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copper brass fitting copper tube

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Common metal pipes have galvanized tubes、Copper tube、stainless steel pipe,So you know that metal tube is the best??

Galvanized tube

Water pipe,Use a few years,A large amount of rust in the tube,The flow of yellow water not only pollution cleans,Moreover, it is mixed with a non-smooth inner wall.,Corrodes cause excessive heavy metal content in water,Severe harmful human body。(The country has been prohibited from drinking water pipes)

copper brass fitting copper tube

When purchasing galvanized tubes,Everyone can choose according to the following days.:

1、Outer view,Zinc-free、glitch,Silver white;

2、Unbelled、No temperature hazard,Can guarantee that the mechanical properties of the material are constant;

3、Can replace some hot galvanized crafts;

4、Good corrosion resistance,Neutral salt grease test240Hour。

Copper tube

Corrosion、Sili and other advantages,Is the upper and other products in the water pipe,The way the copper pipe interface has two types of card holders and welding.。Card sleeve has a problem of aging leakage,Therefore, most of the user who installs the copper pipe adopts welded,Welding is the interface to be welded through the interface,This will be able to followPP-RWater pipe,Never leak。A disadvantage of the copper tube is that the heat is fast,So the hot water pipe produced by the famous copper pipe manufacturer has a plastic and foaming agent that prevents heat dissipation.。Another disadvantage of the copper tube is the price expensive,There are very few cell water supply systems for copper tubes.。If you intend to change the water pipe,I feel that the copper tube is good.,It is recommended to use the welding interface.。

copper brass fitting copper tube

The most important thing to buy copper tubes is to resolve the advantages and disadvantages of copper pipe fittings.。

We can first observe the surface of the copper pipe fittings.,Can be shaved with some comparative pointers,If the quality of the copper pipe fittings is better,There will be a deep line generation,Because good copper pipes are produced with pure copper,The extension of copper is very good.。So this better material does not score is used in the production of military industries or some of the more special industries.。

We can also draw on the surface of the copper pipe.,Make more than the materials that have been drawn from the outside of them,If the same,That is to say, the whole material is still better.。

If the color is different or there is something else,That is, the material of this copper tube is relatively poor.,Maybe add other things like iron.。

In addition, we can use hard to bruze,If it is easy, it is better to be bent.,If it is very difficult,Or after the bend, there will be cracks.,Especially in the copper pipe,Then the quality of this copper pipe is relatively poor.。

(copper brass fitting copper tube)copper brass fitting copper tube

stainless steel pipe

(copper brass fitting copper tube)Very expensive water pipe,Difficulty construction,Rarely used,Similar to copper tubes。

1、Service conditions for stainless steel bending parts or equipment include corrosion media components、temperature、pressure、Stress state、Expected life, etc., Is the prerequisite for the use of stainless steel。Fully understand the conditions of use of components,It is a reasonable choice of the necessary stainless steel necessary。

2、In-depth understanding of stainless steel bend performance and related data: Stainless steel materials should be selected according to the working conditions of the components or equipment,Selecting people to deal with all kinds of stainless steel elbow performance、Restricting environmental factors they use,Whether it is easy to buy such a comprehensive understanding,Can be targeted。

copper brass fitting copper tube

3、Cheng practice experience: Under the same kind of service conditions,The actual use of stainless steel materials is an important basis for reasonable material.,Should pay special attention。

4、Simulated test data: In many corrosive environments,Under conditions without actual experience,Laboratory simulation test data or on-site hanging piece data is often a key data of stainless steel bending tube grades.。