

Ceramic spools are affordable、Small water pollution、Good wear resistance、Good sealing performance,At the same time“brittleness”improvement of,Make the ceramic spool from a wide range of applications。In general,Ceramic spools play a good seal,Due to the relatively strong technical strength,Some imported ceramic chips,Sealing performance is relatively good,Physical performance stability,Wear-resistant,long lasting。Most of the mainstream faucets produced by most well-known brand sanitary ware manufacturers have already used ceramic spools.。

The advantage of the shaft roll of the shaft is smooth.,Easy to operate easily,Comfortable and comfortable,Aging、durable。However, shaft rolling spool as a vintage spool,It has gradually been able to meet the needs of the crowd for the spool.,Therefore, it will be gradually eliminated by the market.。Axial rolls in the faucet produced by large brands,I'm rarely now.。

ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

Faucet purchase guide points four:Water tap

Electroplating is an important indicator reflecting the strength of the lead in the leading quality and manufacturers.,It not only makes the appearance of the faucet more beautiful,Also played the protection of the faucet,Creating anti-rust。Excellent faucet valve body、handle、Valve Cover Cast、Machining、Surface grinding、After polishing,Generally plating nickel plating、Decorative chrome or chrome。Some faucet surfaces use titanium plated gold、Bronze(Imitation gold plating)、Imitation of the migration and other methods。Plating an electrophoretic or bronze faucet surface corrosion is often very fast,And these three users are generally difficult to identify。in addition,Electroplating thickness is also very particular,If too thin, it is easy to be oxidized。Currently,The international standard for the steel dragon head is electroplated.8Micron,The best12Micron。Nickel alloy

ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

Faucet purchase guide points 5:Faucet function

From the faucet function,There are the following categories, respectively:

1.Basin faucet:

It is installed on the washing basin,For refrigeration、Hot water or hot and cold mixed water。Brass with brass,The appearance has chrome plated、Gold plating and metal dressing,Multiple models,Handle has single handle and double handle, etc.。The basin faucet is equipped with a rod,Can be directly tied to open the water drown in the wash basin,Sewage。This faucet and bathroom basin match,Is used to laundry、Ash。So select the short and low faucets of the water junction.,But pay attention to stay in sufficient washing space。After locking this type of faucet,First of all, the faucet mounting hole to be seen is a single hole or a three-hole,Then choose the faucet according to the actual situation。

ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

2.Kitchen faucet:

(ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet)If you have a hot water pipeline in your kitchen,This faucet should also be double。exception,The sweater of the kitchen faucet is higher、Longer,Some hose design,For you to wash food。Water mouth is also very long,It is best to stretch to the drain.,And you can't splash。

ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

3.Bathtub faucet:

It is installed above the bathtub,Used to open cold and cold mixed water。Currently, there are more ceramic cord-type single handle bath taps.。It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature,Easy to use;Ceramic spool makes the faucet more durable、watertight。The valve body of the bathtub faucet is mostly made of brass,Appearance is chrome plated、Gold plating and all kinds of metal baking paint, etc.。This faucet must have two water outlets,Fill the bathtub below,another for connecting the shower。After recognizing it, pay attention that the length of the faucet spout is slightly longer than the width of the edge of the bathtub,This will ensure that the water will not flow outside when the water is poured.。

(ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet)ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

Faucet selection guide point six:Faucet material

one、All copper faucet

Pure copper faucet is made of all copper,Surface chrome treatment,high gloss,Has high anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties。The quality is mainly distinguished by its own copper content and process。The copper materials used in the plumbing industry are mainly59copper。except copper,and other metal contents,If lead content is too high, it will be harmful to human health。The lead content of many faucets on the market is now commonly found in3%-5%,In view of this situation,Some manufacturers have developed low-lead faucets,Its lead content can be less than0.3%。Given the lead content, it is difficult for the average consumer to judge,Internationally, there are strict regulations on the lead content of pipeline products.,Therefore, it is best to buy a faucet that has passed the relevant certification for your own health.。(littleTIP:When you get up in the morning, you can turn on the faucet for half a minute first,Drain the water inside,Avoid excessive lead intake。)

(ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet)ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

two、Alloy faucet

Alloy faucet price compared to full copper faucet,much cheaper,And this faucet is easier to mass-produce。A large number of which are used are,Zinc alloy faucet is harmful to human body,and not durable。At present, zinc alloy can be used as the handle of the faucet、and some bathroom hardware pendants。Because the zinc alloy electroplating process is very mature,And some manufacturers will deliberately increase the weight of the zinc alloy faucet,So it's hard to pass the weight、The appearance distinguishes it from the full copper faucet。for your health,It is still recommended to buy faucets that have passed the evaluation of relevant certification and evaluation agencies。

(ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet)ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

three、ceramic faucet

(ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet)Ceramic faucet, as the name suggests, is a faucet made of ceramics。compared to other faucets,Ceramic faucet has no rust,Does not oxidize、The advantage of being less prone to wear and tear。Beautiful appearance of ceramic faucet,Because the shell is also a ceramic product,So it can be better matched with bathroom products,Add the artistic sense of ceramics,Bring out the high-end temperament of the bathroom。

(ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet)ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

Four、stainless steel faucet

Stainless steel faucet is lead free,and acid resistant、Alkali resistant、not corroded、Does not release harmful substances,Will not pollute the tap water。It is understood,Currently304The surface of the above stainless steel faucet does not need electroplating,Its surface only needs to be polished to reveal its stainless steel color,And sustainably maintain a silvery white luster、never rust,hardness of stainless steel、Toughness is higher than copper products2times more than。But the hardness of stainless steel、toughness、Much more difficult than copper in both casting and machining,high cost。

ebay polished brass tub valvefaucet

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