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Perth,Port cities in Western Australia,Australian fourth largest city,Is the capital of Western Australia,Due to the discovery of black swans“Black Swan City”。

(brass tube perth)brass tube perth(brass tube perth)Perth Location

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia.,Area252.5Wan Song,If independent is a country,Can be row10Position。

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Perth City

Perth Population200Ten thousand,Accounting for the entire Western Australia80%,There is no urban population in two thousand miles to reach it one tenth。But Perth is not a lonely city,The rise of overseas trade makes it become the most prosperous international metropolis in Australia。

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King Perth is the largest Central Park in the world.

The export of mineral resources and agricultural products has achieved Perth's prosperity。

People in Western Australia,Animal husbandry,Dairy and beef exports in the forefront of the world。At the same time, the Mediterranean climate is also suitable for grapes.,Wine quality multiplied,Available exports。

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Grape plantation

(brass tube perth)Perth's establishment originates from the discovery of gold mine,The mine mining promotes the development of the city。Australian gold reservoir ranks third,Most of the gold deposits are located in Western Australia。Gold is one of Perth's main export items。

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Iron ore mining

(brass tube perth)But Perth's most important export goods or iron mines。Australian iron ore reserves account for global25%,First in the world,Exports are more than half of global demand,Most of these iron depresses come from Western Australia。

The export of resources has driven Perth's development,East Asia, especially the rapid development of China's economy, has brought huge demand for mineral resources.,Let Perth's economic development is far from other regions of Australia。

brass tube perth

Black swan on the river

from2010Start from year,China has been the largest trading partner in Australia,It is also the largest export market in Western Australia.,The Chinese market occupies the total export of Western Australian goods.70%。iron ore、Alumina、liquefied petroleum gas、Gold and beef、Western Australia's main products are exported to China through Perth Port.。

If you give up the Chinese market,Perth is undoubtedly a city that is the most struck.。

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