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brass boiler tube taperedplug

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-17 22:42:47

The taper metric is the inside of the test、Outer taper,Be divided intoCelestic loop and taper plug regulationsTwo types。

brass boiler tube taperedplug

(brass boiler tube taperedplug)The following main introduction to the cone plug。

The cone session is mainly used to test the product.Large diameter、Cement and contact rate,Special integrated inspection。

The taper plug can be divided into two types of sized plug regulations and color plug regulations.。due toColoring coneSimple design and testing,Therefore, in the workpiece measurement, universal use。

  Use a taper plug,That is, a standard outer taper metric regulation,Inspection in the inner cone hole,First apply the Red Dan or blue oil evenly2-4Rossing in the plug,The taper plug is then inserted into the inner cone hole.60-120Spend,Take the taper segments to see the wipes of surface coatings,To determine the good and bad cone,The more contact area,The better the taper,It's not good to vice,for example,If the big end is in contact with the small end,Explain that the taper of the cone is small.。vice versa。Generally, standard volume regulatory taper contact is in75%above,And close to the big end,Coatings can only be used for testing of finishing surfaces。

(brass boiler tube taperedplug)Precautions:

a.Cone holes and taper plug regulations are cleaned。

b.Red Dan or blue oil needs to be applied evenly,And not too thick,It is best to apply uniform in the axial direction.。