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bending thin brass tube

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In recent years,Industrial、Economic comprehensive development,The increase in oxygen dosage is also increasing。And big households with oxygen,Oxygen pipelines are often used in oxygen pipelines。

but,Because of the tube、Distributed,Coupled with frequent emergency or quick-closed valves,There is an accident in the accident of oxygen pipe and valve burning explosion,This is also a headache that makes many people and concerns.。

so,Only the hidden dangers in oxygen pipes and cold doors、Danger,And take corresponding measures,Is the upright policy。

bending thin brass tube

Oxygen pipe selection

1. Pipe selection

From temperature conditions,Oxygen pipelines in normal temperature conditions generally use steel pipes。

(bending thin brass tube)Considering the pressure conditions,Work pressure is greater than3MPA's oxygen pipes use brass tubes or purple copper tubes;Pressure is less3Mida's words,Seamless steel pipe。

2. Pipe pipe selection

(bending thin brass tube)The elbow on the oxygen pipe is strictly forbidden to use a wrinkle elbow.。When using cold or hot bending carbon steel elbow,The bend radius should not be less than the outer diameter5Multiplication;When using seamless or pressed welding carbon steel elbow,The bend radius should not be less than the outer diameter of the tube1.5Multiplication;When using a copper-based alloy seamless or pressed elbow,The bend radius should not be smaller than the outer diameter of the tube。

(bending thin brass tube)Variable tube of oxygen pipeline,To use seamless or pressed welded。

Bifurcation head of oxygen pipeline,Seamless or pressing welds should be used。But when it is really unable to get,Should be prefabricated in the factory or on-site,It is best to processed to ignorant、No protrusion and solder tumor。

bending thin brass tube

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(bending thin brass tube)3. Oxygen pipeline pipe accessories

(bending thin brass tube)Oxygen pipe connection,To use welding,But in the equipment、Valve joints should be connected with flanges or threaded connections,Silk connection,Hydrogen pole、Water glass or polytetrafluoroethylene film as a filler。

At the same time all flanges used,It must be selected according to the current standard standard。

Oxygen valve selection

1. Valve type

Valves on the oxygen pipe should be used for oxygen special valves,Interpretable valve on domestic oxygen pipelines,The direction of ordinary valve media is downward。

(bending thin brass tube)Under oxygen conditions,Valve flow paths are different from ordinary valves,Choose,Ensure that the valve bar is good,And the spool is quickly closed。

2. Valve body material

3MPaIt is best to use stainless steel quality below.;exist3MPaIt is best to choose fromInconel 625 orMonel 400 alloy steel。

bending thin brass tube(bending thin brass tube)Shaanxi Weiliang Inspection Co., Ltd.

3. Valve inner material

Conventionally doing oxygen valve interior partsInconel and Monel;in addition,Best valve internal partsInconel 625Add surface hardening;Valve stem/Solder material selectionInconel X-750orInconel 718。

Valve try not to make irradiation process,Keep the same caliber with the original pipeline;And the valve core valve is not suitable for hardening solder.,Because of the surfacing limit,Easy to produce certain unsafe factors;

Valve sealing ring material selection of oil-free paste graphite(Low carbon);

Top valve cover is used for double packing,Filler uses high temperature-resistant grease graphite(Can withstand468℃);

In addition, the fins of the valve inside the surface must be reachedISO 8051-1 Sa2Demand。

Cause Analysis of Common Combustion Explosion

1、Rust in the pipe、dust、Sewage slag and pipe inner wall or valve mouth friction produces high temperature combustion。

analyze:Types with impurities、Particle size and airflow speed,Iron powder is easy to combust to oxygen,And the finer granularity,The lower the burning point,The more you use burning。

bending thin brass tube

Shaanxi Weiliang Inspection Co., Ltd.

2、Pipeline or valve、Rubber and other low-combing materials,Ignition at a local high temperature。

Flammable Name

(bending thin brass tube)Burning point(℃)

lubricating oil

(bending thin brass tube)273~305

(bending thin brass tube)Steel pad


(bending thin brass tube)rubber








3、High temperatures produced by heat-insulating compression make combustible

analyze:Can give you such an example,If the valve is15MPa,Temperature20℃,The valve is normal pressure0.1MPa,If the valve is turned quickly,The oxygen temperature after the valve is calculated according to the thermal compression formula.553℃,This has reached the fire point of even more than some substances.。

4、Reduced oxygen pipe valve combustion in high pressure pure oxygen can also induce oxygen pipe valve combustion。

Oxygen pipes and valves in high pressure pure oxygen,Its danger is very large,Continuous test prove,The detonation energy of fire is inversely compared with the pressure square,This has a great threat to oxygen pipes and valves.。

What should I prevent?

(bending thin brass tube)1、All design should comply with relevant regulations、standard regulation

In design1981Annual Metallurgical Department《Some provisions of the oxygen pipe network of steel enterprises》as well as《Oxygen and related gas safety technical procedures》(GB16912-1997)、《Oxygen station design specifications》(GB50030-91)The requirements of regulations。

(1)Maximum flow rate sheet for oxygen in carbon steel pipe

(bending thin brass tube)

Work pressure(MPa)

(bending thin brass tube)≤0.1




Flow rate(m/s)

(bending thin brass tube)20




(2)To prevent fire,After the oxygen valve,It should be connected to a length of not less than5Tube diameter,At the same time, there must be no less than1.5mCopper-based alloy or stainless steel pipeline。

(3)Oxygen pipeline should do less elbow and bifurcation head,Work pressure is higher than0.1MPaOxygen pipe elbow,Stamping is made into a valve flange production。

bending thin brass tube(bending thin brass tube)

(3)Oxygen pipeline should do less elbow and bifurcation head,Work pressure is higher than0.1MPaOxygen pipe elbow,Stamping is made into a valve flange production。

(bending thin brass tube)(4)In the welding formation flange,Copper welding wireOSeal,Improve the reliability of oxygen flange resistant。

(5)Oxygen pipeline should have a good conductive device,The grounding resistance should be less than10Ω,The flange resistance should be less than0.03Ω。

(6)The end of the main oxygen pipeline in the workshop should add dispersing tube,It is conducive to the purge and replacement of oxygen pipelines,Before the longer oxygen pipe enters the workshop regulating valve,To set a filter。

bending thin brass tube

2、Installation Precautions

(bending thin brass tube)(1)Anyone who is in contact with oxygen is strictly degreased,Purify with dry air or nitrogen without oil after degreasing。

(2)Welding should be argon arc welding or arc welding。

(bending thin brass tube)3、Operational precautions

(1)Slow switching oxygen valve should be slow,The operator should stand on the side of the valve,Open to stand in place;

(2)It is strictly forbidden to use oxygen blowing pipe or leak with oxygen、Pressure test;

(3)Implementation ticket system,In advance、method、Detailed description and regulations for conditions;

(4)Diameter is greater than70mmManual oxygen valve,When the valve front and rear pressure difference is small0.3MPaOperation is only allowed within。

(bending thin brass tube)bending thin brass tube

4、How to perform maintenance

1. Oxygen pipelines should be inspected and maintained frequently,Rust remover paint,Every3~5once a year;

2. safety valve on line、pressure gauge,to check regularly,1year1Second-rate;

3. Perfectly grounded device;

4. Before hot work,should be replaced、Purge,The oxygen content in the blowing gas is18%~23%qualified between;

5. valve、flange、Gaskets and Tubes、When pipe fittings are selected,to comply with relevant regulations;

6. At the same time, a technical file needs to be established,operation on a regular basis、Training for service and maintenance personnel。


We always focus only on the gate valve,actually,The real reason for disabling the gate valve is because the sealing surface of the gate valve is in relative motion(the valve switch)can cause abrasion damage due to friction,Once damaged,there will be“iron powder”from the sealing surface,And these fine particles of iron powder can easily cause fire and burn.,That's the real danger。

bending thin brass tube

The advantage of copper-based alloy valves lies in their high mechanical strength、durable、good security(Does not generate static electricity),Therefore, the real cause of burning and explosion is the iron filings generated by the easy wear of the sealing surface of the gate valve.。

(bending thin brass tube)Therefore, some companies even use copper-based alloy valves,But there are also explosions,So control fire and combustibles,Regular maintenance,Tightening the safety string is the most important。

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