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case of slimline brass tubes

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Hello,Hello everyone,I am Xiaoyan,Take you to understand fashion、understand beauty。

In recent years, it has been very popular for rich family daughter makeup,thisIt is unassuming and effortless, but it always exudes my rich sense of sight.。These makeup styles are not very cheesy and rich,It's a rich girl who is full of sophistication and elegance.。

The lip makeup is the key to the entire makeup,Weakening the presence of eye shadow,Use lip makeup as the finishing touch to the entire makeup,Naturally exudes a sense of luxury。

Today, Xiaoyan will give you sistersBring a few lipsticks that look rich,It looks white and tasteful,We together look。

case of slimline brass tubes

L'Oreal New Edition666

L'Oreal always bombs the field with the attitude of the king,It's really the beginning is the king,Can't take your eyes off。

this one666Everyone should be familiar with,This time it has a new packaging,Frosted slender tube casing,The texture and appearance are more advanced than the old version,The top of the lipstick is also embossedlogo,The sense of luxury is grasped。

case of slimline brass tubes(case of slimline brass tubes)

The color is also impeccable,red ceiling,Intense red tone not rosy,It is a color that yellow and black leather can easily control,super white。

No matter who paints this colorgatsby heroine,extravagant,Momentum and beauty can already overwhelm everything,very attractive。

case of slimline brass tubes(case of slimline brass tubes)

I believe that no one can refuse such a rich red tone.,Dense velvety texture,The matte texture is full of high-end sense,not cheap at all。and itsThe paste is smooth and smudged,No lip lines yet,Charming and classy666Bar!

With a reddish brown eyeshadow,Plus a red dress,This is simply the retro French rich girl in Xiaoyan's heart,too noble。

case of slimline brass tubes

Shu Uemura2021Christmas limited Honey Bean Crimson

(case of slimline brass tubes)I didn't expect this year's Christmas limit to come so quickly,Xiaoyan was directly fascinated by it。This Christmas limited andhello kittyThe co-branded packaging is cute,But the color inside is different,The paste is a very dazzling ruby red。

case of slimline brass tubes

very positive warm red,The full red tone supports the whole aura,slight pearlescent,Rather less aggressive,Doesn't make the color too heavy,Yellow skin coating is also very white。

case of slimline brass tubes(case of slimline brass tubes)

It is not too much to say that this color is a sweet and spicy rich family daughter,The mouth is full of high-end sense,The style of the whole makeup has been improved by onelevel。

And thick coating with silky texture,thisJust the right amount of lustre to give lips a ruby-like air of nobility,Xiaoyan can't refuse this sense of luxury。

(case of slimline brass tubes)case of slimline brass tubes(case of slimline brass tubes)

Shu Uemurard188

Their home colors are very strong this year,out some time agord188,It's very good in temperament。

this one188It can be said that it is a flower of wealth in the world,very retro red,but againNot as bright as red,It seems like the faint moonlight at night is shining on the camellias,With a little peace and elegance,It exudes a glamorous aristocratic atmosphere。

case of slimline brass tubes(case of slimline brass tubes)

Diamond-cut paste and silky texture,Catch Xiaoyan's eye instantly,smooth as satin,The luster that is moist but not oily is more atmospheric and stunning。

Sisters of yellow skin can also start with this Ye Shan tea with confidence,It is stable in both whiteness and taste。

case of slimline brass tubes(case of slimline brass tubes)

Everyday with light earth tones eye makeup,braided hair,Wear vintage pearl earrings,Just put on a black suit to exude“rich”atmosphere

(case of slimline brass tubes)sisters, hurry it up!

case of slimline brass tubes


byredoIt turned out to be red too?Xiaoyan wasn't the last to know, right??

The packaging design of lipstick also breaks the traditional design,Bamboo-like shape,The Gold and Silver Combination of Frigidity,Create its own unique personality and temperament。From the appearance it has been filled with a noble atmosphere,Who can hold back a few glances?,It also makes people want to put it in the bag。

(case of slimline brass tubes)case of slimline brass tubes

They came out in perfect color this time,in109It's an orange-toned red that makes people feel no greasy no matter how you apply it.。

The ratio of red and orange tones is just right,Not too red or orange fluorescence,Yellow skin on the mouth is white and temperamental。Although it is not like the previous ones, it can make people fall at once,but itstand up to taste,kind of90nostalgia,retro and romantic

case of slimline brass tubes(case of slimline brass tubes)

So it is very suitable to match with some retro toned makeup,Autumn comes with a brown-green eyeshadow,Play with a retro feel。

case of slimline brass tubes

Chanel dazzling lip gloss63

Who said that wealth and luxury can only be created by bright red?Please take a look at this low-saturated white peach bean paste color。

63not very clear color, There is a sense of luxury with ashes and daily miscellaneous。

(case of slimline brass tubes)case of slimline brass tubes

The texture that just came out is thicker,but not heavy,It's just that there is no water gloss lip glaze to be clear,It will have a mixed texture。

With this pink,But unexpectedly brought a somewhat cold sense of chaebol daughter。

case of slimline brass tubes

This color looks softer,The overall color is more pink,But without the purple tone of bean paste,No aging issues,won't look too childish,Instead, it's a bit more feminine。

Makeup with cool pink-purple eyeshadow,light smudge layer,understated eyeliner,It's very elegant。

case of slimline brass tubes

The above is a very rich and noble white lipstick at a glance,sistersgetTo the essence of the noble??

Sisters who have other equally noble color numbers can also leave a message in the comment area.。

(case of slimline brass tubes)This is the beauty salon,One“个人体验派”、“Personal experience”的美妆时尚自媒体账号。Share experience,分享产品“Beauty fashion self-media account”感受;Based on experience and feelings【美丽颜究社】,Share products,帮助了解自己,reality。

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