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canadian brass tuba flight of the bumblebee

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The battle of Royal Air Force's equipment is introduced from the United States.CF-188Hornet fighter,In fact, it is oldF/A-18A/BFighter,The same model has long been disappearing in the United States.,But in the Australian Royal Air ForceF/A-18A/BThe fighter is in service。Before Canada gave up purchasedF-35AlightningIIfighter,Canada isJSFThe first batch of priority purchases of the joint attack machine,Original Canada plans to buy80shelfF-35AlightningIIfighter,But when2017Annual Canada announced cancellation,Talk to the US BoeingF/A-18E/F,But later because of the United States Boeing and Canada's disputes of Canada.。

canadian brass tuba flight of the bumblebee

Royal Air ForceCF-188The fighter is too old, which has been seriously affected.,For this purpose, Canada will conduct consultations with Australia。Australian Royal Air Force is currently gettingF-35AlightningIIfighter,Therefore the previous equipmentF/A-18A/BThe fighter begins to retire,exist2018At the time of the year, Canada and Australia signed a purchase used.F/A-18A/BFighter contract,The United States did not oppose this transaction,Finally, Australia began to deliver the first batch.2shelfF/A-18A/Bfighter。

(canadian brass tuba flight of the bumblebee)

canadian brass tuba flight of the bumblebee(canadian brass tuba flight of the bumblebee)

(canadian brass tuba flight of the bumblebee)Canada has purchased the Australian Royal Air Force.18shelfF/A-18A/BHornet fighter,Subsequent fighters will2021Delivery work in all ago。The model purchased by Canada is the same as it is equipped with itself.,And these second-hand fighters will be modified in Canada.。Although Canada purchased18shelfF/A-18A/Bfighter,But this is just a transition,In fact, the Canadian Royal Air Force is carrying out future fighters.。

canadian brass tuba flight of the bumblebee

According to plan2019In the year, Canada will publish future proposals for future fighters.,exist2021Year or2022Annual awarded future fighter contract,Delivery will2025Beginning。And in the model of the bidding, there is stillF-35AlightningIIfighter,This is a turn back.。Royal Air Force in CanadaCF-188Hornet fighter and second-handF/A-18A/BThe fighter is just a transition.,Eventually to replace。Used rope fighter,Canadian Royal Air Force old model partners。