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brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

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Kitchen decoration,Many friends may beHoodGas stovescupboardWaiting for a big object,The small object that can be used for the faucet is not satisfactory.。And we drink water daily、Washing fruit、Water cooking......It is all out of the faucet.,Durable, can even accompany you for ten years,Many people will only want to spend more than 100 yuan.。Water faucet in the market,The price is far away,From more than a dozen pieces to thousands。Also is the faucet,Why is there such a big price difference??Today, Water brother will focus on the analysis.:

brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

one、Structure of the faucet

The overall structure of the faucet is divided intoSpoolmain bodysurface layer。The spool is a portion that controls the water flow.,A heart of the faucet,Can you see this time?;The main body is the main components of the faucet,That is the bone,Most water pollution is the material of this part.;The coating is the surface substance of the faucet,That is, the skin of the faucet,It is the value of the faucet。

two、Water tap material

brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

Cast iron faucet

brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

Full plastic(PVC)Faucet。

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

all bronze(Copper alloy)Faucet

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

Zinc alloy faucet。

brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

Stainless steel faucet。

brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

Ceramic faucet。

brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

▲Jade faucet。

three、Can you use it for a long time??

The faucet is turned on every day.,So the first thing to take into account when purchasing can be used for a long time.。And determine the life of the faucetSpool,Very important part,A heart of the faucet,Connection handle、switch、Water size、Cold water alternation is controlled by it。

Qualified spool,Required standard testing through national faucet,Switchingnot lower than20Ten thousandNo drop in the post;In additionup down left rightRotate handle,light、Unobstructed,Take a good quality。

At present, family use,Ceramic spoolIs the most suitable spool material,WithWear-resistantGood sealingandHeat resistance,and,Switch is more comfortable、Slippery,long lasting,And widely used by all over the bathroom。

In addition to ceramic spool,andSteel ball spoolandcopperStainless steelrubberWait for the spool。Stainless steel valve core cost is expensive,Be uncommon to use,Rubber core service life,Basic elimination。Steel ball valve has solid durable、Strong pressure resistance,However, the rubber ring which is sealing is easy to lose.,Soon aging。

Four、Whether it will pollute water quality?

Optional faucet,In addition to quality,Have you considered whether it wouldPollution water quality。The path flowing through water is the main body of the faucet.,Its material has made a decisive role。

The mainstream market is nowCopper alloyandStainless steelMaterial。Especially copper(Allopathy)Faucet,Although the price is higher,But as peopleCopper antibacterialNature understanding,Copper faucet products are more and more popular in the market。Alsoplasticcast ironZinc alloyMaterial presence,BecausePlastic is easy to agingCast iron is easy to rustPoor zinc alloy stability,So these three water brothers are not recommended.。

The faucet should choose all copper or stainless steel?When we choose the faucet,Generally, these two faucets are,So, which is better??Water brother's focus on the whole copper faucet and stainless steel faucet:

First, popularize a knowledge point:What is the so-called whole bronze of the faucet??

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)if onlyMain valve body is copperThe faucet is called in the marketall bronze,All copper refers to the bronze volume59%above,Copper is a name called,Copper alloy is a material type,Don't make it。In fact, the bronze faucet is still due toCopper purityGood and bad partsworkThe final quality affecting the faucet。Copper quality is unable to distinguish,Relatively speaking, a good signature is more guaranteed.,If the project needs, you can take the product to do spectroscopy.。The tapped bronze on the general market is57-2copper、57-3copper(Inferior54Copper, etc. also have many manufacturers to do)Most second-line brands will use the first line brand58-2copper、59-1copper。

1、All-copper faucet

Copper faucet can be divided intoNon-standard copperNational standard copperOther copperFaucet。At home and abroadHigh-gradeThe faucet is made with copper.,The whole copper faucet has the following two advantages:

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)①、Copper alloy is the best material for faucet,Because copper ions have certainSterilizeeffect,All copper faucets can kill the water99%Bacteria,And let bacteria cannot produce antibodies(Simple saying is:The inner wall of the copper faucet does not breed bacteria),This is the quality conditions that have been unable to match, other materials.。

②、All-copper faucetWear-resistantEasy-to-processFeatures,Generally high-grade faucets are made with copper,Due to the high cost cost,so the price is more expensive than the other。

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)Brass in copper alloy,Is a combination of copper and zinc,Also included with trace lead。it's here,Maybe many friends will not explain,Alloy?Lead,Do you won't lead??

because of this,AddedZincAnd a small amountleadback,itsMechanical behaviorandWear resistancebetter,preservative,More suitable for faucet production。

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)Here is the water to talk about it.:Brass is also a variety of types of copper content,inH59Copper is currently used by most faucets,Copper content57%-61%Left and right brass,Lead contentLower than1.9%Brass,After24Hour salt fog test,conform toC/T1043-2007《Painted lead precaution limit》This provision。Other content is also in line with national standards,There is no direct injury to the human body.,So everyone does not need to have much concern about this.。In fact, some international bathroom brands are even used. H62 copperTo produce faucet,because H62 Copper comparison H59 Copper has a higher copper,Better corrosion resistance。

How to identify the copper faucet?

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)On the marketall bronzeandZinc alloyThe faucet is indeedNot identify,Because it is platedChromium layer。It is better to distinguish between prices,Remind everyone here:Bathroom faucet100Price within yuan,Non-copper,Don't buy;150Above,And indicated that the material is all copper,It is more reliable.;Kitchen faucetZinc alloyLess,200The above and launched the whole copper, you can buy it.;and,The best way is to buy a brand product,Not expensive。Remember:There are more than 100 yuan online,The material is displayed is all copper,Need to be cautious!

brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

If you wantCompletely put leads contact,Also choose304Food grade stainless steelMaterial faucet。

brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

2、Stainless steel faucet

Stainless steel faucets may be common in life,Many families use this kind of。Generally has two advantages:

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)①、Stainless steel faucet isLeadof,And acid resistance、Alkali、Be uncomfortable,Will not pollute the water。

②、Stainless steel faucethardnesstoughnessAllBe more than copper2Multiplicationabove,Never rust on the surface、Never deform、Never corrode。

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)shortcoming:

①、Due to strong stainless steel hardness,So use precisionThe casting process is more complicated than copper,Expensive consumables,It is not good in sealing.,Therefore, the price is also more expensive。

②、Stainless steel although not rust,But if you bought a bad business goods,Some rust occurred in the later time of use.。

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)③、Stainless steel is an emerging industry,It is inevitable in the production process to add a variety of toxic weight metals.,Although there is no data indication that long-term bubbles will not precipitate these heavy metals in water.,But I am afraid that someone will reduce costs.,Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee the real stainless steel production。

Fives、Bought faucet,All copper is still good or stainless steel?

Currently,The biggest selling point of the stainless steel faucet isLead-free and environmentally friendly,This will make many people choose stainless steel faucet,but,Because the production of bronze faucets in China has no strict standards,If you are in strict standards,Copper faucet can also achieve lead-free effect

Water brother suggestion:If there is a source of merchants,You can choose high quality bronze faucet,But in general,Home can choose the stainless steel tap。If it is just a beautiful words,If you choose all copper faucet, there is still no need.,Because some troubles can be brought in later periods。And the price is more expensive and is not cost-effective.,Cost-effectiveness is better than stainless steel faucet,Stainless steel faucet life longer。

six、Whether the surface is smooth?

Due to the long-term exposure of the faucet,Surface meetingRusty,The faucet on the market basically has a surface process.,Copper faucet is generallyGrindingdeal with,Stainless steel faucet is generallySmeardeal with。

Time,Place in light,Note Whether the surface hasglitchPorecorrosionOxide spotWait,Observe the surface of the faucet surface and no impurities、Hand touch smooth and no block、When pressing the faucet, the fingerprint will soon disappear.。Surface electroplating,It should also feel the thickness of plating,Plating mirror effect and other factors,Surface is smooth, like a mirror,It is the basic standard for determining the quality of the faucet。in addition,You can also blow a breath in the surface of the faucet,The water gas is so fast that represents the surface treatment better。

For many hardware bathrooms,Electroplating process is equal to the product to improve the value。Therefore, the coating also undertakes the focus of the lead value and corrosion resistance.。

seven、Water flow is suitable?

The water flow size of the faucet is also very important,The water flow hereFoamRich or standard。

BubbleMany friends may not know,The bubble device is divided into six layers,Composed of metals and plastics,When the water flows through the bubble net cover, it will be divided into many small water flows.,Its role is to make waterCondense

And the high-quality faucet's bubbler will bring a very comfortable cleaning feel。

brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors

Eight、Faucet production process

Copper ingot > Dissolve > casting > Regenerate > Casting test > Machining > Tolerance test > Grind > Surface test > plating > Electroplating test > Assemble > Try pressure > Product testing > Package > Factory

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)common16Way rigorous process,Each process has strict requirements for the production process.,The factory principle is based on excellent products.,The second-class product of the inferiority is not allowed to be factory;But some kind of counterfeiting is not that there is so much.,Not only the second-class product supplements are all exported to the factory,And there is still a good time,Phenomenon in rough processing with recycled scrap copper,Therefore, there is a big price in the city.。

So for health,Still suggesting enough to buy a well-known brand of water faucets.!After all, the disease is from mouth,Don't save money above this.。

Nine、How to choose a faucet?

1、掂 weight。Most of the high quality faucet use pure copper as a material,Therefore relatively heavy,I feel heavy in my hand.,Consolidate,Inferior products are limited due to cost,It is difficult to have the same material and weight。

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)2、Look out。Multi-processing of high quality faucets,Surface metal plating is good,Close to mirror effect,From different perspectives,Refromite curve smoothing。

3、Turn handle。Gently turn the handle of the faucet,It should feel that there is no gap between the faucet and the handle.,Swift,Appropriate resistance,But will not slip。

(brass cast iron tub faucet angled adaptors)4、Listen。Good faucet should be a whole casting copper,Knocking up,If the sound is very crisp,It is made of stainless steel material.,Quality should be a grade。

5、Look。Most of the quality faucet uses high quality bubbler,Try water with hand on the spot,If the water is soft,Bubble,The handkerchief can be obvious to see the bubbles.。

6、Look at the packaging。Formal manufacturer produced faucet,The detailed address of the manufacturer should be clearly written on the box.,Non-regular manufacturers' products or fake products often only possess some paper labels,Most of the address of the manufacturer is not very specific,Be sure to pay attention when purchasing。

7、After the sale。The after-sales service of the faucet is very important.,General faucet is at least5year,Otherwise, it is also quite troublesome.。

I hope that the above experience has helped everyone.,Help everyone chooses an environmentally friendly and practical faucet。

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