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fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

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7Month,Beijing Swift out after Beijing,Fly in Inner Mongolia、Northern Tianshan、Central Asia、Arabian Peninsula、Central Africa,Finally10At the end of the month, arrived in Southwestern Africa,In Namibia、Botswana and West South Africa“Rest”about3Month。

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲Beijing Swift。China Watching Birds Volunteers Zhang Yinmin Take a photo

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Summer hot season,Beijing Shuyan horn in the Summer Palace、Heaven、Scene of the Wing Winged Winged Hys,A lot of fixed“Old Beijing people”Childhood memory“Overflow”Screen。

Different from ordinary home,Beijing Swift is slightly large,Outer feathers are dark brown,Wings。

The double wing of the sickle wipes the morning、Pamper,Before the end of summer,Disappear。People know,Coming in spring,They will appear again in Beijing,No one year later。

But where did they come from?,Where will it be?

“This mystery has been announced in recent years.。”

1moon8day,Beijing News Fourteenth Touching Community Character Selection Awards Ceremony,Watching birds in Beijing、Bounter10British Environmental Law Expert Tang Rui(Terry Townshend)In the sharing link, it will be initiated by the original Beijing watching bird.“Track Beijing Swift Project”。

2014year5moon24Day in the morning,about50Middle and foreign tracking masters、Birdologist、Embassy people meet the first time in the Eight-party booths on the Summer Palace Kunming Lake。The first group of mini photosensitive positioning instruments31Beijing Swiftback。

In the following year5moon,one of them13Only being repounded in the Eight Cord Pavilion。Recycling data display,7Month,After they go out after Beijing,At10At the end of the month, the wintering of Southwestern Africa,Migration path3Tenure。

Most of the fog in many birdologists,Clear。

“We care about the ecology of Beijing Swift,Not only wants to reveal the mystery of Yishi migration,Think more to protect these magical travelers。”Total command、Beijing Normal University Birdology and Bird's Rong Zhao Xinru said in an interview with the Beijing News reporter。


Beijing Swift has decreased from tens of thousands of last century to two or three

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

The weight of a egg is about50gram。

And one of the weigh of Beijing Swift is only31Gram41Between。

According to a universal applicable rule in the field of international circle,The weight of the device wearing to the flying animal must be less than its body weight3%,“This weight is basically ignored by the impact of the normal activity of birds.。”Zhao Xinru。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

If one is35Grand Beijing Swift as an example,The net weight of the positioning instrument in the back is less than1.05gram。

Under this rule,Tracker suitable for Beijing Swift is extremely difficult。

But Zhu Lei did not expect,9One of myself,Actually tracked Beijing Swift“wedge”Open an article。

2012year4moon,Berlin, Germany,World Ordinary Swift Conference,Zhu Lei emphasized in his speech,Beijing Swift migration is still an unknown mystery。Hour,he24age,Students in the University of Upp Sala, Uppsala, Sweden。

Be“Beijing Indigenous”,Zhu Lei has a special emotion of Beijing Swift.。

He is the original Beijing Bird Bird(It is now known that China Word Bird will,Participation in China's Biodiversity Protection and Green Development Foundation,Hereinafter referred to as:Bird of view)A volunteer,In Beijing Forestry University,Continuous4Year-old“Beijing Yan and Swift Investigation”Project executive。

In Zhu Lei,Movie《A Fei Zheng Chuan》The life mentioned in life is not landing“Footless”It is not far from us.。they,Beijing Swift。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

1870year,British Museum Robert•Swinhou(Robert Swinhoe)Collecting a specimen from Swift in Europe in Beijing,He is named another subspecies of ordinary Swift。Beijing Swift(Apus apus pekinensis)Therefore。

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲Beijing Swift in the Temple of Temple。China Watching Birds Volunteers Tang Rui Take a photo

Thereafter,They have gradually been discussed by more Beijing people in the urban ancient buildings and old eaves.。

In Beijing Swift,The birds also have a history of Hongyi。From the shell,During reproductive period,Eating、Drinking water、mating、Sleeping is basically in the air。

They are not in touch。Beijing Swift every feet4Before,Be a suspension、Climbing on the cliff cliff、In the gap of ancient buildings and walls。

“This bird named in a city,Witnessing the prosperity and disappearance of the four cities,It also witnesses the rebirth and development of Beijing.。”Zhu Lei said。

In recent decades,Due to the renovation of old city、Pesticide use, etc.,The number of populations of Beijing Swift decline sharply。Public information,Beijing Swift has decreased from tens of thousands of last century to two or three thousand。

“Beijing Swift is a famous food insects around us.,Contact the ecological environment close。”Zhao Xinru said,want to protect them,It is necessary to study the migration routes of Beijing Swifts、Migration law、overwintering location、dwell time、Start with information such as flight speed。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲Beijing Swift wearing a metal anklet。Volunteer of China Bird Watching Association Zhang Weimin photograph

since2007year onwards,Bird Watching Club will do Beijing Swift Ring Records at the Bafang Pavilion in the Summer Palace。

Bird ringing is recognized worldwide,An important means to study the migratory dynamics and laws of migratory birds,carried out so far120more than a year。

Zhao Xinru's career in bird ringing began1983year,According to its introduction,Based on the technical specifications of my country's ring,Usually a metal bird ring is worn on the tarsus of the bird(feet),“Thickness of the feet、Length is largely unaffected by weight changes or development。”

Its subtlety is that,ringed bird,The logo ring on its feet is like an ID card,has a unique number,when recycled,Finders can check the relevant information of wearing birds accordingly,and place yourself where you see the bird、Date and other information reported to the ring agency,to upload to the data sharing platform。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

If the same bird or the same bird is seen by more people in more places in the world,The migration dynamics generated by the reported data will be more detailed。

But the ring also has its limitations:The record of geographic information is random by chance,Highly reliant on information reported by discoverers along the migration route,less stable。

Zhao Xinru thinks,Changes in bird populations、life、Although data such as the rate of returning to the nest can be known through traditional ring records,But if you want to increase the speed of research,Crack with overwintering ground、stay、Bird's whereabouts secrets including dwell time,“Still need to use digital technology such as locator。”

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲Beijing Swift in Summer Palace。Volunteer of China Bird Watching Association Tang Rui photograph


Find a mini locator under strict standards

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

“Recycling data of traditional ring records after hundreds of years,It may not be as detailed as the data recorded by the locator for one year.。”Zhao Xinru said。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

The locator is relatively expensive,And there are certain requirements for the operator's technology。So,Bird watching will remember for a long time“Track Swift Program”once stranded。

The scene of the World Common Swift Seminar,Jure mentioned,Bird Watching Association makes Beijing Swift Ring Records at Bafang Pavilion every year,The recovery rate remained stable at30%above。this means,Among Beijing Swifts nesting and breeding at Bafang Pavilion in the first year,have3Will come back as scheduled in the coming year。

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲Volunteers with Suzanne, a migration expert from Sweden(Left2)group photo,Left3For Liang Xuan。Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Wait until Zhu Lei's speech ends,A middle-aged blond woman approached him with some excitement,Said to know that Beijing actually has such a stable swift“back to the nest”,she can't help it,Willing to cooperate with Chinese ornithologists,Help reveal the migration path of Beijing Swift。

The other party was Suzanne, a professor of evolutionary ecology at Lund University in Sweden who spoke before him.(Susanne Åkesson)。

already2009year,Suzanne and her team worked in Sweden2Common Swift Breeding Ground,Give8Only the European Swift is fitted with a mini locator。the following year,one of them6only successfully caught。

Tracking data display,6The European Swift ends up overwintering in the Congo Basin in West Central Africa。

in Jure“bridge”Down,Susannah begins contact with the Bird Watching Society。2014beginning of the year,Tang Rui, the foreign liaison, and the Chinese liaison、The enthusiasm of Wu Lan, a volunteer of the Bird Watching Society“bridge”Down,The Chinese expert advisors of the Bird Watching Association and the foreign expert panel reached a consensus,A team of experts to track Beijing Swift came into being。

lineup“luxury”:Include project master plan、Zhao Xinru, an expert in bird ringing and conservation,Liu Yang, an expert on bird ecology and evolution;Suzanne, bird migration expert from Sweden,Swift Conservation Specialist Dick from the UK,and a bird ring from Belgium、marker expert linton。

Professional equipment is soon also locked——a BritishMigrate TechnologyThe company's photosensitive locator,equivalent to RMB1300Yuan one。

The net weight of this photosensitive locator is only0.65gram,meet the stringent“3%Applicable rules”。

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲Photosensitive locator net weight only0.65gram。Volunteer of China Bird Watching Association Zhang Weimin photograph

According to the Bird Ring of the Royal Belgian Academy of Natural Sciences、marker expert linton(Lyndon Kearsley)introduce,locator full length16.3mm,width6.1mm,thick5.6mm。

Tang Rui recalls,2014The first batch of mini locators raised in31pieces,in,Photosensitive locator company donated1pieces;Lund University in Sweden and Swift Conservation Expert Dick from the UK(Dick Newell)Individuals donate to projects,purchased separately20+10pieces。

The location of the tracking is still set at the Bafang Pavilion in the Summer Palace。

Among the many nest sites of Beijing Swift,The density of swifts' nests in Bafang Pavilion is at the forefront。“Combined with the previous research of Professor Gao Wu of Capital Normal University,The nest here is probably50arrive100indivual。Swift is monogamous,Usually a litter2adult bird。”Zhao Xinru introduced。

at first,Foreign experts in the team think that,Based on previous experience tracking the migration paths of European Swifts,After walking through the netting in the Summer Palace—catch—Classification—wear—sampling—release process,At least two or three days。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

But Zhao Xinru has confidence in the volunteers。he thinks,more than enough time for a day。

Fu Jianping, the former president of Beijing Bird Watching Association, revealed that,already2014beginning of the year,Pre-project preparation,The bird watching club will screen out a group of10More than a year of net capture、Senior Volunteers with Ringing Experience,and targeted several training sessions。

Zhao Xinru according to the volunteers' respective expertise,assign them to specific groups,“from all walks of life,old and young,Passionate about bird ringing。so we got together。”

2014year5moon24early morning,command group、Net capture group、management group(Assign group)、Ring Group、wearing group、sampling group、Picture collection group(Feather shooting team)、publicity group(Explain to visitors in front of the exhibition board)、Grooming group(Discourage tourists from entering Bafang Pavilion)、media group(Photographic Recording Group)Volunteers cooperate tacitly,The entire workflow is completed in an orderly manner,only used5.5Hour。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲After the members of the net capture team entered the venue, hurry up to deploy the net。Volunteer of China Bird Watching Association Gao Jingxin photograph

cloth net、catch

“pick”Swift's way is like gently picking up a cigarette

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

early morning2Half,5headlights on,The net capture group took the lead。

Depend on8made of polypropylene mesh“tianluodiwang”must be in1.5Deploy within hours,surround the pavilion。4After the point the day will be polished,Beijing Swifts in Bafang Pavilion will come out of their nests one after another。Some birds accustomed to passing between the pillars of the pavilion will fall into the thin net as planned,and very difficult to break free。

Huang Wei, the backbone of the net capture group, came here alone last time“tap”,was over a month ago。Before modifying the net,He was sent to investigate the distance between each adjacent pillar in the Bafang Pavilion、Column height and column perimeter。

Bafang Pavilion, also known as Kuoru Pavilion,Located in the Summer Palace,Founded in Qianlong17year,area approx.130square meter,octagonal double eaves,It is the largest ancient pavilion in my country.。

The team follows the drawings drawn by Huang Wei,8Sheet covered with diamond-shaped cells(side length approx.1.3centimeter)The bird net will be refitted soon,After passing the field installation test,well preserved,just wait“expedition”。

years42The old Huang Wei is a manager of a clothing company in Beijing.。He likes bird watching as a child,Undergraduate chooses biology major。

from1998year start,Huang Wei regularly followed Zhao Xinru and other bird experts to Beidaihe to participate in bird ringing,contacted many birds。

ring the bird,need to catch it、control。capture previous step,is cloth net。

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲Volunteer of China Bird Watching Society,Huang Wei, the backbone of the net capture team, is laying the net。Volunteer of China Bird Watching Society Zhang Weimin photograph

cloth net、Capture is cumbersome“work”。

Volunteer Huang Wei said,When participating in the wild bird ringing,Generally, experienced experts will first determine the location and orientation of the birds frequently fly by.,“Then use two fiber ropes to pull up the bird net hanging on the bamboo pole,perpendicular to the ground,Fasten the net。”

compared to the wild,The situation at Bafang Pavilion is much more complicated。

The pavilion is not an empty plane around it,but pillars supported by many“cut”open。In this situation,The whole large net needs to be converted into several parts,to fill the gaps between the occluded pillars。also,Bafang Pavilion is an ancient building,No nails can be placed on posts to secure bird nets。

“We had to stick the slender poles against some of the columns,Secured with a soft cord,The net is actually fixed directly on the net pole。”Huang Wei recalls,In order to facilitate the distribution of nets at the height of the pavilion,The netting group carried2about2.2Rice Ladder,Except for the rafters above the pavilion、lightning rod、No netting in places such as under benches,Almost completely covers the facade space between all columns。

not yet in the morning3Half,The net is ready。

earlier than swift“wake”The bats and sparrows。Bats have many claws on their feet,Once mistakenly entered the network,wrap the net tightly,not good“Under the net”。at the same time,Bats may carry many viruses,while touching them,If bitten or scratched,The consequences will be unimaginable。

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)▲Zhao Xinru from the Internet“pick”to a bat。Volunteer of China Bird Watching Society Zhang Weimin photograph

to this end,net catcher5Volunteers wore2Layer Yarn Gloves,After the bat goes off the net,temporarily locked in a cage,So as not to hit the net again after the release。The bats caught have at least30only。When people get close,Some bats show their sharp white teeth。

“The task is relatively large。to keep yourself safe,Also avoid hurting bats,Also make sure the speed。”Huang Wei says。

In the early morning4Half after half,“semi-consciously”Swift of the nest began to hit the net。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

Before starting,Volunteers need to judge where the rain is hit from the net。The bird net is not sticky,But“Adsorption”Bird's feathers,Make it deep,Form a pocket on the appearance,“Identification direction requires certain experience。if‘Pick’The bird direction is reversed.,Will be more‘Pick’Tighten、cross‘Pick’Glow。”

Huang Wei describes“Pick”Swift's technique is like gently claming a cigarette。That day,Wearing a total of“folder”arrive100Swift from the net。

“After picking out the head of Swift from the Internet,Will wings and two legs。finally,Clamping the thin neck with an index finger and in the middle,Other fingers gently fall in Swift back。”

exist“Pick”Swift and sparrow,Net collecting group members do not wear gloves,Huang Wei explained,“Gloves will affect flexibility,And interfere with our judgment,Easy to hurt birds。”

In his opinion,Beijing Swift is not easy“Pick”,If you are lucky,A few seconds,Strip,A few minutes。Swift is climbing,Paw sharp,“It's a daily blood loss that is placed by their paws.,After that, you will be alcohol.、Drug water disinfection。”

After each Swift is next,Immediately sent to the bird bag of the management group。Neoned,Handed over to the ring group;Wearing a ring recycling individual to the nest address“loyalty”High,Volunteers will be based on their health,Consider whether to wear a locator for them。

Returning to the Eight Fang Dockets for many years, Beijing Swift,Will be preferred,“Conducive to ensure the recovery rate of the year。”Zhao Xinru。

Treatment is translucent,Reduce the repeated hit network rate of Swift,Net collecting group members dismantled a net,Leave some flight channels。“Because we are free to follow,Swift that has been rounded or loaded with locator,Prey,It is possible to hit again again。”Huang Wei said。

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲A pencil can be pushed between Beijing Swiftback and the positioning instrument。China Watching Birds Volunteers Zhang Yinmin Take a photo

Wearing positioner

A pencil can be pushed between the rain and the positioning instrument

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)In the early morning4Half,All of the remaining groups。Some supporting tools,Some of the spline……Wear group6People travel to the management group to receive Swift。

If the network catcher is a unity of physical activity and technology,Giving Swift wearing positioning instruments tend to。

Hour39Aged Liang Wei is a president of the Beijing Institute of Education Research Institute,As a worn group,She happens to have a pair of bones.,Ten fingers are slender and slender。But this hands,Every time you contact Swift,It is easy to scratch the blood mark。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

For an elevated Swift wear a potion5minute。same with“Naked hand”operate。

“Wear gloves,I can't work.。”Liang Wei said,If you want to avoid being injured by Swift, it is not impossible.,But so her eyes are fully concentrated on the paw,Not a locator。

later,Susanna taught her a trick。Put the bird bag on the head of Swift,“They suddenly’be good’In。”Liang smiled and said。

This photosensitive positioning instrument is more light than that of Liang Wei imagined。Calculate2Barn,The weight of the photosensitive positioner is only0.733gram,But the chip size,Put it in your hand,Liang Wei almost does not feel its weight。

Wireless when installing it。Light and strong fixed rope out of the wings of both sides,After that, in the positioner2Aperture。rope1Millimeter wide,Soft polyester material,Texture is more skin-friendly,Will not Lee Wan Yan,And does not affect the normal flight and flocking。

A knot position、After the elasticity is confirmed,Will brush a dedicated quick drying in the knot point“Super glue”,“Is double insurance。”

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

Watching the beamy operation on one side,Lin Don acts straightforward professional,Connected praise。

Liang I remember,Previous day training,Waiting for her to do,Lin Don successfully pushed a pencil into the positioner,“If the pencil can't enter,Explain that it is tight,Will affect the normal activity of Swift。”

Wearing behind a large birdGPSLocator,Low-energy-consuming photosensitive positioning instrument cannot pass back to the geographic location of the birds in real time,Can only be re-captured download data。

The main writer of the project papers、Zhao Yanyan, Ph.D., School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University,The principle of photosensitive positioning is to rely on sunshine changes to infer geographic information.,So in spring、When the autumn is before and after passing through the equatorial,The positioning instrument will be severely interfered,Resulting in larger errors in data,“The advantage is cheaper,Battery is lighter,Suitable for installation on small birds。”

on site,Swift each fall,Measurement of regular data,Including weight、Tumor、Wings long、Tail、Body length, etc.。Swift, who is selected to wear, still takes to at least10Feather close-up in Zhang。

Take a few sets of steps,Can't let it,“At this time, you have to go to the management group to make it to restore physical strength.。”Zhao Xinru。

The final step in the flying is to conduct biological sample collection。to this end,Associate Professor, Sun Yat-sen University、Dr. Liu Yang coming from Guangzhou from Guangzhou。Collection group led by him,Responsible to collect Swift blood sample at the site、feather、Biological samples such as parasites attached to the body,“If there is Swift to make a bowel movement,Also collect some feces。”

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

According to Liu Yang,Allergy,Even the senior bird expert carefully observed,It is also difficult to accurately distinguish rainy females。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

therefore,The gender of clear rainwashing needs to bring the collected blood into the laboratory.,“There is a more obvious carrier in the wings of the birds.,Piercing the blood vessels with bloodius, you can。”

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

Besides,Feathers are required,“Generally, use the hand to pull a small amount of tail feathers,If you cut with scissors, you can't get the roots.DNA。”Liu Yang said,“The data analysis results of each sample are generally3to4Day can come out。”

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲The Beijing Swift of a back positioning instrument is flying by China Birds.。China Watching Birds Volunteers Zhang Yin Take a photo

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)


Approximately3Wanjin's long-distance migration

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

Interval12Month,2015year5moon24Day in the morning4Half,about50Middle and foreign tracking masters、Birdologists, etc.。

but2Hours,13Beijing Swift, who is only a backlight positioner。“The reddish joy is really difficult to say。”Huang Wei said。

Subsequently,Volunteers under the guidance of Lin Don,Download analysis of positioning data,Flight trajectories have emerged on the world map。This is a round of round3Tenure、Fly19Long-distance migration in a country and region,“Can be called epic。”Dick's exclaimed。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

Recycling data display,7Month,The above Beijing Swift out after Beijing,Fly in Inner Mongolia、Northern Tianshan、Central Asia、Arabian Peninsula、Central Africa,Finally10At the end of the month, arrived in Southwestern Africa,In Namibia、Botswana and West South Africa“Rest”about3Month。

In the following year2moon,Winter finish,They reope with Beijing as pilgrimage,At4Messenger“Station”。

Whole road,They still eat Dr. Lache in the sky,Feet。Zhao Yan Yan analysis found,Beijing Swift has continuous every year9Time to stay in the sky,“Some individuals are even in the reproductive period,I have rarely enter the nest.。”

“As a circle,Migration has always made me fans and drive me.。Swift reflects all the miracles of life in the air.。I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate in this milestone study.。”Lin Don said,Unveil,Is a supreme moment。

Zhao Xinru,Track Beijing Swift Migration Path,Is to find out their migration and regularity,thereby“Underworld”。

“after all,Research is the premise of protection。”

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲Linton(right2)Tangrui(Left2)Recycling data。China Watching Birds Volunteers Zhang Yinmin Take a photo

He mentioned,In the process of urbanization in Beijing,With a large number of ancient buildings,More and more Beijing Swift has to“Find out”,Drilling the gap of the overpass、cave,Building's telescopic sewing。now,Tianning Temple Bridge、Guang'anmen Bridge and other places have gradually become the new nest address of Beijing Swift。

“They are also actively adapted to changes in urban areas,Factual prove,Swift doesn't think so fragile。”Zhao Xin said。

He also said,Changes in architectural changes, one of the objective factors of Beijing Swift population,Furthermore is the insect sharp reduction over the city.、Air Pollution、Water pollution、Pesticide spray, etc.,“If they eat insects toxic ingredients,Swift is poisoned。”

also,Beijing Swift's winter、Mid ways to fly in the country(area)Environmental status needs to be considered,“And there will be no food shortage or hunt locally。”

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲2015year5moon24day,Let go、After the recycling work is completed,Volunteers and experts take a photo。China Watching Birds Volunteers Zhang Yinmin Take a photo

Be tracked

“Hey,You also come to the winter in Africa.”

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

For the bird watching,As long as Beijing Swift's migration is not limited,There is no end in the way to trace the wind.。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

Zhao Yan Yan revealed,since2014Start from year,“Track Beijing Swift Project”Team continuous4Year of the Summer Palace,Give66Swift wear the same photosensitive locator,Finally recovered25only,“The amount of data is large enough,Meet the analysis requirements。Project research papers have now been completed,I expected this year2Submission to professional journals。”

2020year6Month,A good news will open in the bird watching,Synchronous survey data showing many years,Rainywood since the early years2000Second to3000Only increase6189Only time。

Zhao Xinyi believes,Look in rigorously,If any of the above constraints changes,It will cause changes in the population of Beijing Swift.。at the same time,Strong changes in Swift self-propagation ability,Act factor,Also included in the analysis。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

“Also do not exclude individual repetitions recorded by volunteers。This is the first year that there is a large fluctuation,Long-term observation。”

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

In recent years,Beijing's effective governance of air pollution is significantly effective,“The number of blue sky is more than previous years,Also beneficial to retain more Swift。”Zhao Xinru mentioned。

“Expand green plant area,Restore Beijing area wetland,Can increase the number of insects,Provide more food resources to give inquiral birds。The landscaping department has spread a lot of biological control for many years.,I think there is also a certain effect.,Reduce the use of garden pesticides,Can also effectively avoid enriching toxic substances in insects,Avoid the poisoning。”Zhao Xinru added。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

This year,Watching birds are also intended5The month is a new batch of Swift wearing locator,“Understand the country and region of Beijing Swift,Only the first step in conducting protection。”Zhao Xinru。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

Next step,Experts and volunteers of the project are eager to strengthen international protection and cooperation,Make sure Beijing Swift is green every year's migration、safe。

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

Tang Rui has also proposed to relevant units,I hope that Beijing Swift can become“All the way”Strengthening ecological protection cooperation along the country and regions“Ecological ambassador”。

He mentioned,The migration path in the top of Beijing Swift is consistent with the Silk Road。All countries in Swift,At least18All“All the way”Member States or sign a cooperation agreement with China,“This facilitates the implementation of the partner country to implement the protection plan of the ecological environment.,Better construction green‘All the way’。”

(fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper)

fly tying are brass tubes heavier than copper

▲Beijing Swift。China Watching Birds Volunteer Tang Rui Take a photo

Liang Yi imagined,The hardships of Beijing Shuyan all the way。

2015year5moon24Early morning,When the first time“Tie”Beijing Swift is in the eight-party booth,Liang Wei's mood is very subtle:Her hands have only30Yu Kezhong's little life can fly over the high mountain trough,Wrapped in the wind and rain all the way,After the dust of the dust,Indeed“Prognosis”——Beijing。

Miles away,They are not tempting to other land under them,Instead,220Killer's speed,Definitely in the eight-party pavilion。Faster than they leave。

witness13Only Beijing Swift returns,Linton also has a small light flashing,He gently greeted the wings of a long-distance traveler.,Slightly feeling:The European Swift he traced to, will eventually fly from the winter。

“Perhaps Beijing Swifts pass through the Congo Basin,They will intercrupys in the air‘Hello’,‘Hey,You also come to the winter in Africa.’。”

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