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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-17 16:58:33

Have a coat room, Bathroom plugging,her28㎡Apartment is equipped with a luxury home,admire!

(brass tub handle)

All say that small apartment decoration design can test designers' skills,When I read Miss Li's mini apartment decoration design,Let me be more convinced!same with28㎡The space may be a living room or bedroom in large appendages.,But for Miss Li, it is the sum of the living space of the whole family.,What is amazing is that this mini-small apartment is not only delicate and warm.,Stylish and elegant,Also have a separate glass door, 3Square bathroom is still plugged in a large bathtub,Hard is a luxury home,Let Xiaobian admire the designer!

brass tub handle(brass tub handle)Entrance

First look at the entrance of her home。This small apartment is in the right side of the door is the kitchen.,So the designer installs a black partition on the front white wall of the kitchen to the bathroom,Use、key、Mobile phone, other small items,Ground put a delicate brass stool with football shoe stool,Customized a half-embedded to the top mysterious shoe cabinet on the front wall,Connection with kitchen high cabinet,Subject to the basic needs of household hats and shoes and daily necessities.。

brass tub handle


brass tub handle

Tile laying of a white marble texture of a word layout,Customized light green cabinet and light gray operators,Match the handle and faucet of brass materials、Flower pot, etc.,Not only provide sufficient storage space,It also creates exquisite and soft texture,Improve the color and style of the entry area。

(brass tub handle)brass tub handle

Dinning room

(brass tub handle)The end of the kitchen operator extends a table of the same material,Match two blue light dining chairs,Here is the place where the girl is dining,It can also be used as a preparation table.,Opposite high cabinets except for storage appliances,Also bear the function of the meal side cabinet,Let the restaurant clean and refreshing。

From this perspective, you can see the area of the open independent coat between the restaurant side.,To the top of the light green glass cabinet door, planning reasonable storage space layout,Meet girl beloved clothes、Bag and shoes, etc.,Next to the wardrobe is a changing mirror to the top,Not only convenient fittings,Also play the effect of visual space,Let the small home is more spacious。

brass tub handle(brass tub handle)living room

The restaurant is located in the living room area.。TV background wall is very beautiful,On both sides is marble decorative wallboard,The middle is embedded blue decorative wall,Install white solid wood shelf and TV cabinet,Match the thin leg of brass material、Flower pot, etc.,Stylish and elegant,Full of style。

brass tub handle

A short-back blue fabric thin leg sofa placed on the side of the TV wall,Eponize with TV wall,Combining a delicate small and decorative,And the brass hinges on the wall,Let every detail full of ceremonies。

brass tub handle

The TV wall is also placed on a light coffee double fabric sofa and a few coffee tables.,Detted with a small pillow,Under light blue carpet,Generous。

(brass tub handle)brass tub handle


In fact, it seems that ordinary fabric sofa is a folding bed,After kicking, it is a double bed.,Let the living room seconds,For small appendages,Is it a very winking layout??

brass tub handle


3Square28The small family of square is extravagant.,Wall still uses a styling white marble textured wall tile pavement,Atmospheric。Small and delicate washing cabinet、Toilet bathtub for dry wet separation design by glass、Shower leaves sufficient space,Let the elegant and luxurious bathroom space is more complete and comfortable,Spacious and practical。

After reading this ultra-small apartment planning design,Is it a sense of visuality??

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