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Isn't this a luxurious flat that only exists in American movies??

Remember American6element?:


colored paint

Wide door cover wide skirting line(square box line)

American pattern(fabric)

oversized dining table+sideboard

lamps、hanging painting、Carpets and other accessories

We are in most American TV shows and movies,You can see the above mentioned elements。of which,Can make you really feel the American style blowing your face,There must be this Annie·starring Hathaway《intern》。

brass tub handles(brass tub handles)

Wide door cover wide skirting line+large dining table+American pattern throw pillow+hanging painting……Does it match the above??

(brass tub handles)

brass tub handles(brass tub handles)

grey-blue cabinets,It is a more popular symbol in modern American style。The key is to go well with white,good-looking…because it's popular,also expected。

(brass tub handles)

brass tub handles(brass tub handles)

This American-style room I want to talk about today,The homeowners are《intern》advocates of。

Especially the two of them have lived in the United States for many years,already used to。Plus a soft spot for the glamorous elegance of Anne Hathaway's home,I want to go back home(Chinese Taipei)after home,Can integrate American elements into every corner of the home。

Before we start chatting,Put a picture of this family first,Let you have a comparison,well know。

Neihu, Taipei, China /new house

indoor 37 Ping

pattern 3 House 2 hall 3 guard

Number of residents 2 Big 2 little

brass tub handles


Ubiquitous American Blue

American style in the early years,Still often use the classic American blue——That's blue extending from the American flag(《Captain America》also continues this blue)。

brass tub handles

brass tub handles(brass tub handles)

but,In reality, it is often because the saturation is too high,Effortless to match,Later, it slowly evolved,go to「grey blue」rely on。

In general,The current American blue,More in line with the aesthetics of our younger generation,Added a little grayscale blue,Become more textured and more durable,There is basically no situation that does not match the color of the floor。

For example, the American-style home we are going to talk about today,You can see this grey-blue everywhere。

brass tub handles

first entry porch,It can be seen that the left and right sides are made of gray-blue paint cabinets.,Including the shutters, the shoe cabinet also uses the same color system。

It must be custom,to be so unified。

Surprisingly,Textured brass handles are used on the handles,Bring a little lively embellishment to a calm porch。

brass tub handles

(brass tub handles)living room,The storage background wall behind the sofa also continues this gray-blue+Combination of brass。

open on,Under the closed storage combination will be「display」、「let go」and「frequently used」Several storage methods are perfectly integrated。

(Don't stand up again and say that the grid display is easy to accumulate dust.~If there is an aunt who cleans it once a week,it's nothing)

brass tub handles

look at the master bedroom,grey-blue paint on the walls,Soft outfit with blue bedding,echo each other。

The degree of blue and white is quite good,Avoid blue too dull,I don't want to be boring。

brass tub handles

even the bathroom,is also like this,Half wall blue paint,Vanity sink with half wall white tiles,elegantly just right。

brass tub handles

As for the restaurant,They're all dressed in white。I used a blue fabric back chair as the embellishment color here,Also echoes the whole house。

have to say,The use of this grey-blue,Make the whole space look more three-dimensional,It also enhances the memory,deep impression。

brass tub handles


The geometric beauty of the lines of the American frame

except blue,The use of lines of various square frames,It also shows the atmosphere of American style。this wireframe,Generally used in cabinet doors,drawer,wainscoting,Door frame and window frame skirting line,American muscle。

To make it easier for you to distinguish this wireframe,I specifically found a comparison of European and American wireframes from Dad Ma,Let you feel the difference more intuitively:

European style bumpsMore,More complex,More diverse shapes;

American style is the big box line,more concise atmosphere。

brass tub handles(brass tub handles)

Picture from Taobao screenshot

(brass tub handles)if more modern,That must be American。I also personally prefer something succinct,feel more attractive,not easy to go out of date。

If you don't feel anything yet,Just take a look at the buyer's show of the following two frames to create cabinets,Can you tell which one is in your heart??

(brass tub handles)

brass tub handles

Picture from Taobao Buyer Show

After realizing this,Let's move on to the topic:Admire the beauty of this home's American frame。

mysterious close

entrance door,The door frame of the entrance uses this simple square frame line。

And the lattice glass wrought iron partition at the end,It is also one of the representatives of the Founder framework.,Let the light source and vision penetrate to the restaurant,The situation extends the overall visual scenery。

British black and white chessboard brick shop, watch the pattern, three-dimensional lively,Actual overall,Another big box,Single is the porch is already echo。

(brass tub handles)

brass tub handles(brass tub handles)

(brass tub handles)guest hall

Total porch,Turn on the left hand to the bathroom in public area。(Because it is not available,I can't introduce it carefully.)

(brass tub handles)Right hand,I came to the living room.,A excellent area of light。

In this area,Transition from floor tiles to a warm floppy floor,Vision also turned into a fresh and elegant。

(brass tub handles)

brass tub handles

You will find,Sofa is independent in the middle of the living room,Four:Unrestrained wall,Nor。

This has formed a font line,Convenient people's free walking in the house。

brass tub handles

(brass tub handles)White solid wood shutters,In these two years, they are more and more loved by Taiwanese families.,Introducing the sun will not make the light too strong,Effectively block outdoor street views and modifying windows boxes,Protecting the privacy of the household。

(brass tub handles)

brass tub handles

After using a complex sofa background,TV wall is particularly simple。Currently no TV,Just reserved position。

The rightmost side is used as the entrance to the children's room.,Maintain the overall refreshing feeling of the background wall。

(brass tub handles)A small detail,Do the invisible door,To create the same boat line under the door,Will get more harmonious uniform。(As long as you do not affect the opening of the door)

brass tub handles

kitchen House+Dinning room

(brass tub handles)The location of the restaurant is also,Near living room,Next to the open kitchen。

This is the core of the whole family,The links with each space are extremely smooth,It is also a bond that of the family's non-shackled communication interaction.。

brass tub handles

A wooden big board table,American。

And according to the home scene in the movie,Specially selected Lindsey Adelman Designed five lamp molecular chandelier,It is restored according to the movie scene.,Strong induction,Also become a highlight of the restaurant。

brass tub handles

White kitchen cabinet+Gray kitchen electric display cabinet,See also the box。

Each storage area,The setting of the operation area is in line with the owner of the owner,Create a wide vision through open technologies,Also show new casual comfort。

brass tub handles

If you are careful enough,You will find that the side of the table is right.,It is a multi-functional room currently without excess furniture.,Currently playing with children to play with children。

Folder glass folding door,Brightness,Convenient parents pay attention to their children's activities,Ensure that children are within line,Security is guaranteed。

brass tub handles

host Bedroom

The color of the master bedroom has been said before。We may wish to put your attention on the white guard wall on the bed background.,Another group of long square boxes,Is it a refined and elegant classical temperament?。

This kind of advanced sense,Um,Tallful。

(brass tub handles)

brass tub handles

The design of the wardrobe in the main bedroom is smart,That is along the original beam structure,Plan a whole row of white cabinet door at the bottom,It is also used the minimalism frame that I told above.。

Compared to the buyer show above,Brass point-like door handle,More foreign than black。

Master bedroom bathroom

The main bathroom continues as the bedroom,Vow to blue and white+Brass combination。

(brass tub handles)At the same time, you will also find,As long as there is a cabinet,Enjoy the type of square box。

brass tub handles(brass tub handles)

On the side is the space of the shower area and the bathtub。

Shower area is a thorough wet area,White rectangular brick natural paving to top。

The bathtub is a semi-dry area.,Rectangular bricks are only paved with the waslery.,It is good to use the gray blue wall paint.。A glass hand craft chandelier adds a photographic feeling atmosphere,Let this corner more charming。

(brass tub handles)

brass tub handles


In order to make the cabinet do not compress the space of the main bedroom and maintain the overall visual refreshing,The coat room is designed on one side of the corridor,Between the living room and the master lying。

Planning the open layer board on both sides、Boom、Drawer large cabinet,All kinds of clothing、Jewelry slide,Meet different storage needs。

brass tub handles

Because you want to keep the window's integrity,Don't want to be blocked by the cabinet,Just create a bright rest angle in a cabinet,Entry indoor lighting。

(brass tub handles)Light application

The previous two girls said,American can not hang,Also to reduce contrast of complicated contracted lines。

The owner here is still very angry,Made a big flat top of the whole house,Match 4000k Natural light embedded cartridge auxiliary lighting,Come to create“No ceiling”Vision experience。

brass tub handles

(brass tub handles)And the use of brass and glass wall light in each space,Add a classical temperament,The beautiful shape of these lights is also a unique landscape in the family.。

brass tub handles

Bed head specially used rose gold wall light,Putting switch with the owner,And a few bedside tables in the brass glass side,Actually there is no coordination,Still very cute,Let the American style have a little bit of ancient spirits.。

(brass tub handles)

brass tub handles

As for those with a beautiful pattern、Carpet,I don't have much here.。

Because in hard installation,This family has already done enough American,The soft packages of those fabrics come to add flowers on it.。

I don't know if you like American.,In this American movie home,Do you havegetUntil the point?


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