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It is necessary to mention the hair of the gun.---Day does not fall in the United Kingdom Strong country must have a strong army To support its conquest war The history of the British rifle can basically represent the history of shooting.。

British army1620The first basic model of the first basic model,Go through1850Forever,Such long service time,The basic design of the gun is almost no major changes.,This is the UK or other countries.。

17Century military dog lock fire - 1620Year1690year

(brass tube and fittings uk)brass tube and fittings uk

The name is because the gun is blocked.(Lock)Component,The hammer of locking the stone with screwdrons is very similar to the dog model.

(brass tube and fittings uk)This is a non-critical British military models,It is the most basic rifle pattern of the British army.,More than a hundred years later, this basic gun development and improvement。Royal Army Board1714year9moon15The first firearms manufacturing contract signed by the day is this shot.,The purpose of the contract is not approved to make more weapons,Instead, we must formulate a manufacturing and control of a system.,This is the first time the British military has to form a large number of design cases in a large number of manufacturing.。

brass tube and fittings uk

Wheum strip places in the lower side of the front hood,Two tone small round tubes made with brass。Pre-mapping does not devices。

There are several features in the design of military dog lock launches.,These design are roughly used in subsequent shootings.。

The main feature of the design is:(1)Making guns and tuning materials with walnuts。(2)Use a lot of brass to make a gun body accessories to strengthen the rifle and durability。(3)Determine.75Calliac as a standard rifle caliber。(4)Newly designed muzzle sliding cartoon bayonet and stab,Make the bayonet more secure and does not fall off and does not affect shooting。(5)Newly designed cock neck steering gun,Extended and smoothed and installed the brass bottom plate to make the two guns of the docking,Easy grip and post,The guns are newly designed with the gun machine to accommodate the thermal expansion of the gun in the black powder explosion.。(6)The gun tube is no longer an octagonal configuration,But it is easy to hold the sleek design,The end of the tube is newly designed with a more prominent simple stars to help shooters aim。(7)Pack two brass production of active gun strap buckle,Convenient soldier long-distance military。(8)Brass4A small copper tube is fixed in a place where the gun is placed as a gun。

This military dog lock gun has a different feature with later shootings,That is the large-scale insurance lock after the device after the hammer,The left gun in the face is three screws rather than two screws in late hair.,This is because the gun mechanism of this early hair gun is different from the later shooting.,Early dog lock gun design is the structure of the barrel device,There is a danger of turning fire when you are waiting for shooting,So this military gun abolished the barrel,Modified a large-scale insurance latch firm buckle hammer,Trigger the trigger in the launch to release the safe,This is more secure than the original design.。

British Army Long Tube Warfare

(brass tube and fittings uk)brass tube and fittings uk(brass tube and fittings uk)

This rifle is made from a dog lock(Doglock Musket)Improved style,Be called1730Annual style。It is the military system rifle of the first large production distribution force in the UK to be said to be the most important military rifle in the UK.,from16I have been using the century18end of the century,Many modified styles are derived during period,But there is little variation in the basic appearance。This shot is accompanied by the British army, and there is no time.,Can be said to be a firearms of the British army,Excellent performance,Soldiers nicknamed to brown scorpion。

Brown scorpion special bayoner,Length17Inch,This stabwood service is time for time150Forehead.

(brass tube and fittings uk)brass tube and fittings uk

British Royal Navy

brass tube and fittings uk(brass tube and fittings uk)

already1738year,The British Navy designs a special type of military gun for its water soldiers and the Marine Corps。This shot is from1738It is started to serve in the year.,Until more than 100 years later,Is one of the longest shooters in the British army,In his long service career,There are many different derivatives,But the basic design has never changed:(1)Short gun(2)Two through gun pipelines(3)Unique flat triangular gun with brass bottom plate。This shooting should be said to be a simple shooting,Gun body short,Less material,Easy to make production production is characteristic of this gun。

Although this shot is early1738Annual production and distribution of naval troops,until1756The year begins to have a formal model,The first is1756Annual fire gun,In fact, the brown scorpion shortening version used,The length of the barrel is shortened42Inch,Volume ribs are wooden rather than metal,Fixed only with metal screws at the top of the gun to facilitate grabbing,Only two gun pipelines。It is because the guns are as designed as much as possible.,Save a lot relative to production costs and time,Ability to make a large amount of manufacturing。

Just because this original use of the Navy's burden is easy to make a short period of manufacturing,Therefore, this must not be able to pay the world's war, the military needs,The brown reflection in the future is the design guideline with this naval gun type.。

(brass tube and fittings uk)brass tube and fittings uk

Refer to the navy1756Advantages of a year-on-style maritime,Depend on1756An older punch is changed to a shorter style,The tube length decreases to42Inch,Copper bottom plates fixed to the guns have improved,Original gun body is engraved with a complicated pattern,Others don't change。

1777The year-on-year shot is the first warranty of the Army by mass production to cope with the scale of Europe.,In addition to the increasing number of people, the British local troops,Britain's allies in Europe almost produced by British1777Annual antirector,And because of the active trade of the French Navy,Let the original material supplies of manufacturing guns are unstable,So the UK decided to entrust UK East India,That is, the number of Indian brown torchs after production。

British Army India's style brown rays:

(brass tube and fittings uk)Motiforni casting:Brass fire:57Heroes:42Hero gun tube caliber:.78Motifornia:10lb

brass tube and fittings uk

Army Indian style brown silk hair rifle1795manufacture,1797The Yingjun Arms Manufacturing Committee chose this shot to use the first choice to use to replace it1777Annual fire gun,But because the original material supply of firearms in the UK is unstable,Improve the UK East India company in a large number of India,In order to fight with Napoleon Empire,From the whole war1795Year began manufacturing,arrive1813Forever,A total of approximately3Millions of steps supply to the British army and the European Oilbang army。It can be said to be the most widely used pan-European rifle during the Napoleon War.。This gun is referred to1777Annual fire gun improved。Compared with the previous one,Lighter weight,Also shorter(39Inch),The only styles are1809Annual gun,Difference is different in the gun.,1809The gundown of the year is the vest,And heavy weight is also slightly,The gun is also reduced.3Inch,The holdings of the gun are reduced by four to three。this1809The year-aircraft is also the most popular Indian style brown scorpion.。Because of the large number of production,Service in the British army1850year。

(brass tube and fittings uk)1806Nature Baker Fuxingun

brass tube and fittings uk

brass tube and fittings uk(brass tube and fittings uk)

brass tube and fittings uk

brass tube and fittings uk

This gun is the first military system of the British army.,During the entire Napoleonic war, the British army is coming to the standard rifle.。

Throughout the entire historical process 战争推动了武器的发展 War promotes the development of weapons 再加上工业革命迟迟没有来到,200But it is limited to the level of technology at the time.,直到工业革命的到来以及雷汞的出现,In addition, the industrial revolution is late.。
欢迎各位军友的留言 Many years of hair gun basically no substantial innovation!!!

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