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fountain city brass band you tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-17 19:17:11

recently,The reporter received the public,

Music of Jinan Quancheng Square Fountain

(fountain city brass band you tube)I haven't changed for several years.,

for example《Love each other》《Curved moon》《Geese》Wait,

(fountain city brass band you tube)I hope the management department can replace music.。

fountain city brass band you tube

Quancheng Square Fountain Data map

8moon17Day late,The reporter came to Quancheng Square。Positive summer vacation,Plus the why weekend,Tourists and citizens all over the square。The first floor of the second floor is the best point of view of the music fountain,I crowded people at 7 o'clock in late.。

Eve 8,The lotus music fountain is on time,“The world is blind and love,Ten thousand miles away,Heartself,Tonight……”Music,Ongoing、on the square,People hold mobile phone record music fountain。

fountain city brass band you tube

Citizen's point of view

Ms. Zhang, a four-port visit to Jinan, said:“This is our first time I came to Quancheng Square.,Children bring them to play,Feel very good,Silvening,Classic songs are very good,Lang Lang,We like it very much.。”At this time, music has been dynamic.《Love each other》Replaced with soft wind《Grandma in Peng Bay》,The fountain of the fountain also changes。

Another tourist told reporters:“Causheng Square,I feel very busy at night.,Like this classic,positive,Positive energy song。But it seems to be these songs every time.,I feel that I can change it.。

“Can put the same every day,I didn't taste it too much.。This year, New China was established70Anniversary,Can you put some classic patriotic songs?,Classic songs, everyone likes to listen。”There are also public suggestions,Jinan as a provincial capital city,Tourism big city,The important place in Quancheng Square,It is best to do different songs every day.,Two weeks,You should click more ideas,This will also better bring the night economy。

fountain city brass band you tube

Department response

Understand,Quancheng Square lotus music fountain completed1999year,It as a spring city square“business card”Architecture,Be concerned about。

8moon19Day morning,Reporter Contacts staff of Quancheng Square Management Service Center。

Staff introduction,The elevation is a program made many years ago,Designed by professionals,I have done a holistic improvement in the year of the National Games.,Many packages,The election includes the world famous song、cultural music、Patriotic song, etc.,I have been along。

fountain city brass band you tube

Issues that I don't change the old songs of Quancheng Square,Staff said:

“We are also doing this job,Reproduction。We will also adopt,Try to take care of。For example,Red song is also available,The world famous song is also available,Pop songs are also considering。”This staff introduced,Replace the track,Not only the problem of music choice,The most critical is professional and technical issues。

“Reproduction,light、Water type needs to be redesigned,And the cost is also high,So progress is not very fast。”Staff said,Adjusting tracks have been planned,Will advance as soon as possible。

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