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easy on brass insert and nylon for delta tub faucet

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(easy on brass insert and nylon for delta tub faucet)-- Global survey in Daddy Leaders reveals the world's main design habits and preferences

Indianapolis2015year12moon14Sun /PR News/ -- Whether it is rental in the city,Still the first buyer,The kitchen and bathroom design they prefer may be different,But most emphasis is both quality and appearance。Innovation and style leader(Delta Faucet Company)Always adhere to the research consumer preferences、Habits and trends。According to the latest global survey of Daddy Leaders*show,in China(82%)Brazil(69%),Quality is the primary consideration of bathroom design,Indian(68%)And UAE(66%)It is considered to be more important。


Advanced Director of Industrial Design, Dada Lead Company-Lord(Judd Lord)Express:“Main region in the world,Design trend、Views and inspirations,Especially when it involves home design。Research and analysis of consumer preferences,Including them wants to get and use to reference,Help us achieve greater development。In terms of kitchen design,Delta(Dejay)andBrizoBrand always brings us more inspirations for consumers、Sports their motivation and present more surprises。”

Survey found,Four points of people have inadvertently discover new creative creative home improvement design,Will start to study。UAE residents(55%)Most likely to go to the furniture store to find creativity,Half of the Philippines(50%)Go to the kitchen and bathroom supplier to find inspiration。on the contrary,55%Indians will take other people's home photos as a reference。

The investigation of other relevant consumers include:

(easy on brass insert and nylon for delta tub faucet)Special value toilet。The toilet is the Philippines(78%)、Colombia(78%)、China(70%)UAE(61%)Most countries most valued bathroom supplies。And the light is a Brazilian(61%)Focus,Indian(63%)Then most emphasis on the layout of the ground。

Water faucet update。In all countries receiving investigations,Three quarters have recently renovated the bathroom,More than half of people have changed the faucet。

Owner is more?In all countries receiving investigations,Personal experience in home improvement。The owner believes that it is more related to non-owners.。India is the only country that thinks owners and non-owners have equal level of home improvement design knowledge。

Modern and traditional style。in Brazil(54%)、Colombia(50%)、China(44%)Philippines(39%),More popular home improvement design,In India(39%People prefer modern design,34%Popular preference traditional design)UAE(The proportion is36%and31%),Modern and traditional design basically。

(easy on brass insert and nylon for delta tub faucet)Need an interior designer。In the past5Year,Compared with non-owners,Owners are more likely to choose interior designers,And Indians depended on professional designers。past5year,Two-thirds of Indian residents(67%)Has choose an interior designer。

(easy on brass insert and nylon for delta tub faucet)Influential comments。in India(45%),Interior designers are the main source of decoration creativity;In the Philippines(47%)UAE(34%),The opinion of relatives and friends is the main consideration;Brazilian(46%)Colombian(38%)Take inspiration from the magazine。

Participate in decoration。More than one tenth of respondents want to participate in the decoration process,And about three-quarters are willing to ask architects or contractors to help them design and install decoration。Compared with other countries that have been investigated,The owners of the United Arab Emirates more hope to be responsible for renovation。

Renovation costs**past5Year,The average expenditure of the Chinese in the decoration(10,895Dollar),Second is the Brazilian(8,070Dollar),The Colombian spends the least(5,132Dollar)。

Update or just need?People in different countries have different reasons,Chinese people(46%)Brazilian(34%)Is hope to enhance the value of the house,Colombia(38%)And India(33%)Is replacing out time,Philippines(43%)It is necessary to renovate when necessary or housing needs emergency repair.。

Susan, Vice President of Dadu Leader Company Marketing-Fisher(Susan Fisher)Say:“We fully consider consumer habits and insights in R & D work.,Ensure that the design of global consumers can meet global consumers。This study reveals various kitchen and bathroom design preferences and methods.,In the end we found:People around the world prefer to have different design and reliable performance。”

From Shanghai to Mexico City、Against Dubai to Tokyo and the entire America,Different sizes hotels、Public buildings and commercial buildings,Deli-David leader60Innovation brought by the plumbing equipment industry for many years has spread all over the corner。The company has received trust in heavyweight customers in the world.,Ritten Carlton Resort, Ubud, Bali(Ritz-Carlton Reserve)、Venetian Resort & Spa Chinese Macau(The Venetian)And Ecuador Garapagos IslandsPikaia Lodgehotel。

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(easy on brass insert and nylon for delta tub faucet)*This survey of the Daddy Leader Company is based on the Research Department of the Works Group(MSL GROUP Research)DelegateResearch NowProfessional investigation team,About every country1,000Name respondents conducted an investigation。Survey samples cover attention or interested in providing people。This survey2015year7moon17Lasting2015year8moon10day。

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