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brass brush test tube

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Test tube as a laboratory commonly used instrument,CleaningRequirementshigh,More need us to clean carefully。Test tubes used in the experiment must be cleaned and thoroughly clean,Because impurities in the test tube have adverse effects on the experiment,The test tube will affect the experiment.result,Will also make the experiment error phenomenon,Be induced、Ingest a conclusion of errors。So use the test tubeCleaning brushCleaning tube is very important。

brass brush test tube

(brass brush test tube)Tube brush, also known as a torsion line brush、Straw brush、Pipeline brush、Through hole brush, etc.,Is a very wide application,Is the stainless steel wire as a skeleton,The brush is the tough cylindrical brush,Top with some protruding bristles。In medicine or pipeline,Test tube brush has a lot of credits,It can clean the top and both sides of the pipeline,Even if the depth is high, there is no problem.,New tube brushes with tail have appeared。

(brass brush test tube)brass brush test tubeThe method of cleaning the test tube is as follows:

(brass brush test tube)1.First, put the waste liquid in the test tube out。

2.Half of water in the test tube,The upper and lower oscillations rushed away the dirt away,Then pour the water away,Pack in water oscillation,Repeat a few times。

(brass brush test tube)3.If there is a difficulty of hardening in the inner wall of the test tube,At this point, you should use a test tube clean brush brush.,We must be based on the size of the test tube、Altitude and other parameters Select the appropriate test tube brush。First use a test tube brush to clean the cleaning agent(Soap water)scrub,Then rinse with water。When tube brush is brush,Slowly up and down movement and turn the test tube brush,Don't use your strength,To avoid damage to the test tube。

4.Wash the clean glass instrument,When the water attached to the wall does not gather into a water drip,It will not become shares.,Description Instruments have been cleaned。Wash the glass test tube should be placed on the test tube or designated position。

brass brush test tube

Note when using a test tube brush:

1.Test tube diameter tube brush diameter to match,Test tube brush in diameter, split tube;

2.When brushing the test tube, you need to rinse the residual liquid in the test tube first.;

3.Use moderate force during brushing,Cannot be excessive,So from being stamped or pinch the bottom of the test tube:

4.Corrosive or acid and alkaline in the test tubedrug,Test tube brush can be used after dilution or rinse;

5.After cleaning,The test tube is required to brush clean water.,Hang up to the cool place;

6.If necessary,When using a test tube brushing tube,Cleancases that can be added to wash essence。

brass brush test tube

(brass brush test tube)Maoqun brush industry test tube cleaning brush,Premium,Workmanship,Bristle,Cleaning;Lasting,Brush distribution uniform,Quality materials;Cleaning test tube is resistant to corrosion,long lasting;Can be customized according to customer needs,Standard,Support for customization,Satisfy your needs。Craftsmanship,Special quality。

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