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copper brass tube

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Ancient Chinese copper and copper alloys can be roughly divided into red copper、bronze、white copper、Several kinds of brass。

Brass refers to copper-zinc alloy,Named for its golden color,It has high hardness and strong wear resistance,It is a copper alloy with excellent performance。

Red copper, also known as pure copper or red copper,its low hardness,high melting point,have better ductility。

(copper brass tube)Bronze refers to copper-tin alloy or copper-tin-lead alloy,Named for its rust-green color。

White copper refers to copper-nickel alloy or copper-arsenic alloy,Its color is silvery white and is called by foreigners“Chinese silver”。

The above copper and copper alloys are named by the ancients for their appearance and color.,lack of scientific。

copper brass tube

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(copper brass tube)The origin of brass history:“brass”The term was first seen in a book written by Dongfang Shuo in the Western Han Dynasty.《neurological·Zhonghuang Sutra》:“northwest palace,brass for the wall,The title is the Palace of the Emperor。

”this“brass”what kind of copper alloy,wait for verification。but“brass”The term is used exclusively to refer to copper-zinc alloys,the Ming Dynasty,Its records can be found in《Xuande Ding Yi score》。
This real brass appeared much later than several other copper alloys。This is because it is difficult to obtain zinc in brass。

Zinc content of more than20Brass Sheets and Brass Tubes[ Nonferrous Business Opportunities:Brass pipes all over],Two kinds of brass cones have also been unearthed in the strata of the Longshan Culture of the Sanli River in Jiao County, Shandong Province。

The appearance of these brass objects is obvious,It's not that people mastered the smelting technology of brass in prehistory,Instead, it shows that these former brass pieces were obtained unconsciously when people used copper and zinc to co-produce mines.。

copper brass tube

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As for the time when people intentionally smelted brass in the early days of ancient my country, it should be in the Five Dynasties——Northern Song Dynasty,before people could refine zinc metal,invented by alchemists。

(copper brass tube)Calamine(smithsonite)Brass with higher zinc content obtained by smelting with red copper,In ancient my country, this alloy was called artificial“Tie Shi”。The literature about this alloy refining method is recorded in the early Northern Song Dynasty。

(copper brass tube)Song Dynasty Dan Jing《All the gods' pills》load。This means using calamine and red copper、Charcoal Blend,Sealed smelting,The resulting brass can be configured with gold“fine gold”。The preparation of brass from calamine in this way was quite common in the Song Dynasty。

Song Hongmai《Rong Zhai Essays》roll——Record the Dazhongfu years“Manufactured in Beijing,turn copper。”《Renewal of Zhitongjian, Chief Editor》Volume 71 also said that in the second year of Dazhong Xiangfu, the folks poured more money and made medicines as scorpions.。
The era of brass coins that were actually minted by the government in my country should be the Jiajing Year of the Ming Dynasty。

therefore,Brass history should start from this time。according to《Ming Hui Dian》recorded above,and the Jiajing period,The money bureau affiliated to the Ministry of Industry has used a lot of Japanese lead to cast brass money。

Among them, lead refers to the metal zinc,this is already《Xuande Ding Yi score》confirmed in。Song Yingxing《Heavenly Creation》say in:“All Japanese bronze ancient books have nothing,It is the name established in modern times。”It shows that the appearance of zinc should be in the Ming Dynasty。

The use of brass coins in my country began after mastering the technology of zinc smelting in the Ming Dynasty。

copper brass tube(copper brass tube)the image is only a reference

In summary,The Brass Products and Some Zinc-Containing Copper Coins in Early Ancient my country,It was acquired unconsciously by the ancients when they used copper-zinc ore to smelt copper.,Among them, zinc should belong to the category of impurities。

Five Dynasties to Northern Song Dynasty,People can use calamine and red copper to make brass,But the cost of refining brass by this method is high、cost a lot,Therefore, brass was not used as a coinage material during this period.。

real brass,After the zinc smelting technology was mastered in the Ming Dynasty,time in history,After the Jiajing year。

(copper brass tube)copper brass tube

the image is only a reference

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