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canadian brass tuba polka video

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Little John·Rollus:Chat,Quick Polka,Works214No

Johann Strauss Jr.:Tritsch-Tratsch, Fast Polka, op. 214

canadian brass tuba polka video

Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, Op. 214 (Chatty of Bolka,work214) (Live)

Carlos Kleiber;Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - Legendary Moments from the New Year's Concerts, Vol. 2

canadian brass tuba polka video

《Chatty of Bolka》,Also translated《叽叽叽 波 波》,Little John·Strauss1858year。This work is Sterlas after successful performance of St. Petersburg Pflovsk, Russia.,Go back to Vienna created。In the title“Chat”,It may be referring to the enthusiasm of the Vienna people on gossip news.。The emotions of the work are relaxed and very strong.,The same as the Bolka of many Strauss。

canadian brass tuba polka video
(canadian brass tuba polka video)

Song is composed of a three-part curvature。which isA+B+AThree-stage composition:

Apart:The beginning of music is a quick audio。Squares and other wood tubes、Flicker,It seems that the long tongues are talking about the gossip of others.,The band will respond later after each sentence,It seems that people who listen to the news have discussions,Burst。

(canadian brass tuba polka video)Bpart:It seems that people are handing,Various traffic,Eight women talk to high。Hard emotion,I feel that I feel the realm of the hand dance.。

FinallyASegment reproduction,The bored gossip in the end, eventually talked about it.。

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