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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-17 17:36:45

Source:Global Times New Media

(brass tubes canada)Reuters12Day report,Tuesday,Plans in Michigan plans to close a key crude oil pipeline,Canada published the strongest remarks so far,WARNING This mourning may harm the relationship between Canada and the United States。

brass tubes canada(brass tubes canada)Canada Enbridge Company(Enbridge Inc.)Preparing to play a legal war with Michigan,Want to stop the close of this pipeline from this pipeline。The Canadian government also involved this lawsuit,In a document of the US Federal Court,The Canadian government said that Michigan is unsolicient with actions to take action to close pipelines.。

Canada:“This case makes people worry about the effectiveness of the historical framework of successful management of the United States.。”Canada added,Michigan's move“Important aspects of threatening international cooperation”。

This file,Canada will suffer from pipelines“Large-scale and may be permanent crude oil supply interruption”。This pipeline is province from the west of Canada to Canada every day.、Quebec Province and Michigan, USA、Transport in Ohio and Indiana54Wanka oil。

(brass tubes canada)Canada has been lobbying Washington officials,I hope to keep the oil pipeline opening。Report,White House keeps silence。

(brass tubes canada)Tuesday,When asked and the White House's position on this oil pipeline,US Energy Minister Jennifer·Granhom( Jennifer Granholm )Tell reporters:“We don't consider this problem。”

(brass tubes canada)last year11moon,Michigan Governor Gray·Whitmer( Gretchen Whitmer )With concerns about pipeline rupture,Request Enbridge Company6Close this pipeline within a month。

This command requires a judge's confirmation command to execute,Whether the Entech Company and the Michigan government should conduct this lawsuit in the state court or the US federal court。Both parties are accepting the mediation of the court,The next time the opening time is scheduled5moon18day。

(brass tubes canada)“Unless the court or regulatory(We think this is extremely impossible),Otherwise, we will not stop the operation of this pipeline。”Nushi Company spokesperson said this week in a statement.。

Michigan Governor Gray·Whitci Zhi Xinqiao Company,Threat,If this pipeline continues to operate after the deadline on Wednesday,Will confiscate the company's profits。

Witer wrote:“The state government is intended to make illegal intrusion and improperly profitable claims to Enbridge Company when appropriate.。”She added,Michigan has confidence to win this legal struggle。