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canadian brass book intermediate tuba solos

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(canadian brass book intermediate tuba solos) (canadian brass book intermediate tuba solos)
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(canadian brass book intermediate tuba solos)
(canadian brass book intermediate tuba solos)
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Canadian Brass Quintet、French horn、trombone、The brass quintet composed of several brass instruments such as the trumpet is not long in the history of music,But in recent years, it has become the most popular form of copper tube combination。

Since its establishment in 1970,Canadian Brass Quintet breathes new life into brass,They are constantly exploring and innovating,will be ignored by the audience、And the limited repertoire of brass music developed into a colorful ensemble combination,making the brass quintet a very popular form of performance。So they became one of the most popular brass groups in the audience

canadian brass book intermediate tuba solos

in the video,The repertoire played by the Canadian Brass Quintet is《La Virgen de la Macarena》,La Virgen de la Macarenais Seville, SpainMacarenathe patron saint of,It is also the object of prayers by local bullfighters before entering the arena。

(canadian brass book intermediate tuba solos)The key to the performance of the Canadian Brass Five is to communicate with the audience,like the bass trumpeter in the regimentCharles Daellenbachsaid:“We feel it is our responsibility to make the audience feel joyful,Just playing well is not enough,When the audience walks out of the concert hall should be happy……”The Canadian Brass Quintet accompanies the music during the performance,Add witty action at the right time,Make the original light and lively music bring more fun。The tunes they play cover a wide range of,from Baja、Mozart to Gershwin、Modern jazz is on their repertoire。

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