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bjork song brass tubas

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bjork song brass tubasbjork song brass tubas(bjork song brass tubas)Autocrates vitalisi

(bjork song brass tubas)Vishi three 栉 栉,Arthropod,Insect,Cabin,Three Big。Always perched on climate hot,High humidity,Plant places。At present, there are only five kinds of Chinese in my country.,Photo taken in Dali。

(bjork song brass tubas)As a large insect,Wizard three 栉 栉 成 虫 虫8Centimeter,Although female insects is slightly smaller than male。Conditions、Partial area of the step and foot and the middle of the abdominal sheath,The rest is brass,Can emit metal luster under the sunlight,It's like a steam beetle。

(bjork song brass tubas)At first glance,This pest is like a hybrid of the Tians and the small upper jaw,Especially、Remaining eyes and tentacles are almost exactly the same as the celestial cattle,And its jaws are similar to what we introduce the small top jaws.。Despite the Sanfu Niu Ceau,Associated with Tianshu and the Board。But there is still a reproductive isolation between species,Even if the celestial cattle and the armor can make a next generation.。

actually,Many cache insects are male and burly domineering,Female is closer to a large golden turtle,This is especially obvious in tap and the armor.。But Wi's three bulls are more special,His female long,Female molar growth,Male is long,And the end is up with the corner of the yellow cattle.,Show in this photo,Just is the gentleman of Wusi three。

(bjork song brass tubas)in nature,Most of Kunming will only be finished because they need to be prisoned.,But the end of the finish、During the end of the fault, this process is over the end,Mappi and female insects belong to instinctive behavior,No dislocation。But the species under the Sancha Niuko,Including the Wi Shi Sanyi Cattle in this issue,But broke people's cognition。The study found,The species under the three 栉 栉 科 seems to have some kind“intelligence”,During the end of the finish、During the end of the fault and the end of the finish,Male is actually a wife's behavior,When other creatures are close to female,Will be mad attack and expel。

Sanfu Niu Coico brought one“Cattle”Character,And with Tiansai too much,Make people's first feeling should harm trees like Tians。actually,“Appearance”The stereotype is the biggest misunderstanding of the three-栉 科 科。Their larvae is omitted,Mainly eating the humus inside the wood or humus soil,Just the divisor of nature and the larvae of the tap。but,The difference is that,Sometimes the larvae of the Sancha Niuke also captures other insects.,Even kinds of food。

(bjork song brass tubas)In the adult stage,Sancha Niu Kai is also a tree juice that has been secreted with a tower and a tree、Honey or rot, fruit for food。Sometimes I see it attacking other insects and bite it.,It is predated or because other insects have entered its territory and have no scientific answers.。

bjork song brass tubas

Zhang Wei,Yunnan Heqing,born in1956year。Yunnan Photographers Association Member、Free photographer,Mainly biased towards birds and animals photography。

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