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brass tube new zealand

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2moon22day,Baoji Petroleum Steel Tube Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as“Baoji steel pipe”)Bao Shiwei's coil factory production workshop,Australian Port Steel Structure Project Tube。at the same time,Far in Qinhuangdao's Bao Shishun company,Open the foot horsepower to grab NigeriaAKKProject。Understand,2moon10Japan Shishun company produced eight ship steel pipes produced by the project,Just Harbor。New Year,Baoji Steel Tube Overseas Market is welcoming the hot opening。

brass tube new zealand

In recent years,Facing the global new crown epidemic、Domestic raw material prices continue to rise, and there are many challenges such as export tax rebate policy adjustments.,Baoji steel pipe target outward,Fine tillage overseas market,Stable customer base,Get your order for three years40Million tons,Domestic international two market synchronous operations have achieved results。Received the Australian Structure Tube、Kenya Pile Tube、New Zealand Water Pipe、Panama、Saudi and other target market projects,And in the Middle East、Serbia、UAE market realizes zero breakthrough,The first time I realized it.CT110Export of high-end products such as high alloy continuous tubes。Baoji Steel Tube Technology——Continuous tube product,continuous10The year is supplied in the Russian market,In2021The company has signed the company's maximum amount of continuous management order。2moon14day,Baoji steel pipe won the Baoji City2021Advanced enterprises with steady growth of foreign trade。

In order not to affect normal confessions,During the Spring Festival, Bao Shiwei does not stop,right42Mi Australian pile pipe、Punch、Inspection and pile boots welding,Total steel pipe27root,317Ton。Spring Festival,Bao Shishun company direct seam plant also puts production in the first time,Continuous improvement process management,Strictly control quality control key links and key positions,Strictly implement quality process card and internal control standards,Ensure that the product is stable,As of2Mid-month,NigeriaAKKProject has accumulated production11.16Tens of tons,Accumulated Harbor11.10Tens of tons,The project has completed the total amount of contract74%。

brass tube new zealand

Zhao Baoyuan, Director Baoji Steel Tube Market Management Office, said in an interview with a reporter.,Company in China and Russia、Central Asia、Central Africa and other energy cooperation,Transfer quality pipe to‘All the way’Cooperative area,Not only strengthens China's manufacturing international influence,Also providing the company's high quality development。It is reported that,In Baoji Steel Tube“Fourteen five”planning,Develop overseas markets as important content,Produce production enterprise fine planning project、Ship、Settlement and payment,Shorten execution cycle,Prevention and control project risk,Continuous improvement of international order operation quality and operational benefits。(Mass news network)

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