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chair rung brass tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-17 18:56:46

chair rung brass tube(chair rung brass tube)「DESIGN365 Design calendar」A new column introduced by the design,Introduce a good design every day,Help you find good design,Inspire your inspiration。Today is the first 124 Expect。

(chair rung brass tube)Designers can always find out what we can't see.,Designed some very creative products,I have to admire the cerebral cave of designers。

Today's design, give you a chair.,This chair is from Korean designer jinyeong yeon Handle。And this series of chairs is designed by pipelines.。

chair rung brass tube

jinyeong yeon I am very interested in these pipelines,Especially their comb striped patterns,They have the original feelings,At the same time, it also shows different shapes and sizes.,He still retains the original industrial characteristics of these pipes in the process of design.。

chair rung brass tubechair rung brass tubechair rung brass tube

He will design these pipes as a furniture series,Some is a small stool,Some is a small chair,Some is a small bench。Such furniture products,We rarely see,From color,A certain processing is carried out on the original colors of the pipeline,Becomes yellow,It looks very attractive。

chair rung brass tubechair rung brass tube(chair rung brass tube)but,This series of chairs is relatively practical.,Its overall height is very low,Nice width,It looks very good,But sitting on the top may have a difference.,So the problem is coming,Do you buy such furniture products??