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Bundesliga take the lead after starting,In Dort pair of Charke04In the game,Hallant Biography,Help Huang Haijun awards a big victory,The strong Halland is still the brightest star in Dort.,The teenager is still triggered throughout the entire European.。But for Dott,The whole game of this game is not a Mei Kai Di Hallant,But after ambushing、Brand, created two assists。

For now Dott,In fact, Hallant is just responsible for a fatal person.,Real yellow heart,Pushing the engine、The biggest hero that makes the heroes of the Balanie is the genius magician Brant,It is also the future of German national team10Player,Hallande's scenery is less than half of the credits need to be remembered on the behind-the-scenes hero.。

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)Halland

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

Brant's profile and historical data

Brant Personal Profile

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

personal information

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

Brant,In the end farm in Leverkusen cost more than five years,Before joining Dort,Bayern has also seen its tiger,However, due to the harsh relationship between Leverkusen and Bayern,This transfer failed to complete,Dott can be district2500The low price of the euro is buying this strength player.。The last season in Leverkusen,Brant played43Second-rate,Contribute10ball17Assisted two pairs of data,Help the team strongly kill the Champions League,He is not satisfied with the platform of Leverkusen.。

In the national team,Year24He has played for the national team31Second-rate,Leff has been regarded as the main player of the German national team,Especially in front10No 厄 尔尔 has already broken with the national team,Brant has become a new German national team10Player。

Brant's season personal data

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Personal data this season

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

Bundesl,Brant played25Second-rate,Starting from the beginning17Second-rate。Contribute in the offense3Pellet、4Subtle、Create a variety of opportunities4Second-rate、Both the key1.3Second-rate、Pass success rate83%;Defensive,Contributively1.7、Intercept0.4、Average0.3。Overall field rating7.07Minute。

Champions League,Brant is a lot of color,Appearance7Second-rate,Starting from the beginning5Second-rate。Contribution2Pellet、3Subtle、Create a variety of opportunities3Second-rate、Both the key1.6Second-rate、Pass success rate79.1%;Defensive,Contributively0.9、Intercept0.3、Average0.3。Overall field rating6.96Minute。

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Personal data last season

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

This season is Brand to Dottar.,He experienced a disadvantageous ball for Leverkusen and multi-special two tactics.,So in the first multi-stage season,Brant's personal data can only be considered a medium rule,There is no scenery in Leverkusen,This is also it is understandable.。Who is last season,Brandel appearance33Second-rate,First30field,Contribution7Pellet、11Subtle、Create a variety of opportunities14Second-rate、Both the key2.6Second-rate、Pass success rate81%;Defensive,Contributively0.8、Intercept0.5、Average0.2。Overall field rating7.26.

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)Brand's field location analysis

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)Brant's Location Rating

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)
(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

Up to this season,Brants have appeared on the court4Position,Middle field position appearance9Second-rate,contribute3ball2Assisted data,Average score7.81Minute;Front position8Second-rate,contribute1ball4Assisted data,Average score7.14Minute;Left front guard position2Second-rate,No data contribution,Averaging score6.82Minute;Center position appearance3Second-rate,contribute1Subtle,Averaging score6.48Minute。

Different from Brant's fixed position during Leverkusen,He needs to adapt to more tactical positions in Dot.,Also need to adapt to Dort's tactical system as early as possible。Now look at,He scored the highest in the position of the attack midfield,The number of goals contributed。But in Dort's tactical design,Hallant in the center position is not moving,Plus Sang Joh、Royce's existence,Dott does not lack scorpion capabilities,So I think Brant's most suitable position is in the middle avant-garde position.,Brants after the ambush of Harland is the biggest tactical design for Dort offensive contributions.。

summary:From the development trend and location score,Brant has found the most suitable position in Dort and national teams.,Delicated to the experience,exist10Brants on the number of Brants have more comprehensive offense,If you develop,He will be a high version of“Ozil”,This kind of player will inevitably be the center of Middle and German team。

Brant's technical features

Ⅰ:Extremely passive,Successfully transformed into10Player

As an atypical German player,Brand, Brand, Brand, has a very excellent controlling ability,This is the biggest reliance he can transform the position of the offensive midfielder.,This feature is very similar to the original golden children.,Just his control is more efficient than Ge.。He has shown its excellent ball power in Leverkusen and Dort's season.。

·Feathered with the ball

In the game restarted in Deck,Why is Brant to force Harland's best players who are in the Save of him in Dort offensive。In the leading direction of Dott,Brant played a huge role。

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)In the following,Dotter's choice of attacks,The team has three offensive directions in this attack.,But Brant's existence is to choose the most reasonable pass line.,After his feet, he was instantly made Dort's offensive direction.。If you choose the first offensive route,The player there needed the second pass to open the situation.;If you choose the third offensive route,The Hallant will be focused on the focus of Schalke's prevention in the restricted area.,I am afraid that my goal is also very difficult.。

So Brant's exquisite passenger ball is the brush of Dort's goal.

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)Three possibilities

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

Brant's choice

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

Of course,This feet have long been Brand's signature action.,This skill has been helped to Brand in the early face of many people's defense.。This kind of back-fitting is quite challenging with the ball technology and compressiveness of the player.。

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)Brant

·Excellent view、Dushing ball is wonderful

Brand is competing for the team10Position,It's close to the outstanding big way to have.。Observer,Brant can rely on his own outstanding big view to see the opportunity to be slightly lost on the court.,Then send the ball to the foot of your team with your exquisite foot.。

In the game against Berlin Head,In the edge of the big restricted area,Berlin Heata players have built a strict defense,6Name defensive players almost all threatened pass lines,Brants have seen the only oblique ball line between four guards with extremely clever field.,When the ball is transmitted to San Que foot,The great opportunity of a straight door will come to the hand。

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)This ball seems very simple,But it is necessary to overcome two difficulties.,First, if the pass time is not good,The Sang Joji that is in front-in-play is likely to fall into the offside trap.;Second, this cushion is not allowed to predict the running position and stand prediction of defensive players.,Under the intensive staff,This type of pass is extremely easy to intercept。

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

Situation analysis

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

Brant's choice

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

And in the game against Cologne,In fact, Dottte has been pressed very powerful.,The frontcourt has a ball in the front field, but the key pass is the problem of Dot.。After Brandon,His key pass in the frontcourt is an important factor in the more efficient and threat of Dort.,He with Royce、The cooperation between Sang Jo has died in Cologne's defense。

The following offensive cooperation,We can see the value of Brant,He did not blindly pressed against the penalty area after the restricted area of the rib position.,But intentional slows down the ball speed,Lead of Cologne's side guards,A moment of empty block in Cologne,Brand is going to a key pass for a foot-stop area.,In Brand, I tried many times.,Cologne finally lost the defense of the rib position in the restricted area.。

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)Down

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)In this competition in just half an hour of appearance time,Brand Touch48Second-rate,And a small Azal data full of audience(50Second-rate)Almost the same,Pass success rate85.4%,These data reflect his very high competition participation。In the end he contributed2Secondary key、1Average opportunity、2Excellent data successful,Directly directed the reverse of Dort。

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

This data

·High pass accuracy,Long transmission scale threatening

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

Brand Passing Data

From the pass data,Brand's long biography is quite strength,It has high success rate this season.80%,Located in the player in the league,This can see his long history level is quite high.,Most of his long history guides the passage of Dort offensive direction,This is also an excellent10Mouth player should have skill。

This season's Champions League in Braguslavia this season,Brant contributes two assists,Its second foot assists can see Brant's work in the long biography.。Two defensive players in the opponent will be closed to block the passing line,Brand came out of a foot sticker,The fall and speed of the ball is very clever,Perfectly fits the running position of the offensive player,This kind of tearing the opponent's defense line can be described as aesthetic。

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

Brand's pass

Ⅱ:Traces technology outstanding、Affiliate“High-spirited”Model

Brande, Brand, Brand, has excellent disk skills,He is balanced, he has excellent disk skills,height185cmBrant is not awkward,It can even be considered a very thin feet.,“High-spirited”It is worthy of him.,Brant's excellent disk technology makes him can break the destination and fast assault,It can be said that it is an offensive player who is perfectly fits.。

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

Average data

From the data,Brant's field has been maintained in the forefront。Last season,Field is over1.7Second-rate,Raising sixth in the alliance,This season Brant's field is over the stairs,Reached a field2Second-rate,This data is ranked third in the team and the league player。With his constant maturity in Dot,The level of the disk and the ability of the people have also shown an upward trend.。

·Facing the degree relief when intensive defensive

On the ground,Brand's spiritual dish is an important weapon he can get rid of opponents。As early as in Leverkusen,Brand is getting out of the disc.。As shown below,Facing the fierce grabbing of two players,Brand is smart with a wonderful turning dial and cleverly clears the two players.,I created an offensive space,In turn, it will continue to organize attacks.。This time, in the face of intensive defensive get rid of his skilled trace technology。

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario


·Rapid advancement in the counterattack

Brant has this high-speed advantage,This helps him integrate with Dort's fast anti-tactics as soon as possible,He is in the counterattack to promote a killing device in Dort offense。This season is in the competition of the Berlin, the game.,In the middle,Brants after receiving the teammate, it is not good to pass,The situation is turned to the opponent's surrounding loop with a beautiful shuttle ball.,Then taking the ball all the way、Quick advancement,Found the best pass line with a simple change before the penalty area,Unfortunately, the final captain Royce did not grab this wonderful pass.。This attack in Brandon is pleasing to the best.。

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)Quick advancement

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

Ⅲ:Sign in tips,Termination is not good

If it is last season,The defect of the body confrontation will be one of Brand's weaknesses.。But when I came to Dort less than a season,Brant's physical quality has greatly improved,Brants who have originally obese obesity are obviously strict in terms of physical fitness.,Its muscle strength is greatly improved,So the body confrontation is no longer his weaknesses.,exist10Number location,Brant's body confrontation ability is complete enough。

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

Brant in the game

in my opinion,His biggest problem is still on the end ability,Brant's shooting skills are serious。We can clearly see that he is inadequate in the face of shooting opportunities.,This problem will be a major obstacle to restrict him to upgrade to all-around midfielders。This season is in the Championships in Paris in Paris,Brant has an excellent opportunity in the top of the arc of the penalty area.。Right road,Little Azar's Ball has attracted the back of Paris.,When the ball is passed down to Brand,Brant's position is very good,He has already prepared for shooting in advance.,Also adjust the ball to the right position。But in the case of unmanned defense,He put the ball with a foot,White and wrong have a chance to help the team's stability advantage。

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

Chamber of missing points in the Champions League

summary:Analysis of Brand Technology Ability,We can see that he completely has a midfielder's core,And the fact is just this。He is very similar to the final biography of the middle court.,And his long transmission scheduling is more threatened than 厄zil,The only problem is the same as 厄zil,Brant also has insufficient termination skills,This is also the technical ability he needs further experience.。

prospect:Brandens will be boarded“Dot—Bayern”Car

During the Levussen period,Bayern is very interested in Brant,But the hatred relationship between the two teams made the transaction,After coming to Dot,Brant has become a team's engine,This is a regret for Bayern.,But I think this regret will not last too long.,South Dawang will never allow future national teams to stay in the West Eston Stadium。

Now Bayern in the front position, there is no suitable player,Kutno is unimpeded、Grezka is more suitable for dragging、Thomas·Muller can only passenger strings,This location,Bayern does need to prepare for future,So Brants that have been successfully transformed are the most popular goals of Bayern.。Moreover, Brant is not Royce,He will not be so sturdy for Dort's loyalty.,Once you are in Dort,That's afraid Brant will follow Ge、La Wan、Hu Mels's footsteps,Mount Dortmund to Munich。

(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)brass tubes hobby brantford ontario

Written in the last

For now Dott,Brant's existence is an important reason for the team's home attack group to sustainably.,His threat pass and scheduling ability is Dottter。If you make a German rocket,,That Harland is just a powerful shell.,Brant is a person who is fitted with gun.,Leave him,Dott can continue to be wrist in Dejia and Bayern,Once you sell him,I am afraid that Dot will take it again.“Push down reconstruction”Old road,This has been confirmed in the past few years.。

brass tubes hobby brantford ontario
(brass tubes hobby brantford ontario)

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