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DNVClassification societyOdfjell OceanwindThe development of the new deep sea semi-dive wind power base design issued a principled certification(AiP)。

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This deep sea semi-submersible wind power base design has been used in floating wind farms and network applications,Interim electrification including oil gas facilities in harsh environments。

This base design can be used for the largest15MWWind generator,And you can already achieve low cost、Industrial mass production。

This design foundation includes all regions where the float wind farms currently planning in the North Atlantic area,includeScotwind andUtsira Nord,Water depth range60Meter1300Meter。

Design to Siemens SongsSG 11.0-200DDandSG 14.0-222DDOptimization of the sea wind turbine,And on this basisDNVEntering and certification。

This principle-specific approval certificate isOdfjell Oceanwind、Siemens songs andDNVPart of the travel-class social certification process。

DNVExpress,The principled certification has shown that this solution has the foundation based on harsh and advanced standards.,DNVIn line withOdfjell、Siemens Songmei continues to cooperate,Complete succession and certification work。

This deep sea semi-submersible fan base patent design will be usedOdfjell OceanwindMovable sea fan(MOWU)。

Odfjell OceanwindPlan2022Order the first batch laterMOWU,And plan2024Year investment operation。These mobile fans will form a“fleet”,And will be includedOdfjell OceanwindManagement。

ThisMOWUDesigned for fast installation and uninstallation,Can be moved to the vicinity of sea oil and gas platform,Enable the platform to use the electric power provided at sea fan,Thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions due to operating gas turbines。

MOWUIntegratedWindGridModule,Hybrid power and energy storage technology,Uninterrupted power supply is provided for offshore facilities that are not connected to large grids.。

WindGridThe module is designed by Siemens Energy and optimized based on its application experience in oil and gas and grid.,Make it a energy storage system,includeBlueVault™Battery energy storage andBlueDriveconverter。

Previous,DNVHave confirmed,Compared with the gas turbine generator alone,WithMOWUandWindGridIt can reduce the sea platform60%to70%Carbon emissions。