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delta antique brass tub spout

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Xuefu Guo6Just issued the first oneEP,Just over finished30Birthday,Also7Launched the first personal photo book at the end of the month「ChangeReborn」,The photo book special invitation to the well-known graphic designer of the two gold songs of the two consecutive gold songsMr. TriangleTriangle.This time, I went to Paris to shoot in South Faiavan.,Series4Day announced,Several photos of her sitting on the window,Extremely shortTShirt「Disappearance」,mystery「Triangular zone」If there is a hidden。

delta antique brass tub spout

▲Guo Xuefu will launch a photo。(picture/Great entertainment)

Guo Xuefu's first photo book250Ten thousand,Far away from France,From Paris to South France,common22Scene、15Set,From the goddess style、Rate fashion、Home comfortable style, etc.,Reproduce long hair。In order to show daily life scenes in Paris,The photographic team also borrowed a apartment in Ma Shi District.,Let Guo Xuefu are inoversizeofTShirt on a shirt,Half kneeling in the bathtub is like hibiscus,Helpful legs,And she sits on the window sill,If the mysterious triangle is hidden,Sexy。

delta antique brass tub spout

▲Guo Xuefu is half a kneeling in the bathtub 。(picture/Great entertainment)

(delta antique brass tub spout)Paris shooting during shooting,Time value March day,Temperate10Degree,Because the weather forecast is rainy day,So she also painsted the paper tortoise when she arrived in Paris.,Pray that you can have a good weather,It is a pity that God is not willing,Most of the weather in those days are still dry rain.,She also took this in the rain and she also said.:「I don't have to take a shower today.。」But dedication,Remain in10During the low temperature, wear a shirt, raining, shoot the teeth.。

delta antique brass tub spout

▲Guo Xuefu is shooting to France 。(picture/Great entertainment)