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copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing

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(copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing)copper:Metal found in humans

B.C.5100year,Ancient Egyptians in the Jordan River often conduct a ratio:Stone contest,Whose stone is more durable。Although this game has no prizes,But very important,Because their stones are arbitrary, they are arbitrarily grinding.,Use to dig、When cultivating,It's always broken for a long time.,People hope to find a rugged stone,Change this situation。one day,Chang Sheng General was born,His stone cone is very special,Others are grayish,He is dark yellow,Very easy to smash others's stone。

copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing

Everyone is very happy,Take him through him,I want to find the same paragraph“Stone”。Champion is very big,He brought people to discover“Yellow stone”The place,So people in the village use new models“Stone”。soon,People in the village also come to the name,I want to take it away.“Stone”。“Yellow stone”Soon it was dug,People in other places have to find new“Yellow stone”。

People did not find the kind of desired“Yellow stone”,But find another beautiful stone,Equally green stone(The main ingredient is a chickens of copper)、Golden stone(The main ingredient is a brass mine of disulfide iron copper)And blue stones(The main ingredient is a blue copper mine of copper carbonate)Wait。People throw these stones to burn in the fire,After the spark is out,I finally got the kind they wanted.“Yellow stone”,And also harder!

“Yellow stone”——Copper is the earliest discovery and metal,Taking it to name the human history in the history of human history——Bronze Age。Now copper is the third largest metal in the world.。From farm tools to drugs,Copper wore the development of human thirteen years。

(copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing)The fate of human ancestors and copper

(copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing)When people learn to make copper methods,I will no longer just make it a farm tool.。Copper application is more and more——accessories、coin、Buildings and even medications,Copper is used as part of life。

(copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing)Egyptians will make a mirror made of copper,Jewelry wearing color stone grinding,Shaving scraper made with copper。They use the coin as copper that is ground into a circle,The god and law of faith are printed above。They also have copper to make some beautiful buildings,Such as a majestic lion and wings。but,Let them surprise,Still copper,It is almost improving。

copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing

B.C.2400year,Egyptian discovered,Directly drink well water and river water often diarrhea。But if you put well water and river water into a bucket made of copper,Drink after a period of time,This will not happen。So they began to drink water that came into contact with copper,Use these water to clean the wound and then dress up,The wound is more better than the original and faster。B.C.1500year,Egyptians are no longer satisfied with only water cleaning wounds,They put copper into powder,Apply these powder on the wound and burn in mosquito bite.,Patients give a headache drink water containing powder,Copper has become the preferred drug for these injuries。

Not only Egyptians,People in other countries also discover the magical effect of copper。The Greek sprinkles the copper powder on the unruled wound.,These powders are also mixed with some herbs,Hot eye,Treatment of red eye disease、Cataract, some eye diseases。Romans will use honey water to brew copper powder,Can kill intestinal parasites,Drop the copper powder, dripped into the nose、Many organs such as ears and eyes are used as cleaning agents and disinfectants。Indians and Persians use copper water as cough water to drink。

Human secret recipe

(copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing)have to say,Compared with many people who are anglar because of misfortunes,It is also very fortunate to use copper as a drug.,Because of modern scientific proof,It does have a significant treatment effect。

(copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing)1832year,A serious cholera epidemic occurred in Paris, France,More than half of the people in the whole city,Mortality reached30%about。1849Year1852year,Two cholera epidemic in Paris,Dead injury。In three epidemic,Unexpected workers in the copper mine area。

1939year,German doctor Warna·Hambart discovered,All of Finland all copper miners do not have arthritis,Later, copper compounds became treated with rib humidity.、Essential medicines such as rheumatoid arthritis and sciatic pain。

Copper compounds have an effective effect when treating inflammation and ulceration in wounds,It treats gastric ulcers to get fast than other drugs5sky。also,research shows,Copper compounds can promote normal healing of wounds,At the same time have anti-inflammatory activity,Many anti-inflammatory drugs are added to copper elements,More efficacy is stronger than when it is not added。

Copper elements have improved effects on cancer and heart disease.。1912year,German patients have cured facial epitheli by applying copper-based drugs。In an animal experiment,Copper-containing drugs can inhibit the growth and metastasis of tumor cells。Copper-containing drugs can reduce myocardial work,Reduce the risk of myocardial infarction,Have a doctor speculated,French heart disease rate is lower than people in other European countries,The reason is that the French people drink red wine,And red wine contains more copper elements。

Copper elements are also known as“Youth spring”,Because it can improve skin elastic fibers,Increase skin flexibility,And to the role of anti-wrinkle,It can even get the gray hair reply to its natural color。Once the body is lacking copper elements,White hair will appear、Wrinkle and skin sag sagging aging symptoms。

(copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing)In short,In history, the history of human civilization,Copper is a good partner of humans、Treat disease。

Latest research:Use copper to kill new crown viruses

Recent studies have shown,New coronavirus caused by new pneumonia(Be calledCOVID-19Virus)Can survive on glass and stainless steel,But when it is on the copper plate,They have done death within a few hours.。What's going on?

(copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing)we know,Gold、silver、copper、iron、HG、lead、Cadmium and other metals are greater than4.5gram/centimeter3Heavy metal ion,Accumulated to a certain extent in the human body,It is often caused by protein degeneration within the human body.、Lose,Poison,Heavy metal poisoning。But this is only for metal ions.,General heavy metallic(Situations in which it is oxidized after entering the human body)Be no poisonous,For example, the gold、silver、copper,People eat it in won't poison。However,Copper copper is only copper,And the virus will not eat these copper orders.,Why do they die??Is it necessary to touch these copper“poison”died?This is also amazing.!

copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing(copper and brass tube and egyptian and healing)This matter seems to be a little strange in Kiss Kiville, Microbiology, South Apower, UK.,Because he has already carried out the effect of copper antibacterial antivirus20Many years of research。In the laboratory,Kiville observed copper to kill a further harmful microorganism,Bacterial bacteria from the leggium caused by the disease,Super bacteria that is very resistant to drug resistance——Methylene Staphylococcus aureus,And even those that cause global panic, such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome(MERS)And swine flu(H1N1)International infectious diseases,Can kill copper in a few minutes。visible,Copper kills microorganism is not a strange thing。It is worth noting that,Copper kill new coronaviruses is far more than killing other microorganisms,have to say,The new coronary virus is indeed a fairly difficult virus。

So,How is copper killed microorganism??Due to bacteria、Microbials such as fungi and viruses have proteins,And copper can make protein degeneration。Regrettably,The exact mechanism of this is not completely clear.。But researchers have clear:A free electronics in the outer electronic track of a copper atom,This makes copper become active,It is easy to participate in the redox reaction。When a microorganism falls on copper,Active copper will impact microbial surfaces like missiles,Destroy the cell membrane or virus surface。Free radicals can also occur during this process,More free radical production accelerates the crack of microorganisms。