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The application defense of copper gasket is extremely wide,The pretensioning load required by the gasket is different.,Such as low pressure water pump thin flange is required to lower compression load,Applicable to national defense、electricity、mechanical、oil、Chemical industry、metallurgy、papermaking、Ship、National economy of transportation and other fields,Complete product specifications、stable quality,Products are sold throughout the country。So what is the benefit of using a copper gasket??

Copper gasket usually use bolt flange connection structure,Therefore, it is necessary to preteise the bolts to achieve preliminary seal when assembled.,And accurately controlling the pre-pretensioning level is precisely a very difficult problem;Second, the copper gasket is a sealing element that is affected by many factors.。

fork tubes brass shim stock

Copper gaskets generally seal with threaded place,Its sealing principle is two binding surfaces extruded the copper pad extrusion,Make the two surfaces of the copper or close to the two binding surfaces without slit slits,So sealing effect。To achieve sealing effect,Usually annealing before use,Its purpose is to make the purple copper seal soof,To achieve a better sealing effect,And also effectively prevent the discatalog of gaskets、Medium erosion。Therefore, it is generally used in the binding of the mounting tank.,Such as:Motherwork in the flange、cap、Pressure gauge,Standard is thick and diameter,The thickness is determined according to the gap size at the sealing binding.,The size is processed according to the size of the sealing tank needs。

fork tubes brass shim stock

Copper gasket is a good weldability with high quality copper sheets.,Room temperature tensile strength of annealing sheet22~25Kilogram/Millimeter,Elongation is45~50%,Brinell hardness(HB)for35~45,Using temperature is less than400℃,Material is the choice of environmentally friendly copper、Copper、Silicon bronze、Various aluminum bronze、Tin bronze、Manganese bronze、Manganese brass, etc. can meet the quenching of customers、Various requirements such as pickling。The main source of leakage of process equipment,Environmental pollution caused by leakage、Product loss,The importance of using copper gasket seals is self-evident。

(fork tubes brass shim stock)The above is about the benefits of using copper spacers,I hope everyone is after reading this article.,For copper or more in-depth understanding and understanding,Can use it better。